Friday, 16 August 2019

Might Bainimarama Skip the Country?

People are refused bail because they are dangerous or could skip bail and not return for a court hearing.

But these could be acceptable times. While it's unheard of for a prime minister to allegedly assault an opposition MP, breaking his glasses, to the best of my knowledge,  a democratically elected prime minister never, ever, anywhere, has used his attendance at  international fora to skip a country, never to return.

Neither are people usually questioned by the police once a matter is before a court.  That comes earlier, when an accusation is made and a complaint made to the police.(see pn475).

One wonders, therefore, what really FLP leader Mahendra Chaundhry expected the police and PM Bainimarama to do when he left the country to attend the meetings of the Pacific Island Forum Leaders  and the ACP (Africa, Caribbean, Pacific) leaders meeting in Tuvalu.   Did he really think a serious but minor alleged assault  and a pair of glasses more important than Fiji's representation at the fora?   Did he  really expect a court to refuse Bainimarama permission, or the police to investigate further? My questions might appear silly, and perhaps they are, but whatever Chaudhry's answers might be, they must be even sillier.

He should choose more carefully in trying to make a political point. Or say nothing.  A Court will decide Bainimarama's guilt or otherwise. And Bai is back in the country.  -- ACW

Radio NZ  reports: Fiji Labour Party leader says Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama should not have been allowed to leave the country to attend this week's Pacific Forum Leaders meeting in Tuvalu.

Mahendra Chaudhry said Mr Bainimarama should have been questioned by police over his alleged assault of opposition MP Pio Tikoduadua at the parliamentary complex in Suva last week.  READ ON.


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