Is Don Brash a Racist? Part II: Hobson's Pledge and all that

It is as well to remember that a relatively small number of Maori create the poor crime statistics. The overwhelming majority are not drug, alcohol, child or wife abusers. Many are successful in the arts, writing, entertainment, sports and in many areas of employment, making positive contributions to our society,  and many of these people -- if the200,000  enrolment to vote on Maori roll,  is any indication -- would not like to see the special provisions in the law removed. They represent about 70% of  Maori eligible to vote, and  they wish for a Maori and a New Zealand identity.

Over recent years our race relations have seesawed up and down. Remarks from the likes of Mike Hosking whose barely concealed racism and attacks on separatism haven't helped.  Neither has the dismissal of a charge made  against him to the Broadcasting Standards Authority. 

The BSA dismissedthe charge on the grounds that the "right to freedom of expression allowed individuals to express their opinion, e…

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