Friday, 19 July 2019

Weekend Reading 20-21 July 2019

Three postings scheduled:
  • An Aussie View of Solomon Islands "Change Makers" (We used to call them change agents) 
  • How Capitalism Holds On: a left wing view
  • Why so little Maori and Pasifika literature? 
There could be more on Sunday.

 It's also your chance to catch up on what you may not have read during the week such as "How the Pacific is measuring up" and my reflections on "Just a bit racist" and Little Black Sambo. Your opinions, as always, are welcome.    Enjoy the weekend. -- ACW

"Those who make the ground fertile for hatred are equally guilty... Maybe it's not correct to say the Neo-Nazi boys are back in town. They're been here all the time." -- Cathrin Schaer from Berlin  in the NZ Listener

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