Saturday, 20 July 2019

An Aussie View of Solomon Island "Change Makers"

To move a country from  supposedly and actually "underdeveloped" to "developing" and developed" requires a corpus of change makers: opinion and action people who lead by example in a number of fields at national and grassroots levels.  

My line up in the Pacific would include government and ministerial leaders, leaders of NGOs, school and university teachers, feminists, youth leaders, churches, agriculturalists, entrepreneurs, village elders.  

I would not, among my first choices, have chosen those chosen by the Austrlian Broadcasting Commisssion: an athlete, a football player, a fashion designer, a tattoo artist, and  a film maker, each with a "meaningful connection to Australia" ... though they are no doubt more glamorous than my choices, and the film maker has possibilities.  Yet I suppose they could all help, one step removed. -- ACW

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