Thursday, 4 October 2018

Massey to Invite Famous Rugby Player to Speak on Climate Change

Massey University Science Society is to invite Sony Bill Williams to speak on climate change.
Brash Waitangi 2004 pn117

Why not?  Massey's Politics Society   invited Don Brash to speak when, whatever his topic, he would be sure to mention Hobson's Choice and the need to treat Maori "equally" -- confusing, as he always does, equality with sameness.     And this despite statistics showing many Maori "treated the same" are far from equal.  Think life expectancy, schooling, housing, employment, poverty, crime.

This man actually admits to knowing little about Maori  history, culture, language and values at the same time as he waxes forth with no regard for Maori consequences.

My view is that universities are not restricting freedom of speech by denying the uninformed opportunities to pose as experts.

He iwi tatou tahi. Dream on, Don.

Read on for a range of views on the ban.  I particularly like the opinion of Laura O'Connell, though Tze Ming Mok makes a good point!


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