Friday, 29 August 2014

Snippets Friday 29 August

RO TEIMUMU CLARIFIES. Ro Teimumu claims to have been mis-cited by some sections of the Fiji media.  She says SODELPA has not called for a Christian state, only for a state living by Christian values. She says the Bainimarama government has undermined indigenous protection.

SODELPA will restore the Great Council of Chiefs with possible changes, and mataqali landowners will be consulted about the distribution of land rents.  She had earlier said chiefs deserved a larger share because they had more responsibility. She said nothing about the accountability of chiefs for the moneys paid to them,

SODELPA's claim that it has the support of the people of the Lau islands is questioned by the chairman of the Bose Ni Vanua Ko Lau, Ilisoni Taobawho says he knew nothing about the meeting between Ro Teimumu Kepa and a Laun delegation at Ono-i-lau House, Nadera on Wednesday.

“I’m the chairman of the Bose Ni Vanua Ko Lau and I was appointed by the late Tui Nayau, Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara. I must admit I know nothing or even being informed of the meeting at Ono-i-lau House.”

Ro Teimumu, SODELPA leader and paramount chief of Rewa, accepted a traditional request supposedly from representatives of the Bose ni Vanua ko Lau, to represent Lau in the September 17 general election.

Mr Taoba said the Bose Ni Vanua ko Lau had totally distanced itself from all that happened at Ono-i-lau House on Wednesday at which about one hundred people were present, including  Ratu Epeli Ganilau, Adi Ateca Ganilau, Adi Kakua Mara, Tui Namosi Ratu Suliano Matanitobua and Anare Jale.

. In the 2006 election only 27 (6%) women were candidates for the 71 seats and of these eight were elected. This year's electon will see 46 women (18.5% of the 248 candidates) contesting 50 seats.  The main parties have about the same number of women candidates but there the similarity ceases. A little of under one half of the female candidates for FFP, the NFP and PDP are Indo-Fijian all the  SODELPA candidates are Taukei.

CANDIDATE STORIES. These stories were published in the Fiji Sun:
Dr Rohit Kishore , FLP.
Jone Dakuvula, PDP.

. The Police Commissioner says the death of a suspected robber allegedly due to police beatings will be fully investigated. Police have presented their reguregu to the grieving family.  Political parties have condemned the beating.

. “I don’t want to add that with politics, this is a church thing, don’t mix the two together. Don’t come here with ulterior motives because I am a man of God.  Pastor Poate Mata, and PDP candidate.

"The first coup I experienced was in 1987 when I was only 7 years old. We had to sit under a tree inside the school until late before our parents could pick us up. 27 years later and we're still there! Somehow this coup culture has to stop for the sake of our children and grandchildren." Elizabeth Lomani in Facebook. Good humour is good for us!
$300,000,000 FOR NADI FLOOD CONTROL. The Japanese Government has allocated $300 million to mitigate the flooding of the Nadi River that affects 50,000 people living in the flood-prone area. Town administration Robin Ali said “It’s taken more than a decade to get the project started but thanks to the Government for getting this far in getting a flooding solution for Nadi and the next three years will see further studies carried out before the actual diversion begins in 2016.”

THE OVERSEAS VOTE. Fijians in Tonga have asked why no one visited them to register votes. They are much closer than the UK, NZ and Australia.  However, some of them managed to register on line.


  1. Simple - no one visited Fijians in Tonga to register votes because they were either refused visas by Tonga, or because they didn't think they'd get out again. It's hardly likely that they forgot Tonga was there...

  2. Crosbie - your comment about female candidates pertains: "...there the similarity ceases. A little of under one half of the female candidates for FFP, the NFP and PDP are Indo-Fijian all the SODELPA candidates are Taukei."

    Why on earth are you bringing the ethnicity, aka 'race', of the candidates to the fore? You, who claim to espouse the ideals of a non racial society, seem intent on digging up every last vestige of race you can find. I find your position incredible - and one which smacks of no little hypocrisy. Please concentrate your analysis on the quality of the individual candidates, not their age, race, gender or religion.

  3. Speaking of fraud, mahen chaudhry committed a big one on FLP supporters by pretending to represent their interests while filling his own pockets. Now he wants to hang on to the leadership despite being convicted in court. This man’s greed and lust for power knows no bounds. Dr Rohit Kishor should be the leader. he was very impressive on FBCTV. Despite the false smear campaign against him by Rajen Chaudhry, Dr Rohit Kishor came across as very reasoned and honest. Unlike the populist politician, NFP party leader Biman Prasad, who is making all kinds of false promises to people and pie-in-the-sky schemes just to get in parliament. Biman and mahen belong to the old, corrupt,guard while Rohit Kishor belongs to the new generation. People need to vote wisely this time.


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