Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Chief Calls Two Anti-Government Blogs Liars

Macuata high chief, Turaga na TuMacuata Ratu Wiliame Katonivere, yesterday (Monday) strongly denied the claim that he was no longer with the FijiFirst party.The claim was posted on the anti-government anonymous Fijileaks and Coup 4.5 blogsites.

When interviewed by the Fiji Sun yesterday the Tui Macuata said: “It is a lie.”

He said the two blogsites were very unrealiable. “People should not believe such blogsites because they don’t have the guts to show their sources of information or evidence.”

“People don’t have hard evidence to back their blogs,” he said. The Tui Macuata said it was a shameful act and those involved must stop it.

He said if he was not supporting the FijiFirst, he would inform the party and the secretary would make a release.

“If I stopped supporting FijiFirst our general secretary will release a press release.”

He said the FijiFirst campaign would start again in the North tomorrow with his full support.
“We will have a group from Suva coming for the campaign,” he said.

Ratu Wiliame had followed his late brother, Ratu Aisea’s footstep in supporting the Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama-led Government.

He also conmfirmed he never met with the Tui Cakau and SODELPA candidate, Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu as claimed by the two blogsites.

In an earlier interview, Ratu Wiliame said he was not standing for election but his support for the Government remained intact.
He said in the past chiefs had been used by politicians and political parties for their own benefit.
“Many chiefs had benefitted from corrupt deals initiated by past governments.”
This, he said, was one of the reasons the Bainimarama-led government removed the Great Council of Chiefs.
This decision, he said, was opposed by past politicians who had politicised the chiefly institution. He supported the dissolution of the GCC.



  1. Dear Croz,

    A whole day has passed and not a single comment on this article. What a fizzer!!!

    How about revisiting your BPP article to stimulate some comment. This was a winner, so helpful. A revisit should keep the comments flowing.

    The sites you seem to have been the focus of you well aimed words are generally easy to suss out anyway because of the raw language and emotion. Even without your BPP I have found it easy enough to figure out where they are coming from.

    I do however see a dire need to develop a companion guide to you BPP to deal with an even more insidious matter.

    The really difficult sites are those that have a thick layer of supposed respectability, written by some Emeritus Professor or the like, with nice words and pretend respectability. These sites will try to demonstrate there fairness and sense of justice by very occasionally brutally beating up on the dictator and his co-conspirators with a very large feather duster. The experience must be really scary for those bending over to receive their well deserved punishment. I wonder, do they offer any resistance??

    I would be grateful if you could put your sharp mind to work on developing another set of guidelines; this time on how to counter the evil of sites presenting a false cover of trustworthiness. The only effective measure I know of is to have a good on the ground knowledge of what is really happening. The selective deceitful reporting is soon obvious. So your guidelines will need to address the reader who has no inside information. They need to be helped in detecting the reality that is so carefully filtered out of these unhand sites that are living behind a veneer of contrived respectability. The truth suffers much more on these sites than on the worst of the crude one eyed sites you could imagine.

    I look forward to your early attention to this matter.

    Sorry about staying anon. Those of us with knowledge of the real situation understand the need.

    1. Why don't you say what you really mean. Most readers of this blog would understand you. Meanwhile, if you have the courage, visit the Multinational Observation Group and present your argument, if possible with some evidence. Or even publish it on this site.

    2. @Anon above
      Do not attack Croz in such an unfair and deceitful manner. Stay fair and balanced. Croz is indeed en emeritus of one of the most famous universities in the world and one of the few true experts in all matters relating to the doctrine of necessity when it comes to the replacement of a corrupt, racist and incompetent government that got into power by rigging elections. He offers rock solid evidence that Fiji has the best government ever and respectfully criticises the great leaders when he sees a need to do so. Look at the others: Except Whale Oil all other media are constantly hammering the unique style of democracy that Fiji has choses, thugs from Amnesty International even go further and spread lies about police brutality and human rights violations.

    3. C4.5 can print anything, even if you tell them that Bainimaramas cat gave birth to a dog.

    4. @ anon friday august 29 , 2014 is because croz is only reporting one side of the story, it dosent matter if youre a professor or what other profession you hold, you cannot only report on one side of the story with hidden intentions of demeaning the other side. none of crozs post tells apositive story of the other side. NOW WHO IS BEING UNFAIR AND UNBALANCED.

    5. Only reporting one side of the story? Suggest you look back over the months. It is true I've given more prominence to Government (and now FijiFirst) news but have you checked the other blogs, or what the international media report?

    6. Croz
      Are you saying that the current so called 'government' in Fiji is Fiji First? So this regime rabble (who according to you now call themselves 'Fiji First" took over a legitimately elected government using thugs with guns? This sounds more like Fijian soldiers being held hostage by islamists in the Golan Heights?


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