News and Comments Friday 18 July

 SODELPA PLAYING FOOTIE. Lautoka zone Fiji Rugby League coordination Mesake Navugona has confirmed that SODELPA officials asked him to get junior club players join the SODELPA march in Lautoka last Saturday.

He told them his was a sporting body not a political party, adding that he thought the presence of League superstar Tuqiri "painted a picture that rugby league supported  SODELPA."

ANOTHER NEW PARTY. The proposed Fiji United Freedom Party is confident they have met the 5000 signature criteria set by the Fijian Elections Office to enable them to register as a political party to contest the September elections. Their earlier attempt was rejected when it was found only 3822 signatures were valid.

.  The PM said politicians should not mislead people by mixing  up the Great Council of Chiefs with our chiefs. The GCC was abolished because it had become political. The chiefs remain with their chiefly status intact, looking after their people and the Vanua.

PM TELLS OPPONENTS TO ACT LIKE CHRISTIANS and stop preaching about differences and racial discrimination. Speaking to 70-plus people at Kalabu Secondary School Bainimarama reiterated a secular state does not stop Christians or any other religion from practicing their beliefs. It means that everyone is allowed  to take part in whichever religion they prefer.  He added  that talk about religion and land by other political parties is identical to the  tactics used in the past  to create hatred and sway voters.

leader Ro Teimumu Kepa told a rally in Samabula East said she allows her party colleagues to speak at campaign forums  because they can compare the state of affairs in government now to what it was before the coup. Her colleagues including the former Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase and Tomasi Vakatora are the best people to speak during campaigns. Ro Teimumu also briefed those gathered on their visits to the various chiefly families before they launched their campaign. She said it was only right to seek the blessings of the chiefs.

PDP LEADERS TO NZ. Peoples Democratic Party leader and president Felix Anthony and Lynda Tabuya  flew to NZ on Wednesday. They will be in Wellington on Friday and stay on for a fundraiser event on Saturday in Auckland.

  The  magazine NZ Listener has a weekly feature "Life in New Zealand" that comprises quotes from local newspapers that are not quite what their writers intended. Three recent examples: an ad for "Burnable firewood," another for sale "Two  houses, One wife...One must go!" and a longer one: "It is similar to Viagra that was originally trialled as a heart medication when a surprising side effect in men started to pop up with regularity."

A PDP notice was surely also unintended: "PDP has not yet decided on whether it will be open to form coalitions, but if they do, it will most likely to be with a party that agrees with their policies." Really!

Or this one from the proposed Activist People's Party made up of landowners. Leader Sairusa Waininima says its role will be as a mediator in in any crisis that arises in Fiji.  That's sort of strange but the really strange bit was that the 5, 225 signatures collected to register were  "equally divided between iTaukei and Fijians"!

ELECTION OFFICE WARNING. The public has been warned about fake election offices seeking their signatures, support, and other personal details.

INFRASTRUCTURE UPDATE. Islands Business reports that the $10 million upgrade on Nadi International Airport is underway.

Meanwhile, the proposed extension at Nausori airport, close to Suva, awaits landowner approval. 


Anonymous said...

Page 45 of the SODELPA Manifesto has this to say about the Fiji Police:

"The police force was a casualty of the years of military
rule. At one stage it was mismanaged by a police
commissioner from the military who saw the force as a
vehicle for Christian evangelisation. This caused much
concern within the force and in the community.

Another police commissioner was fond of dawn parades and
making speeches. But nothing much happened on his watch.

Unfortunately a culture of violence has taken hold among
some officers. This is unacceptable.

Public confidence in the force has been shaken. There
are complaints about lack of foot patrols. A shortage
of vehicles limits the effectiveness of the force. There
is a clear reluctance to investigate certain crimes and

The first priorities are to restore confidence in the police and
to re-establish its independence and image as a community friendly

The two Police Commissioners concerned have been rewarded for their incompetency with diplomatic appointments.

What a joke the Bai-Khaiyum government is

Anonymous said...

And the current commissioner is a 'yes man'. It is disgraceful that the terrible human rights abuses of hog tied FIJIANS we all saw on video at the hands of this very UNFIJIAN illegal regime has now been closed. Someone must pay for this injustice.

Anonymous said...

SODELPA the adulterers party.

Anonymous said...

Sodelpha needs to clean it's own backyard first. It's media manager sai radrodro has seen more helmet than Dunkirk and her husband a candidate is a women basher.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous mongoose x 2

Is this the best you road kill squealers can do? Personal attacks on a gracious and courageous Fijian woman?

Anonymous said...

AnonymousSunday, July 20, 2014 at 9:19:00 AM GMT+12

Court papers on the way

Anonymous said...

courageous Fijian woman my ass, this woman is broke and her only way to the pot of gold is to fake the Fijian cause. Thats why she is using an ex convict like qarase as her mouthpiece.

bola said...

@Anonymous Kuli @2:29

"gracious and corageous" ??

You need to be certified !!

Anonymous said...

Gracious and courageous Fijian woman? Get your head out of the sand and smell the roses mate.