News and Comments for Monday 21 July

"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity" -- Robert Hanlon.
"Our manifesto affirms SODELPA will place God in His rightful position," -- Ro Teimumu.

The Manifesto Launch will take place today, Monday at 5.30pm. Des Voeux Road, Suva.

SODELPA  MANIFESTO.  I shall be publishing items on all  party manifesto in due course. The 47-page SODELPA Manifesto is taking a while to digest.

Meanwhile, it  can be reported that SODELPA  will allocate an "emergency" $50m to subsidise food costs, and continue with price control on basic food items which will be free of VAT.

It will also abolish laws that suppress freedoms, restore God to his "rightful position" in the 2013 Constitution ("Our manifesto affirms SODELPA will place God in His rightful position."), ensure that Fiji reverts to a Christian state (while protecting other religions),  and re-establish the Great Council of Chiefs.  "We are ready to reclaim Fiji, for work, food and freedom, for truth, justice and peace, for our future generation."

Ro Teimumu said their manifesto promises national happiness, progress and freedom. "Our manifesto explains how SODELPA will restore and renew Fiji and lead it to a new world of togetherness and respect, where we overcome our differences, live as good neighbours and help each other." She appealed for support for the party from Fijians locally and abroad, saying that through their votes, SODELPA will ensure "a Fiji of prosperity and opportunity."

Comment. The togetherness sounds great. I can only ask why did it not do these things before, when it was last in power and Laisenia Qarase was PM and Ro Teimumu a Cabinet Minister?  And why they now want Fiji to be declared a Christian State, despite the likely opposition of other Christian denominations and other faiths which together comprise most of the population? This is hardly a sign of togetherness. 

'HEARTBREAKING'.  This is how retired sugarcane farmer Jai Prasad described what it was like "to see land where thousands of tonnes of sugarcane were grown [now] idle, turning into bushland." 
Comment.   If God gave Taukei the land, as Ro Teimumu, believes, I think it also likely He expected it to be used.  The non-renewal of leases and the subsequent exodus of mainly Indo-Fijian tenant farmers, largely at the instigation of some NLTB officials and scaremongering politicians, was surely not part of God's Plan.

FIJIFIRST MEETINGS in the West last week were well attended with an estimated 2,400 people representing a "good mix"  of  ages and ethnicities attending four meetings. One locally important issue raised, given that Vatukoula landowners have never received any, is the share of mineral royalties now to be enjoyed  by landowners.

PEOPLE INTIMIDATED. A FLP spokesman has attributed a low turnout at its Tavua meeting to a police vehicle cruising the street outside where the meeting was held.  The Police claim no knowledge of the incident and have invited FLP to complain to them, Other parties have reported no similar incidents, 
Comment.The low turnout could also be attributed to FLP losing much of its previous appeal.  The latest Razor poll shows only one percent of those polled would be voting Labour.

THE INFAMOUS VIDEO RECORDING. The Police have closed their enquiry into the video tape showing a recaptured prisoner being beaten by prison officers and will be making no further statement on the case.
Comment. I think the decision misguided. The beating had nothing to do with politics but it was used by Bainimarama's opponents to  show an abuse committed under his stewardship. The public needs to be assured that justice was done in this case, and there can be no assurance unless it is also seen to have been done. 

SODELPA AND THE MILITARY. Assuming there's a gulf between the military and the people, Ro Teimumu is calling for reconciliation. "You are our brothers and sisters, our relatives; our family", she said, "It is time to bring the family together," She said a SODELPA Government would care for everyone in Fiji including military officers.
Comment. All she is asking is that the military apologize.

SODELPA CONCERNED ABOUT QORVIS. Ro Teimumu Kepa has raised concern about the cost of hiring of the American public relations company namely Qorvis Communications by the government.  She apparently has no other problem with government hiring a public relations firm.

QARASE'S FIGURES DISPUTED. The former PM claimed unemployment was higher now than when he was PM in 2006. Labour Minister Jone Usamate said the latest rate was 6.9%, down form 8.6?  His 50% living in poverty compared with 32% was also disputed by Minister for Social Welfare Women and Poverty Alleviation Dr Jiko Luveni. She did not have the figure on hand  but Qarase's statement is "untrue." Qarase was speaking at a SODELPA rally at Caubati, outside Suva, attended by about one hundred people.

COCONUT OIL FOR FUEL. 40 fuel kits that will use refined coconut oil are being sent to outer islands to boost existing village electricity generators. 

FIJILIVE POLL. "Do you think government is doing enough to educate voters about the new voting system for the September elections?"  Yes 58% No 42%

RAZOR/FIJI SUN POLL. The open question for Week 21 of the polls asked  "Are opposition parties telling the truth about land?"  The opposition, particularly SODELPA, is saying the 2013 Constitution does not protect Taukei land. The PM denies this, saying the protection is as strong as ever before, and that the Opposition is playing to unreal fears in order to win votes.  It seems the SODELPA tactic is succeeding.  51% said Yes, the opposition parties are telling the truth,  33% were unsure and 16% said No.


Anonymous said...

The closing of the police case on the terrible beating of hog tied prisoners by junta thugs cannot be forgiven. The regime police commissioner must be held responsible for this decision. It is cowardly and totally unacceptable. The office of police commissioner is a disgrace under this South African piece of trash.

Anonymous said...

Geez give this South African guy a chance he just started. By the way, I don't think he should be blamed for what occured before he even took the reins.

Anonymous said...

It is good to see that our PM is not swayed by the noises the opposition thugs make: He has promised to stand by his man who dished out a bit of buturaki and he delivered. It is also a stark reminder that opposing our government in the election campaigns will come at a heavy price.

Anonymous said...

Whilst I do not condone the beating the tied prisoners received at the hands of the few "unprofessional" policemen, has anyone ever bothered to discuss and look at helping the people that got a thrashing or were ill-treated by these prisoners when they were commiting their crime?
Apparently, the crime committed were rape with lots of violence involved. Can someone please confirm or refute the stories I have heard with solid evidence please?

Anonymous said...

Is this a cowardly threat? Implied threats from junta cowards seem to be an increasing feature of this pro illegal regime blog?

Anonymous said...

Can these religious idiots stop imposing their non existent imaginary god/gods on us.
They are welcome to their illusions, delusions and hallucinations; but don't force it on others. There is not a shred of evidence that a creature called god exists. They rape pillage , murder and sodomize using him as an excuse. They con people out of money and property using his name. They use outdated fables and mythologies to oppose reason and logic and progress. They even believe the theory of genesis! All religions are methods of brainwashing and mind control of poor and the deluded. Nietsche was on the right track. All religions and their followers will go to hell. Stop disturbing my sleep with your bhajans, azans and church preaching. Peace.

Anonymous said...

If this blog gets under your nose, don't cpming here and making a contribution. Go to Coup 4.5 and other blogs where the standadrds are so high that you need to use a telescope to even see people's back-side.

Anonymous said...

Mate that's one person's view not everyone that frequent this blog. take a "chill pill".

Anonymous said...

Are you preaching or just pissed off?

Anonymous said...

Was wondering the same haha but problem is I wasn't sure whether the preacher was in church, mandir or mosque.

Anonymous said...

The Police Commissioner under whose watch those beatings took place was Ioane Naivalurua!

He is now a roving Ambassador At Large!

I was a serving soldier in the RFMF way back then (pre 1987) and Naivalurua was always a bum-sucker back then....very dangerous incompetent fool....he was the guy who wore a balaclava and went in and threw out Timoci Bavadra from Parliament. Yet, he is now an Ambassador! Ye Gods!

Anonymous said...

Agree...see my post above re Naivalurua...the imbecile who elevated arse kissing from an art to a science....thats how he was able to get ahead in the RFMF...he loves his dawn parades and useless speeches...but as SODELPA manifesto says...nothing ever came from all Naivalurua's pre-dawn exhortations. The guy is a BS artist. In the Army he was loyal like a dog to Rabuka...and in the process got rewarded for it.

Anonymous said...

Neither preaching nor pissed. Just pointing out the idiocy of it all. You sound like believers whose chains I may have jangled. Just think about it--billions of hours spent in begging every sunday to a non existent deity.

Anonymous said...

Calm down bro, my comment was tongue-in-cheek. Don't take it seriously but doesn't mean I agree with you either.

Crosbie Walsh said...

Anonymous 7:31pm. My understanding, reported at the time in this blog, is that the escaped prisoners causing a number of personal injuries, some of them serious, during their rampage in Suva, but I did not hear of any cases of rape. I understand the video showed corrections officers, not police or the military as has been wrongly reported elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Don't be so patronizing mate. Try to read and understand. Reminds me of Vatican when Gallileo
invented the telescope. They refused to look into it as it would disprove the written word-- that earth was the centre of universe.

Anonymous said...

Sorry mate that you feel patronised as that wasn't my intention. We will agree to disagree.

Anonymous said...

Groenewald: Brutality video under investigation
Shalveen Chand
Thursday, July 24, 2014

POLICE investigations into a video showing the assault of recaptured prisoners which sparked an international outcry are continuing, despite earlier reports to the contrary.

Police Commissioner Ben Groenewald confirmed the brutality video posted online remained under investigation.

He said earlier comments on the matter referred to advice from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions concerning possible charges against the person responsible for uploading the video.

He said no conclusion had been reached yet regarding the allegations concerning the video.

The video was captured by someone who was at the scene of arrest of prisoners who had been on the run. It showed men who appeared to be members of the security forces beating the prisoners and to some extent sexually degrading one of them.

The commissioner said once the investigation was completed, it would be given to the DPP to decide if charges were to be laid.

Police Chief of Operations, ACP Rusiate Tudravu had earlier said the case was closed and he would not be making any further comment.

Anonymous said...

They really had to scrape the barrel to get anybody to be police commissioner in the current totally militarised and useless junta police force. It is hard to believe how much it has collapsed since the disastrous coup of 2006.

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