The Pacific Islands Development Programme

 An extract from Bainimarama's closing address to last week's PIDF meeting:

"Part of the attraction of the PIDF is still its novelty value, the fact that for the first time, we all have a genuinely Pacific gathering that is also genuinely inclusive – Governments, civil society organisations and business working together to forge a sustainable development path for us all...

"Why has it taken us so many years to officially recognise the need for this grand coalition, to recognise that Governments don’t have all the answers, don’t have a monopoly on wisdom?

"Think about it. Where else can we all gather together under the one roof to exchange opinions and ideas?

"Where else do we see Pacific leaders actually chairing sessions addressed by civil society and business representatives, as happened yesterday with the Presidents of Kiribati and Nauru?

"Where else can we hear senior representatives from some of the world’s greatest nations outlining their own development ideas, as happened with the special envoys from China and Russia?

"Where else can representatives of the grassroots in our societies benefit from the wisdom of a leader of the stature of our Chief Guest – His Excellency, the President of Indonesia?

"Where else can the voices of ordinary Pacific Islanders - through their representatives – cut through and be heard? "

PIDF AND PIF SHAKE HANDS.A new agreement has been signed by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community to work with the Pacific Islands Development Forum. The memorandum of understanding aims to increase collaboration between the two organisations, including the development of joint programmes in areas of mutual interests and information sharing.

The agreement follows on from previous agreements to increase activity on Youth and Green Growth, and to move towards a shared ‘green growth agenda.’ The MOU comes into effect immediately and will be subject to review after two years.

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