NZ Poll Rigged

John Key
The latest NZ Herald-Digipoll poll is obviously  rigged. Either that or people are too afraid to speak their minds, which is not surprising given that the Governor-General Lt Gen Jerry Mataparae is a military officer and the PM a Jew with clandestine links to Israeli's notorious Mossad.

There's no way in a peaceful, democratic environment (which we used to have) that 66% of potential voters could prefer John Key as their PM, or that 50.5% would vote National if an election were held now. Yet that's what the poll claimed.

The skulduggery does not stop there. The Stuff-Ipsos showed National poll  had 56.5% support. As if anyone in their right mind would believe this result genuine!

It's clear also that the September election is not going to be either free or fair either when  Key's backers —in addition to controlling these influential polls— more importantly also control the media and judiciary,  and the police are able to monitor cell phone messages. Forget the level playing field,

It's no wonder the EU has refused to join the Australia-led team of observers. The whole thing is a sham. The election outcome is obvious. Key will be elected, and the EU will continue to withhold aid and assistance from our kiwifruit industry.
For those unfamiliar with thus type of writing, it's called satire."the use of humour, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's supposed stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues".-- Croz


Cin Cin said...

But wait, theres even more, enough to make you choke on your weetbux Croz - complete lack of transparency particularly in government tenders and the annual accounts, refusal to disclose parliamentary and ministerial salaries, appointment of family members and cronies to senior public service roles, random beatings and intimidation by the Police and army..what are these Kiwis thinking?

And don't you just hate the way these kiwis award themselves and their mates important sounding titles just prior to retirement - apparently the recently retired Akeroa harbourmaster was made a Rear Admiral a week before his leaving - and its all done with a straight face! The cheek!

Crosbie Walsh said...

Dear Cin Cin, I like it but it appears you are not a Kiwi and do not have accurate inside information. Blame it on the anti-Government blogs. They often get things wrong. For the record,, we eat Wheatbix (not weetbux) and though Ake Ake may be heard in the All Black haka, your fictitious harbourmaster lives in Akaroa. Croz

Anonymous said...

What does your comment have to do with the post by Croz? Maybe I ate too much "weetbux" too as I am a kiwi.

Cin Cin said...

Loosen up a bit Croz - weetbux was an obvious play on words. As for my nationality (as if it matters) - pineapple lumps, eskimos, tip top icecream, Aro Valley on a lazy Sunday morning, Barry Crump on the bookshelf, Chelsea sugar in my tea, Paua fritters and chips in the sun on the Petone esplanade - need I say any more?

Akaroa was a misspell - haven't been there for years.

Anonymous - ?

Crosbie Walsh said...

@ Cin Cin .....Points taken. I accept your correction and advice on my chin chin.

Cin Cin said...

Ha ha, thank you Croz, spoken like a true Horowhenuan.

Regime foot in mouth disease said...

Can you urgently contact your regime mates and tell them to get their junta lackeys to shut the fark up? The last few days of regime dancing girls chin dribbling has been an utter embarrassment. Every time these clowns open their mouths they put their foot in it.
Congratulations must go however to the courageous USP journalism academics who have put the so called military commander well and truly in his place. Fiji needs more people of courage like them and Marc Edge rather than the gutless regime toadies hiding behind thugs with guns.