The Fiji First Line Up

The proposed Fiji First party lodged an application at the Supervisor of Elections Office in Suva yesterday, complete with 40,083 signatures.

The application lists Voreqe Frank Bainimarama as proposed leader of the party. Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum is named as proposed General Secretary. Dr. Jiko Luveni is the proposed president. Other executives include Tui Macuata Ratu Wiliame Katonivere and Former Fiji Labour Party Senator Bijai Prasad as two proposed vice-presidents. Vimlesh Chand is the Party treasurer. Bainimarama also handed in a sum of $5,005 as required under the Political Parties Decree 2013.

We will meet and sit down and discuss with Fijians, about how we all citizens of this wonderful country must, come together and put Fiji First, and we must come together with sincerity and honesty, with love and affection without any pretensions, to ensure that Fiji continues on its path to progress, success and opportunities for all Fijians.

The signatures include 14,499 from the Central Division, 15,636 from the Western Division, 9045 from the Northern Division and 903 from the Eastern Division.

Dr.Jiko Luveni will be the fourth i-taukei woman president once the Proposed Party is registered. There really is no need for me to resign now, but, after the party has been registered, then we will put together a campaign plan, so when we start to campaign then we will have to take leave from our current position.

Tui Macuata told FBC News one of the reasons he joined the proposed party was because of his brother’s support, Late Tui Macuata, Ratu Aisea Katonivere. Look at the changes, the work has been done, and the support from the people, so that has prompt us to support the Fiji First. The registration process will take about 28 days and is followed by the registration objection period and the verification of signatures --FBCL

And the Fiji Sun Coverage

Former senior Labour Party member joins proposed FijiFirst as proposed official
Losalini Rasoqosoqo
A former senior member of the Fiji Labour Party is one of the proposed officials of the proposed FijiFirst party which applied for registration yesterday.
Former senator and leader of Labour’s Nadi branch, Bijay Prasad, will share the role as the proposed vice-president with the Tui Macuata, Ratu Wiliame Katonivere.
The Minister for Women, Social Welfare and Poverty Alleviation, Dr Jiko Luveni, is the proposed president. When the Prime Minister’s proposed party is finally registered, Dr Luveni will become the fourth  iTaukei woman as president of a political party.
The others are: Lavenia Padarath (Labour), Tupou Draunidalo (National Federation Party), Linda Tabuya (People’s Democratic Party). Ro Teimumu Kepa was president of SODELPA before she became leader. Ex-military officer Silivenusi Waqausa is now president.
The Attorney-General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, is the proposed general secretary of the proposed FijiFirst. Vimlesh Kumar, an accountant and an affiliate member of CPA Australia, is the proposed treasurer.
Mr Prasad is adamant that he has brought with him to join proposed FijiFirst  a good number of former Labour supporters after his fallout with leader, Mahendra Chaudhry.
He revealed that because of his differences with Mr Chaudhry he was asked to leave the party, which he did voluntarily.
“Of course I left with a warning that the demise of the party would begin the moment I walked out of the door,” Mr Prasad said.
“To a large extent, that’s what has been happening, and the bulk of the Indo-Fijians now see what I have said which of course had hurt them simply because I was speaking as the leader and as the events turn out they realised that I was correct.
“If they would have listened to me then, today the party could have stood a chance of winning but now things have changed and the current Prime Minister is responsible for the change.”
No comments could be obtained from Fiji Labour officials who were contacted yesterday.
PM Rear Admiral (Retired) Voreqe Bainimarama lodged the proposed party’s application with 40,083 signatures of original members.
Of these signatures 903 were from the Eastern Division; 9045 from the Northern Division; 14,499 from the Central Division and 15,636 from the Western Division.
He said these signatures were collected over a very short period of time.
Once approval is given after 28 days, Mr Bainimarama said they would set up branch offices throughout Fiji.
“Our approach, as you know as demonstrated through my leadership, is to work for and with all Fijians. Our branches and  branch officials will represent our youth, our women and Fijians from all walks of life,” he said.
Once the proposed party is registered, Mr Bainimarama said they would of course start their campaign.
“We will meet and sit down and discuss with Fijians about how we, as citizens of this wonderful country, must all come together and put Fiji first.
“We must come together with sincerity and honesty and with love and affection, without any pretentions, to ensure that Fiji continues on its path of progress, success and opportunities for all Fijians,” he added.
The Fijian Elections Office will await any public objections and verify the required 5000 signatures before it registers the proposed party.

Fiji Live Coverage

Former Fiji Labour Party senator Bijai Prasad says his former party does not stand a chance in the forthcoming election. Prasad who held the position of FLP Nadi branch manager between 1999 and 2007 claims a significant number of supporters lost faith in the party since their leader's conviction over exchange control offences. 

Speaking to FijiLive, Prasad who was personally approached to be one of the proposed FijiFirst party vice presidents and was part of the entourage to the Fijian Elections Office (FEO) today said supporters have grown increasingly "disenchanted with the party." "When we go in the streets and and into the farming communities , they have lost confidence in the party. This has affected their chances," he said. 

Prasad left the party voluntarily in 2007 following a disagreement with Chaudhry over leadership and over money that was being kept overseas. It was also about the $A1.5 million held by Chaudhry overseas, - money that the FLP leader was recently convicted and fined over for exchange control violations. "I was not sure then what the amount was, all I had asked that the money is brought across so we can create a trust to look after our supporters who need assistance like our displaced farmers whose leases had expired," Prasad said. "I knew people had donated when he went abroad. I knew it was a large amount of money because my relatives abroad said they had attended functions including dinners where large amounts of money were donated. So, I knew there was money abroad." 

Prasad says his decision to step down also stemmed from comments he claims were made by Chaudhry when he followed up with his former leader about concerns raised by their members. "After the 2000 coup  I would still pay visits to our supporters in rural areas and sometimes they would call me up for assistance or problems they may have. 

He claimed he had folowed this up with the party and Chaudhry, but nothing was forthcoming. Prasad claims the party management tried to displace him as Nadi branch president. "So, I called a branch meeting to relinquish my position as party branch president because I thought the leader has lost track. But, members who were close to Chaudhry did not like that. "So, at the subsequent council meeting in Ba. I was told to leave." Prasad says he does not expect the Fiji Labour Party to win the election. “If people had listened to me, than the FLP would have a chance.” 

In contrast, he says the FijiFirst given the work that the government has done so far will win. “People just have to look at the developments made by the government and can differentiate between the leadership. “The PM has done wonderfully well. He would not stop to ask people what they needed, but rather he’d see what was lacking in any sector and do it.” 

He said under Bainimarama’s leadership, the country would be free of old politics and see more positive changes for Fijians and the country. "I've joined the party and I will bring bulk of my supporters to back the Prime Minister and we work hand in hand to remove poverty and bring about general improvement in the livelihood of our people." Chaudhry could not be reached for comments. -- FijiLive


Anonymous said...

Am just wondering where people get their information from in the other blogs? Two days ago they were saying that the reason why Frank hadn't registered his proposed party was because he couldn't get the required 5,000 signatures. Even Rajendra Chaudhary had a status in his facebook page about the lack of support for Frank to harnass signatures. But then again he is living in Aussie rather than Fiji. As always lots of "smoke" with no substance.

Anonymous said...

What a great team! These are the faces of Fiji's first true democracy. I am really glad that our leader has given the management of the party to Mr Khaiyum, despite the hop-haa about his corruption and nepotism.

Anonymous said...

Good to see Bijay Prasad spill the means on chaudhry. Anyone in the party who has ever questioned chaudhry has been expelled. FLP party executives are like sheep. they not have the guts to question chaudhry.

Anonymous said...

Surely a landslide in the making! The election minister and secretary general of Fiji First will ensure that there is a level playing field for his party!

No immunity for treason said...

All protected from treason under a sham constitution and a corrupted junta judiciary? And of course hiding behind thugs with guns who overtook a legitimately elected government for person gain. Do we know how much the illegal human rights abusing self appointed PM is paying himself through the illegal AGs aunt yet?

Anonymous said...

Politicians don't last long if they continually break election promises. Now, did Frank say that no one involved with the IG from 2006 to the present, would stand in the elections. I must have misread that somewhere.

Free and fair elections? Isn't the Permanent Secretary for the Elections the AG's young cousin. By his age, he has never known democracy or the rule of law. He has never voted. I suppose Mr Walsh will tell us how great his appointment was.

This illegal regime have drafted their own constitution to save themselves. It will not succeed.

What a great team they are? Politics and Constitutions must be allowed to evolve for better or worse. These IG fools have prolonged Fiji's problems. Their well documented corruption surpasses anything Fiji has seen in the past. Junta lackies, like this blog site owner, will look very foolish in years to come.

Democracy and the rule of law should never be taken for granted Mr Walsh.

Fiji military stooges said...

Yes, the level of corruption and nepotism, and the rape of the rule of law, is unprecedented in Fiji. The gullible poorly led military must shoulder the blame for these corrupt treasonous thieves. They are nothing but khaiyum stooges.

Anonymous said...

it was the same before, if not worse, but under the sham of qarase democracy, which had many imbeciles fooled.

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah here we go again. Why don't you find out some evidence for all of us and put it out on this forum?

Anonymous said...

So there you have it.

Fiji the way it was (corrupt). Fiji the way it is (corrupt). Time to focus on how it can be. Unfortunately, corruption appears to be Fiji's future as well. As Abbott and Costello (not the Oz politicians) would say in unison....... FIRST BASE

No immunity for treasonous scumbags said...

Unlike the dishonest khaiyum, the hon Qarase (REAL PM of Fiji), never committed treason. Unlike khaiyum the Hon Qarase NEVER used his thieving aunt to pay himself. Unlike the corrupt khaiyum we always knew how much the Hon PM Qarase was paid. This all speaks for itself.
Stand proud all patriotic Fijians - justice the rule of law will return to Fiji - then the real clean up will begin.

Anonymous said...

Provide proof, talk is so cheap just like Qarase blah blah blah.

Crosbie Walsh said...

True. There may appear to be a conflict of interest but no more than when Chaudhry and Qarase were Ministers for Election.

Crosbie Walsh said...

Where have I heard this before, and before, and ....

Fiji Treason Party said...

So the criminal vice president of the Fiji Treason party didn't last long? One down, whose next scumbags? Ha ha ha!!

No immunity for treason said...

Bye bye Prasad - have you heard that before? Have a good day croz. Enjoy the laugh with us old boy.

Get your head out cros said...

Notice how the idiot Walsh is silent on this one. One more in the ditch - good stuff.

Crosbie Walsh said...

You need to be more polite and not be too quick off the mark in your criticism. I am not posting everyday now but the Prasad resignation is mentioned in this week's political round up. It was posted before you made this comment but you had not bothered to read it.

Anonymous said...

One down, five to go. What a collection of has-beens and treasonous criminals? Is this really the best the human rights abusing coward dictator can do?