At Last Some Mention of Policies

Anthony elected PDP leader
Publish date/time: 03/05/2014 [17:15]
Former Trade Unionist Felix Anthony is the new leader of the People’s Democratic Party.

Anthony contested with outgoing Interim President of the Party Adi Sivia Qoro for the leader’s position.

After the elections, Anthony stressed that Qoro will remain with the Party.

Speaking in a press conference, Anthony said the most important thing they can offer to the people of Fiji is the multiracial makeup that was seen in the Party’s conference today.

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Anthony said they do not believe that it is appropriate to start talking about a United Front because he does not believe there is a united front as the elections will be fought by individual parties.

While addressing Party supporters at the Girmit Centre in Lautoka today, Anthony also highlighted if they win, the PDP will develop a pension scheme that is flexible and realistic.

He said they will also review the Fiji National Provident Fund to ensure that members are able to enjoy the benefit of a fair, equitable and well-mannered superannuation scheme on retirement and not having to live under the poverty line.

He said the Party will consider the reintroduction of external examinations in secondary schools and they will ensure as far as possible education from early childhood to primary and secondary is free and compulsory.

He said they will see that all tertiary education will be provided on a cost share basis with the students share to be paid back upon finding work and reaching a reasonable income threshold after graduation.

Anthony said the party will undertake a major review of Fiji’s public health system including hospital management and will divide strategies and policies aimed at improving Fiji’s primary health care system.

He said the party also has within its constitution a requirement to have 20 percent women and 20 percent youth within its leadership.

Meanwhile, Lynda Tabuya is the Party’s new President while Aman Ravindra Singh is the General Secretary.

More than 2,000 people attended the People’s Democratic Party conference today.

 Source: Fiji Village


Anonymous said...

This guy is insane. He goes against our great leaders and expects to get away with it. I give him 4 weeks until our AG has investigated him thoroughly and brought charges that will exclude him from contesting elections.

Anonymous said...

Fully agree, this scoundrel must go to Naboro and not to Parliament. It is a real nightmare to imagine guys like Anthony being in Parliament questioning every move the PM makes. We must be aware that it is not enough for our leader to win elections, he must win all seats in order for him to continue his reforms and his social engineering of the new Fiji.

Molly said...

I am really fed up with all this hype about elections and western style democracy. In Fiji we had strong chiefs who ruled us for centuries without elections and this is exactly the tradition and culture that our PM has re-introduced. We should reject colonial concepts such as democracy and return to our roots.

Fundraiser said...

Well said felix. YOu have nailed the problems facing us. you also understand to survive, party has to think broadly, and also attract indigenous votes. That is the foundation of multiracialism. it's the foundation Labour was built on. Mahen Chaudhry destroyed that foundation for his personal and his family's political and pecuniary gain. First he turned FLP into Indian party, than into Chaudhry family party controlled by him and relatives like in-law Sachida and son Rajen, plus a few cronies. We all know how party name was used to enrich the family to the turn of millions in the name of poor farmers. Chaudhry's self-serving style of leadership has been really destructive. PDP offers new hope.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who supports Felix is mad. The unions brought Fiji to its knees. If Felix had his way, Air pacific would have crashed. He only has one policy. Felix above everything else. Will crash and burn. A sucker.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who supports Mahen Chaudhry is mad. Mahen caused the 2000 coup with poor leadership, destroyed cane farmers' incomes, wrecked the multi-party cabinet, supported 2006 coup and used party name to raise money which was diverted to personal account.

Anonymous said...

People's Democratic Party is the best hope for Fiji. Go PDP!
Long live the party and Long Live the Workers