CCF Succession Announcement

 An anti-Bainimrama blog published an article claiming that the Rev Akuila Yabaki had been dismissed as CEO of the CCF and had been given two months to vacate the premises. They said this was due to his poor leadership and supposedly pro-Bainimarama stance (sic!).  A CCF contact thought the story had been spread by a former (anti-Bainimarama) CCF staff member who blamed Yabaki for the non-renewal of his contract.  Such is the situation in Fiji where rumour and speculation is rarely checked with the appropriate sources before dissemination .  Why? Because misinformation serves their purpose.  -- ACW

17th March 2014

Succession planning at the Citizen's Constitutional Forum

The Board of Directors of the Citizens’ Constitutional Forum (CCF) today announced that the organisation is entering a planned transition phase in its leadership.  There have been some misconceptions regarding this transition, which the Board is seeking to clarify. The announcement of CCF leadership succession planning is unrelated to any internal CCF human resource matters. 

“ We recognize the strong and visionary leadership of the CCF Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Reverend Akuila Yabaki, during his 15 years as leader of our organisation.  Akuila has been part of the CCF from the very beginning, steering a clear course for the organisation during the troubled times of 2000, and again during this lengthy political crisis following the 2006 coup, with his sustained commitment to human rights for all,” said CCF Board Chair, Tessa Mackenzie.

“The strong messages of support we have been receiving from our colleagues and partners in Fiji and abroad, also show what Akuila’s leadership has meant for the wider human rights community and what a critical role he and CCF have played in advocating for the rights of all Fijians.”

The Board, in partnership with Reverend Yabaki, have been engaging in leadership succession planning over the past two years, to ensure a smooth transition during this important elections year.  For Rev. Yabaki this transition will mean a chance to focus more on his interests and spend more time with his supportive family.

“This year, I will transition out of the CEO post, into a new role, providing part-time guidance to the organisation in areas where my experience and expertise will be particularly valuable,” said Rev. Yabaki.

“This planned semi-retirement will also mean more time for me to enjoy my family, including my grandchildren.  While CCF will continue to mean a lot to me, I’m looking forward to this new phase in my life.”

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