(o+) Govt Insists on Development Money Accountability: Part of Roadmap

Hi Croz – did you see this story on North Projects Worry State in Tuesday's Fiji Sun? It is a very good example of why there has to be accountability at all levels and why there has to be change of attitude in Fiji in order to achieve accountability and transparency. Loloma, L.

The story (extracts below) concerned under-used goverment money and incomplete government-funded village projects included community halls, water sources, housing and toilets.

Strategic Framework for Change Northern Coordinator, Kisoko Cagituevei, said “If we cannot help ourselves then it would be impossible for others to help us. We are now preaching about changes Government is making on the need to monitor Government-funded development projects.”

He told chiefs and district representatives of Macuata in Vanua Levu that all Government ministries and agencies would be monitored and assessed on the implementation of all the objectives of the roadmap. “Development cannot take place, if we do not monitor operations. It is important that district meetings need to be frequently done where issues should be ironed out.We are here to make sure that Government funds are put to good use. We cannot continue to receive development materials from Government if we don't monitor projects and complete it accordingly."

The Public Service Commission has a new department which facilitates the implementation work for the Roadmap and the Strategic Framework for Change.  Full story.