Cibi Victim to Mistaken Religious Intolerance

Fiji's decision on religious grounds not to perform the cibi, or war chant, before Saturday's rugby test against Scotland in Edinburgh has polarized the deeply religious but rugby-mad nation. Full story.


Anonymous said…
Yet another example of the pernicious influence of Christian fundamentalism in Fiji. This is so pathetic it defies belief. But then so was Esala Teleni's Christian campaign in the police force plus a host of other instances of religious madness that convinces me they all warrant a stay in St Giles ( see previous posting ) That fact that they've put me in agreement with the Fiji Times makes me doubly crazy. Bloody savages.
Anonymous said…
This is exactly why Fiji rugby has become tame and predictable.

They need a bit of mongrel to get the blood boiling. If taking a big cast iron cauldron onto the pitch with a witch doctor sporting the bone neckless of the latest victims helps them win games, so be it.
Anonymous said…
THis is a big mistake!! Look at the Haka - tradition and religion are different things.

Such a shame - i hope this is reversed