(G) Cabinet Actions on Just One Day; Public Service Reform Expectations

Yesterday's Cabinet meeting approved: the use of funds to rehabilitate ex-offenders; the Radiation Health and Medical Imaging Technologists Decrees; the development of St Giles Mental Hospital as a regional institution; strategies to revitalise Healthy Islands  programme for Fiji and the Pacific (endorsed in 1995), and the National University Decree. To get a better idea of what Government is doing, much of it not reported in the printed media, go to the Government website.

To read about Government plans and expectations from the public service, that include placing people at the centre of performance and how these plans derive from the People's Charter and the Roadmap for Democracy and Sustainable Socio-Economic Development (RDSSED) 2009-2014 click here. Government says the reforms are needed to "build a strong nation state and, by empowering all our citizens, by fixing up decades of neglected infrastructure, by putting in place sustainable institutions and laws that will create accountability, transparency, fair play and modernity.”

I've published these items, partly because the printed media has not done so, but mainly to show that Fiji is not all about the police and the military.  The military-led government is actually doing many worthwhile things.  It would, of course, be better if they were the work of an elected government but for the moment, and some would argue for good reason, this is not possible.