(-) Further Concerns About Power of Chief Registrar

The Citizens Constitutional Forum has issued a further news release on this topic.  See my earlier and now updated post "Concerns About Powers of Chief Registrar."


HoniSoi said…
Most interesting to note the ongoing concern about the decreed powers of the Chief Registrar Rokomokoti but previously almost NO concern shown about the lack of action by the Fiji Law Society to competently deal with hundreds of outstanding complaints from the public concerning the conduct of their members. Since they were once the only body tasked by the Constitution to deal with such complaints, why is there so much angst about the Chief Registrar and her decreed powers to act? It is Justice Connors Commission that will hear the cases of complaint. Let us hope that at long last many of these incompetent, out of control and greedy Fiji lawyers are taken forensically apart. The hearings are open to the public. Well worth a visit, one might think? Better than Broadway or even Rumpole?
Anonymous said…
Anyone who wishes to see Fiji's lawyers practising in the courts may go. The courts are open and this is where they may be viewed 'in action'. The sight is not always reassuring. The appearance of some lawyers still gives rise for concern. Hands in pockets? Vestigial signs of respect to the Court itself? Late arrivals and insistences on adjournments because they are "unprepared". Still occurring just last week at a Court near you. It has improved but still not as it ought. We need to observe for ourselves what standard and measure of justice is delivered through Fiji's Courts. Lawyers are "the ants" if you like. But watch their demeanour and their manners? Do they show sufficient intellectual and real humility to the Cause of Justice? And thus to the People of Fiji?

Honi Soit qui mal y pense
Eureka! said…
This is a time for testing the Fiji Media. Will they venture into the Commission hearings? Will they be sufficiently prepared to report intelligently, fairly and in a balanced way upon the proceedings? I must say I wait with great interest to see if they do. Now is time for the Fiji Media to prove themselves in action. If they fail us again, they will have let the nation and all its people down. We are talking about justice and those who are assigned the serious role of administering justice: many must play their part diligently. We expect sharp and inquisitve minds with an ability to report in all Fiji's major languages at an accomplished level.