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Political Round Up Friday 13 June

The early part of the week saw further  sniping at the Judiciary.  The Opposition persists with accusations that the judiciary is not independent of Government, although it has yet to produce a single piece of evidence to support its claims —and it never notes when judgements go against Government.

Then, the blogs claim senior judges have resigned and are fleeing the country before they are held responsible for supporting the Bainimarama government. And, again they never publish denials  by the judges.  

Similar accusations were levelled at USP over the cancellation of a student's scholarship when it should have been obvious that the decision was that of the Scholarship Board acting on advice  from USP's Student Advisory Services. But not so writes someone as a comment on this blog: "USP VC Rajesh Chandra and deputy Esther Williams are responsible for this debacle... they are only too happy to follow directions from Khaiyum."  

And so we follow the countdown to the elec…

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Allen's had a burst of creative ideas recently, so I'm publishing three this week rather than the usual one or two.

Good News

A report says that there has been a decline in imported prices has resulted in the reduction of prices for 450grams Rewa Full Cream milk powder by nearly five percent.

Fiji Commerce Commission chairman Mahendra Reddy said the reduction followed a submission from Fiji Dairy Limited and attributed this to a decline in imported prices.

I wonder how many shops will immediately reduce the cost of milk they have in stock — like when they raise the price of old stock when prices go up.

But thank you Doc. Reddy and the Commerce Commission for this.

By the way,  what about the price of hardware, what has happened to this issue?

Mud Slinging

If one looks properly, all the political parties seem to  have the same agenda:  to make Fiji a better place, create employment and other opportunities. They wish to create greener pastures right here.

However, while all have …

Claim Some Politicians Misleading Public on Law Issues

To avoid being accidentally incorrect aspiring politicians should do all they can to check the facts before making public statements that could influence public opinion. If they fail to do this—or do not later retract their incorrect statement— it is not unreasonable to suppose their errors are deliberate.- ACW.

DPP: TABUYA WRONG June 10, 2014 | Filed under: Fiji News | 
Posted by:  Christopher Pryde, the Director of Public Prosecutions, is concerned that certain politicians “are attempting to mislead the public in relation to criminal justice matters.”
Mr Pryde said: “In an article published in the Fiji Sun on Saturday, June 7,2014, entitled ‘Welfare of Children Paramount’ Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) President Lynda Tabuya stated in reference to the death of a four-year child that the State ‘has taken no action to charge the parents for criminal negligence’.”
“Ms Tabuya is then quoted as saying that the PDP will ‘enforce prosecution upon those who purposefully neglect their …

Commonsense Prevails: Injustice Put Right

The Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board has reviewed the case and reinstated the scholarship of Seruiraduvatu Tamanirarama, after allegedly cancelling his scholarship for involvement in political activities.

Board Chairman Dixon Seeto said that  the initial information and the resulting recommendation from the education institution (The University of the South Pacific) were incorrect.

He said the Board expects all scholarship students to adhere to the conditions of their contract and follow their study program, which means  they must attend all and instructional classes as required by the institution, but in  no way does this restrict the activities of scholarship holders outside of their study program.

Comment. The case reflected badly on the Board and,  by extension,  on the Bainimamrama Government. Its opponents claimed or inferred that Government was behind the scholarship cancellation, leaving the general public with another presumed, and in this case incorrect, instance of &qu…