Monday, 23 September 2019

Fiji, Rugby World Cup and Racism on Facebook

Yesterday's Facebook comment by Nilesh Lal and those that follow say much about today's Fiji. The racism sucks but many Taukei are  just as disgusted as Nilesh, and that promises well for the future — if only they would speak up, and if some politicians would cease to play racial football in their mini-World Cup. -- ACW

Nilesh Lal
Every Fijian, regardless of race, is passionate about our national sporting teams.

What is extremely disappointing is that every time an Indo-Fijian makes a comment or offers his opinion about our national rugby team, s/he is cut short by some rabid racists on facebook who subject them to a whole lot of racist abuse. I have been told to "stick to soccer" at least two times in the past two days. In recent times, I have seen that Indo-Fijians have been supporting the national rugby teams more than they follow the national football team.

The amount of pride we feel when our national rugby teams win is second to none. The passion and love that Indo-Fijians share for our national rugby teams and players is huge and many Indo-fijians spend a lot of money to go and support our rugby teams play in competitions overseas.

What is also disappointing is that I have not observed other itaukeis reproaching these racists in their community who make such unsavoury comments. It is obvious that Fiji has a long way to go in achieving a liberal, tolerant and progressive society.

Lice Movono
Come on! How bloody ridiculous are we. There is simply no one better at any sport because of our race. I grew up in Labasa where my uncles played for the town Soccer team as often as they did Rugby and in fact always saw more itaukei men in the soccer team. There is simply no race in rugby. Also - rest assured that if there are rural settlements of mostly IndoFijians close to the Itaukei villages, if they could access the rugby fields that is a permanent fixture of our villages, we would see an increase in IndoFijian players trying out for village, Tikina, Provincial and club teams too. Isa vei keda na itaukei, da bau raica mada na nodra dau tokoni ira na noda toa ni vala tu na Idia. Ka valoloma ni ra sa mai marau taka vata kei keda na irogorogo kei Viti meda qai vakuai ira tiko mai kina

Isaia Lawaniyasana
If you're going to play, play the ball, not the man. If you think your ethnicity gives you some sort of advantage, or disqualifies somebody else, you're an idiot. A racist idiot.

John Samisoni
OMG - has the last 32 years taught us nothing?

Viniana Gaunavinaka
You are right Nilesh Lal. I, like you, so disgusted with all the racial comments. I have enjoyed meeting many Indo Fijians at the Las Vegas 7s these past years with genuine support for our boys.
Dont give up.1

Akuila Yabaki
Wherever you see racists, in whatever context, cut them down.

Riaz Hussain
Mr Lal is correct. Racism and ethnicity affects all of us. We need to take that pit of system.
This is all overflow from politics

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