Saturday, 28 September 2019

Fiji and False News

Three Ministers have spoken out about rumours and false news.  Minister Praveen Bala's comments are shown below.  Dr Iereimi Waqanabete's views follow. I cannot readily access and copy the comments of Acting PM Semi Koroilavesau because Fiji Sun makes this next to impossible. Good for their profits perhaps, but if they want me to present Government views on issues, they are not going about it the right way.  -- ACW

Sep 27, 2019 04:21:14 PM
Stop spreading rumours on social media: Bala
Praveen Bala pn506
Minister for Youth and Sports Praveen Bala has urged youth to be responsible while using social media and refrain from sharing and spreading rumours.

Bala made the comment after rumours of civil unrest circulated on social media. (Workers and students were advised to stay at home because Suva's streets would be unsafe -- ed.)

He said the recent rumours and scare tactics are an unwarranted attack on all Fijians and Fiji’s democracy.

(Agitators were) hiding behind keyboards in far-away countries. As a nation we must step up to such cowards and their efforts to destabilise our efforts at nation building,” he said.

“By sharing the posts and engaging in the spread of the rumours you are creating the environment of fear and instability for these cowards,” he said.

He said the news media also needed to ensure that such rumours of instability are not given prominence.

Dr Iereimi Waqainabete

Dr Waqainabete urges Fijians to embrace change

Enforcing laws to foster social cohesion cannot work unless the attitudes of Fijians are shaped to embrace these changes

Here is the links to the Fiji Sun which at least indicates what the Acting PM had to say. Fake news is economic sabotage.

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