Sunday, 10 February 2019

Interview with SODELPA Whip Lyda Tabuya

Fiji TV's Stanley Simpson (S@8) interviews Lynda Tabuya who merged her Peoples' Democratic Party with SODELPA for last year's election. She is now balances her tasks as a lawyer, mother of six with her work as the SODELPA whip. She explains why the merger, talks of SODELPA's different ideologies, her parliamentary priorities, and why she's prepared to to work with the FijiFirst Government on a number of issues.  If SODELPA wins the next election, I hope her "ideology" dominates SODELPA's policies.   44 minutes.


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  1. Very interesting, Croz. Certainly a change from many politicians on both sides. Let's hope her message of working with the govt happens, but FijiFirst needs to reach out too if they are to survive in the longterm. Glad to see your blog continues, Robbie Robertson


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