Wednesday, 19 December 2018

This is How some SODELPA members are Whipping up Hatred and Divison

UPDATE. Statement from Taukei Land Trust Board, and a criticism of my post by Scott MacWilliam. See Comments below.

TLTB denounces claims made by SODELPA Youth members and some protesters at Tamavua Village
By Vijay Narayan
Wednesday 19/12/2018

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Development currently at Tamavua village
The iTaukei Land Trust Board has made it clear that nothing sinister is going on as far as the leasing of the land at Tamavua Village is concerned.
TLTB Chief Executive Officer Tevita Kuruvakadua has denounced claims made by a group of protesters, which included some members of the SODELPA Youth Group.

Protesters holding their signs then being taken by police pn206
Kuruvakadua says in fact the 10 year development lease for the land has been issued to Tamavua Village chief, Ratu Kalokalo Loki and the yavusa company.
The yavusa is Matanikutu.
The CEO of iTaukei Land Trust Board states that this was done after three rounds of consultations with the landowners in the presence of TLTB.
He says that the development lease was previously issued to Elshadai.
That company was owned by Ratu Kalokalo’s sisters.
Kuruvakadua says the earlier development lease expired after 10 years and there was still no development.
Following this, consultations were held, and the yavusa company and Ratu Kalokalo were issued the development lease for 10 years this year. The company’s name is Tamsville Limited.
The TLTB CEO stresses that due process was followed and an offer
was then made to Ratu Kalokalo and the yavusa company.
The group of people holding a public protest near Tamavua Village were taken in for questioning by Police yesterday.
Representatives from the SODELPA Youth Group, Peter Waqavonovono and Sam Savu were also part of the protest group.
They claimed that they were protesting against part of the village land allegedly being given away without their prior consent.
The group had also claimed that the lease was for 99 years.
Police Chief of Operations ACP Maretino Qiolevu has confirmed to Fijivillage that they attended to a report where a group was  intending to show their grievances to the iTaukei Land Trust Board with regards to the issuance of a lease for their land.
ACP Qiolevu says a team from Samabula Police Station was deployed to the scene.
ACP Qiolevu says the Police Officers warned the protesters not to take matters in their own hands and they were dispersed peacefully.

Protesters taken in for questioning near Tamavua Village
The Tamavua Community Police Officers then spoke to the group.
ACP Qiolevu says action was taken by Police to ensure the safety of everyone.
He says they have also asked the group to follow the legal processes available to them.

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  1. Dear Croz,

    So people protesting makes them `stormtroopers’? Objecting to a process which concentrates more wealth in the hands of a few is itself objectionable? Whether the protestors are aligned with one party, SODELPA, is irrelevant, especially when FijiFirst and the government crush most forms of dissent, especially in their own ranks.

    Your campaign against SODELPA and the NFP are becoming more and more based on the bigotry and prejudice to which you are supposedly opposed.


    Scott MacWilliam

    PS I did not post this as a comment for I can’t find where to do so but have no objection to you posting it. PPS I am posting this for Scott. ACW


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