Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Fiji Rumours: the A-G's Magic Ring, Chinese Needles in Fijians' Backsides; SODELPA's Dilemma over Candidate 503; Latest Poll Results

A Magic ring.  pn157
RUMOURS ABOUT FIJIFIRST. PM Bainimarama was asked by a talk show host about claims that the Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum wore a ring that controlled him (Bainimarama). “According to the rumours," he replied, "when the A-G turned the ring he placed a big bad influence on me ... I said I have a ring too which contained the Lord’s prayer.”
There was also a rumour that the Chinese were  going to take over the Ba  hospital and put needles in people’s buttocks.   

Sayed-Khaiyum said other false rumours were that there would be a coup on November 15th, the day after the elections  FijiFirst is expected to win, and that the large island of Kadavu has been sold to the Chinese.  He said fear-mongering about ethnic and religious divisions has been a political tool from before Independence.

SODELPA DILEMMA OVER RABUKA COURT DECISION.  If Rabuka is convicted, all those who have already  voted for his number 530 will have their votes declared invalid. 
To make matters worse, the  48-hour ‘blackout period’ before the election during which  the court’s decision will be issued  means that if he is convicted, SODELPA will not be allowed to tell its voters ‘change your vote to a different number’.” So they have to advise their supporters now. If they vote 530 and he's convicted, their votes are invalid. If they don't vote 530, Rabuka may not not get enough votes to be elected, even though he's the party leader.  I can't see why the Chief Justice could not have advanced the agenda, making his decision more than 48-hours before the election.

LATEST POLL RESULTS. Two other polls show
 FjiFirst on 60%, SODELPA on 24%, NFP on 9%, with 7% undecided.  The other parties polled under 1%.

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