Thursday, 2 August 2018

The Unsettling Truth about the Treaty of Waitangi

The best way to read this posting is by clicking the link below.  There you can see how and when New Zealand was 'progressively' lost to Maori, and learn of today's settlements under the Treaty, together with interactive maps, lists and stories. Pn21

Within 44 years of the signing of the Treaty 18 million acres of  New Zealand land passed from the  purview of one group of people into the hands of scores of others.

Eighteen million acres represents more than a quarter of the entire land mass of New Zealand.  Or about 67 Auckland. It was all gone between 1865 and  1909.

Every corner of New Zealand is a part of this story. Look at the maps. Read the stories. Watch the videos. Grasp the numbers. This is the unsettling truth about the way this country was established. Some of the alienated land was purchased, in breach or otherwise of the Treaty. Other areas were confiscated even from tribes which had offered no opposition to the Pakeha.   


Andy Fyers
John Hartevelt
Suyeon Son
Carmen Parahi, Tony Wall, Florence Kerr, Brad Flahive
Kathryn George and Brad Flahive
Ross Giblin, Simon O’Connor, Chris Skelton, Chris McKeen, Rosa Woods, Christel Yardley
Deena Coster, Amanda Saxton, Joel Ineson, Thomas Manch, Harrison Christian, Elton Smallman, Paul Mitchell, Ruby Macandrew
Most map outlines on this page courtesy of Click Suite. A 3D animation of Māori land loss, based on these maps, can be viewed at the He Tohu exhibition at the National Library in Wellington.

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