Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Briji Lal's Analysis of the 2006 Coup

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Ta Ta Arsewind said...

Hey croz
good to see you haven't dropped off the perch like the other two junta slurpers this week. what happened to your mate Arsewind? So sad, too bad?

Bill Wadely aka "Vili the Kid" said...

Bri Lal, sums up his whole historical idea of Fiji...he describes Fiji as a country that is "ill fated".

Where is the positivity in the land that nourished him?

Why all the negativity?

Jim Anthony said...

Poor Brij Lal, Wadan Narsey's brother in law. Brij is the classic man for all seasons with a face for every occasion. Brij once had political aspirations of his own as the side kick of Jai Ram Reddy who quickly faded into political oblivion after the 1987 coup.

Brij is a historian but a very limited one at that. His understanding of politics is at about the level of a second string journalist--shallow, simplistic and naive. Brij may well go down as a minor wart on the arse of Fijian history, full of sound and fury signifying not very much.

Anonymous said...

Lal is an insignificant historian that has done nothing more than try to write himself into the history books of Fiji. The future will no doubt reveal that Lal is divisive and racist. He has exploited his institutional power to become nothing more than a cheap media slut who never offer a single solution to racial division to the country. His so-called contribution was a deeply flawed constitution. Analysis is not a word I would use to describe Lal's work - self centered opinion is more like it.

Jim Anthony said...

Brij Lal:: "Ka ca ga na ulu kau."