Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The President's Christmas Message

President of the Republic of Fiji
State House 25th December, 2014

Ladies, gentlemen and people of Fiji

Ni Sa Bula Vinaka, Salaam Alaykum, Namaste

As 2014 comes to an end, and as we gather to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas Day, I extend to all Fijians both here and abroad my warmest compliments and best wishes, along with those of my family.

I also take this opportunity to convey my sincere appreciation and gratitude to all Fijians for your contribution towards Fiji’s progress as a Nation.

For indeed we have so much to be thankful for:

In the first instance, the country has returned to Parliamentary Democracy through a genuinely democratic, and highly regarded, General Election in September. I thank all the members of the public who came out in record numbers to actively participate in choosing our representatives in Parliament, and our Government.

I also thank the international community for its support with facilitating the General Election.

I especially thank the countries that stood by Fiji in the past eight years as we redefined the foundations of nationhood and as we worked towards elevating Fiji to be among the greatest democratic nations in the world, a nation that promotes true equality and justice, and the highest level of respect and dignity towards all her people, without exception.

Much of what we want for Fiji is now contained in our Constitution. The Constitution, in itself, is another significant milestone to be thankful for.

Fiji now has 50 highly respected Parliamentarians upon whom the aspirations of the nation now rests. Given our social and political history, there is, before us, a strong and urgent need for men and women of goodwill and fortitude, who have the best interests of Fiji in their hearts, to come forth, and help take Fiji forward. I have no doubt that the next four years will be exciting for all Fijians as the nation continues to build on the foundation that has been laid for us.

We should also be thankful for the numerous achievements we have made together as a nation. These include, but are not limited to:

  • The contributions that Fijians have made to the international community through our Peacekeepers, our Diplomatic Missions, all those in the teaching and medical professions, our sports people, and all other fields of endeavour;

  • Fiji’s leadership position in the international community, firstly through the Chairmanship of the United Nation’s biggest voting bloc – the Group of 77 Plus China in 2013, which we handed-over early this year; and secondly, Fiji’s current Chairmanship of the Executive Board of the United Nations Development Programme, the United Nations Population Fund, and the United Nations Office of Project Services;

  • Fiji’s contribution to the Pacific region through the Pacific Islands Development Forum, which has provided an unprecedented opportunity for Governments, the Private Sector and Non-Governmental Organizations to collectively discuss the way forward towards sustainable development with a focus on the environment and on climate-change issues that will ultimately affect each one of us and future generations, if not addressed now;

  • The release, without harm, of our Peacekeepers in Syria whilst trying to contribute to stability in a region that is currently riven with armed conflict that has cost many lives; and

  • At the local and national levels, leadership across our communities that has contributed to the ability of all our people to live in peace and harmony.

We all share a genuine desire to help each other and create a new Fiji for current and future generations.

Fiji is not just our country. It is home to us all. We are one people, and one nation. As we celebrate the festive season, let us all pledge that we will continue to embrace a culture of appreciation, respect and tolerance, and that we will devote every effort to making Fiji a truly democratic, peaceful and prosperous country.

On this Christmas, I also ask that we all devote time and resources to the less fortunate and the elderly including those in hospitals and in prisons – that we put a smile on their faces and warmth and love in their hearts. Because the spirit` of Christmas is about giving. It is about touching the lives of both loved ones and those outside our immediate circle.

If our present generation is able to show love and care for the elderly and the less fortunate, I have every confidence that our children and their children will also be able to emulate these acts of kindness. And it will go a long way towards strengthening the unity we all want for Fiji.

Ladies and gentlemen, young people and children, I wish you all and your families a Blessed and Merry Christmas.

Thank you, Vinaka Vakalevu, Sukria, Bahoot Dhanyavaad.



    Great message from the President, but such efforts are being undermined from Australian soil by people like 2000 coup conspirator Simione Kaitani.

    The Speight henchman, who is dole bludging in Australia, has surfaced on Rajen Chaudhry's facebook. Like Rajen, Kaitanai is spewing anti-muslim venom.

    Fiji has already returned to democracy, so why is Kaitani still in Australia, at Australian tax-payers' expense?

    Is Australia providing a racist and seditionist like Kaitani a safe haven to engage in anti-Bainimarama Govt activities To destabilise the country, as he did in 2000?

    Is Australia a safe-haven to engage in anti-muslim propaganda by discredited 2000 coup conspirator.

    Why is Kaitani being allowed in AUSTRALIA on false claims of refugee status, while the real refugees are not allowed in? Where is the justice?

    Whys is Australia allowing itself to be used by opportunists like kaitanai, who bludge off taxpayers, without making any positive contribution to Australia?

    There are other 2000 coup seditionists hiding in Australia and plotting against the elected Bainimarama Government from there.

    This situation brings Julia Bishop's credibility into question. Is she sleeping on the job, or is she playing a double game with the Bainimarama Government?

    Is the Abbot Government genuine about restoring ties with the elected government or not?

    What is the Fiji immigration minister doing, sleeping in the job? Why is the minister not expressed concern with Australian High commission?

    Why is the minister not taking action when Kaitani and rajen are contravening Fiji's laws by engaging in anti-muslim and racist activities to create communal discord?

    Fiji immigration minister should be replaced for not doing the job.

    Maybe Australia can keep kaitani as he is unemployable in Fiji and will be burden on Fiji taxpayers after all.​

  2. @bruiser-

    Keep yawning mate, you might go to sleep and find something useful to contribute in your dream.

  3. Australia hastily granted anti-Bainimarama elements 'asylum', consistent with its policy at the time.
    Fiji had elections in 2014, and the Australian policy has shifted.
    Australia needs to review and update its stance towards the so-called 'political refugees'.
    The likes of Ted Young and Simione Kaitani are just freeloaders using Australia as a base to spread ethnic hatred and destabilise government. They did it in 2000, they doing it again.
    People are free to critcise government as they like. Ask Wadan Narsey.

  4. contribute??!, just to let the rubbish pass through without comment?? this is a regime,that doesn't take kindly to any critique let alone contributions unless they are from craven and passive the regiem and their collaborators are telling australia what their policy should

    1. lol. too much yawning; explains why you still behind times. majority of the people voted bainimarama. the country is moving on. you are a sleepyhead. go back to bed.

  5. this is another flunky who did well out of the coups and expects there won't be a consequence..I see there are still soem Ratu's who luv the trappings and the power eh... so that hasn't changed, they just in with the thug and his mates

  6. @isoa.v-

    Was that comment aimed at me?


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