Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The President's Speech and Photos

The President's speech in full.  Click here

Photos of the Guard of Honour.  Click here.

Photos inside Parliament.  Click here.


  1. Simple, candid, concise and mind-provoking speech by HE to set the country on its new journey. I sincerely hope that his voice resonates in all the parliamentarians minds for the next 4 years especially when they start engaging in petty politics. God Bless Fiji.

    1. Billy (the Kid) Wadely aka ViliTuesday, 7 October 2014 at 23:40:00 GMT+13

      Talk about petty poltics. SODELPA candidate Anarae Vadei asked whether it was Ok if he punched another MP if he disagreed with him. Another SODELPA MP (Nawaiku;a) asked if he could refer to another MP as a 'murderer'. These are precursors to the low and petty level of parliamentary debate that the Opposition will revert to. This is not surprising as they did not have anything useful to say or policies to promote during the election campaign. They relied on lies to get themselves into parliament. Once the formalities are over the 'ding dong' and petty politics will begin.

      Ni bula Ratu Nite

    2. Does it get any lower than taking over parliament and destroying democracy using thugs with guns? Especially using soldiers who surrender to Islamic terrorists?

    3. @ Fiji Military Cowards

      Your haemarrhoids must be troubling you again. Constipation & haemarrhoids are a bad combination. I suggest some Brooklax too help relieve the constipation and a bit of Tabasco sauce for the haemarrhoids. All the best.

    4. @ Ratu Bill Wadely (the kid)

      Cola vina Ratu Nite. Infact, the petty politics from Sodelpa members is what I am not looking forward to if stupid questions from Vadei and Nawaikula is an indication of what they will bring "to the party". To be brutally honest, I was hoping that the Vadei and Nawaikula questions during the MPs Induction training was an over exaggeration. But it seems from all accounts that it did occur. What an embarrassment. Well I guess, as accurately highlighted by yourself, what is built on lies, racism and dishonest campaigning will not yield anything constructive. I hope the voters who voted for these two guys take them to task. "Da saga meda toso i liu nai Taukei vata ke ira na wekada veitamata tale eso, so na tamata era nuitaki mai vei ira na lewe ni vanua mera lai valataki ira ena palimedi era lai vaoti cagi kei na tavioka wavoki tiko ena kena buturara", translation for contributors who don't understand Fijian... (As we the I'Taukei work hard to move our country forward with the rest of our fellow Fijians, we have some I'Taukei MPs voted by grassroots to fight for their cause in the parliament, are showing themselves to be a waste of oxygen and bread. They just couldn't help themselves even showing their true colors so early in the game. Am so grateful that all parliamentary sessions will be aired live as voters could see for themselves the calibre of people they have voted in. There is no hiding-GOLD!!

      @Fiji military cowards-

      I take exception to your second question. If you are a civilian who has never worn a military uniform you absolutely have no idea what you are talking about. Stick to what you know best even if it means doing "fuck all". If you are an ex-military person let me know and I will give you my personal details and request for yours so we could discuss this in person or over the phone. I live in Wellington, NZ and if you live in Fiji, I will ring you and have a mature conversation (and I will pay too). Sa kena gauna qo meda veitalanoa va tagane, vararama me kua kina veilasutaki okoya e kauti keda tiko i muri nai I'Taukei.

    5. Look what happened to the Filipinos. They killed three Al Nusra and as a result have decided to withdraw from the Golan because of their fear of reprisals. The Fijians on the other hand killed no one, and acted iaw with their Mandate (based on Chapter Six of the UN Charter) and from orders of their superiors. No lives were lost; their captors even shed tears when releasing the Fijians. What does that tell you?

      I suggest the cowardly poster hiding behind a psuedonym "Fiji Military Cowards" should go read Chapters 6 & 7 of the UN Charter, then go understand what the UNDOF Mandate is before hyperventilating. A dab of Tabsco in that part of the body where the sun dosen't shine, will do wonders for his self awareness.

    6. From the picture above, I note that Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu was absent from the formal opening when the President gave his speech (he sits beside the Leader of the Opposition). Was he using the Opposition tactic of deferring to a 'prior engagement' to justify their absence from important government occassions eg the Budget Forum? Will we see more of this type of 'petty' behaviour?

    7. Give that speech writer for the President's speech an A plus.

    8. @ Bill Wadely

      Nite good spotting there ref Ratu Naiqama being MIA. I wonder what his excuse would be?

    9. Ratu Naita.

      His excuse was that he had other 'more pressing engagements'

      Va'cava that?

    10. Turaga Naita.

      You are joking aye? I would like to think the only two "pressing engagements" here would be either he was really really sick and couldn't make it or someone very very close to him passed away. Otherwise, what a let down for those that voted for him. I hope someone highlights this sort of behaviour either in the Parliament House or in the Fijian media. I guess he won't say no to his salary for the day that he missed.
      I am so appreciative of the fact that my fellow kinsmen (and majority of Nadroga/Navosa) voted for Fiji First. At least I know Frank won't tolerate that sort of behaviour and will nip it in the bud.

    11. @ Ratu Nite

      On another subject. I was talking to my bro in Fiji last night.

      Now that Parliament has been convened, those in Suva who are most happy are taxi drivers, guest house operators and of course, the so called 'ladies of the night'.

      ....'Muju cola vina na Maheki;!!!

    12. @Bill (the kid)

      Cola vina maheki, "ladies of the night" very happy indeed. Okoya ga da leqa tale kina nai taukei qori. Two and three kitchens including mobile ones lol.


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