Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Taukei to the Core: a Personal Story

Pio Tikoduadua says he is a proud iTaukei, a living example of why the Opposition, is fundamentally wrong in its claims. The Leader of Government business and Minister for Infrastructure and Transport said in his right of reply and maiden speech in Parliament yesterday that he came from a humble beginning.

“I certainly started out as disadvantaged like tens of thousands of Fijians of all backgrounds. But with hard work and determination – and not some accident of birth - I have fought my way up and earned the privilege of serving my country at the highest levels of Government,” he said.

“My own experience has taught me that we iTaukei don’t need more advantages than other Fijians. We already have them by having the most important assets in Fiji – our people and our land.

“Some people opposite argue that iTaukei land is sacred. I agree with that premise because I share their view that land is a creation of God.

“But God’s intentions tells us that it is only sacred if it is used for the purpose of benefiting humankind and his progress. Not to sit idle but be utilized, as in the Parable of the Talents. It’s what we do with the land that really matters.

“As the Honourable Prime Minister has said, we don’t need hand-outs. We need leg-ups. And my own life is the perfect example of where leg ups can transform an ordinary person’s life.

“I come from the most humble of origins, born in considerable hardship to a single mother who is still alive in the village of Navunisole in Korovou, Northland, Tailevu. Her name is Senoveva Ranadi and I want to pay tribute to her before the nation today for her love and support.

“I also want to pay tribute to my Grandfather and mentor, Mosese Radokana, who toiled on Tailevu Dairy Farm in Korovou until he was 75 years old to enable me to go to school at the Natovi Primary and Secondary Schools. It was a sacrifice for which I will be ever grateful. My Grandfather taught me the value of prayer and hard work.”

“Opposition members are parroting the same old negative chant – of the iTaukei people threatened when they’re not, Christianity threatened when it’s not. An opposition bereft of positive ideas and no concept of how to take us forward as one people, one nation, one Fiji.”

--Josua Tuwere in the Fiji Sun.


  1. I shared the above article with one of my passengers who is an iTaukei and he said that he fully agrees with the good Honorable Minister.

    The challenge in his view was the iTaukei mindset needing time to change.

    But the good news is its changing pretty fast nowadays.

    Perhaps an effect of 'soul searching' during the election campaign period till now.

    In my view, we should encourage more discussions on this issue so that the 'seed of this idea' can grow and bear 'good fruits' quickly.

  2. Well, Taxi Driver, sometimes political life is like a taxi--the damn thing moves forward and then sometimes it moves backwards (you, know, goes into reverse gear). You get a new driver and things go backwards--you know, really backwards. Take Rabuka, for example. He took Fiji backwards by almost a century. And just look what he is now--washed up, a nothing, a nobody. And look at Spate, another 'messiah' who is now cooling his jets in prison.

    Anybody who thinks that Fiji does not have another Rabuka or another Spate in the wings, had better think again. You never can tell. This is one of the reasons why Fiji needs to be on the track it is now. Let there be discussions by all means but at the same time government must keep its guard up.

  3. Taxi driver....if you you get that from a majority of true Fijians than I can agree with you.But to get that from people who cannot think on their own let alone stand on what they believe in. is preposterous..

    Obviously this gentlemen is an ambitious politician who does not represent the views of all true Fijians, how can you call him i taukei when the government he represents does not recognized the rights of the indigenous people? Is this justice when the indigenous are being depraved of their rights and laws made to take away their land ownership rights?

    For example if Fijians do these to the Chineese in China or Indians in their motherland would it be fair.....? No they will be turmoil in the land....So Taxi driver please do not comment but think first before you leap!!


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