Friday, 31 October 2014

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My New Business

I am seriously going to set up a business.

It will be  a bank where no fees are charged for deposits, transfers or withdrawals. No fees for any other transactions.

My bank will be called the Daylight Savings Bank Incorporated.

During the daylight savings period, anyone who wants to save their one hour of daylight can do so. It can then be withdrawn when they want to. But it can't be used to take off early from work or school.

It can only be withdrawn for sports and social activities. Especially for men who have to go home early because they are on a curfew.

Wise, Reddy and Emil may want to deposit a lot. But I can only approve it if their better half gives the approval.

Hehe, Daylight Savings Bank Incorporated. Heck of an idea eh.

Daylight Saving 2014Don't forget to put your clock one hour forward on Sunday night, 2 November, and one hour back at the end of daylight saving on Sunday January 19, 2015.

Abuse of Public Funds

While reading about the wide abuse of public funds in the civil service, one incident comes to mind during my four year posting in Levuka.

I was stationed there as a Customs officer from 1985 to 1990 and  revenue collected was banked revenue every Thursday. It wasn't much, it was duty collected from foreign fishing vessels that sold fish to labourers or the crew, amongst other things.

Well, one day I went to the bank to make our weekly deposit. I presented the official government deposit slip which read $75.53. However when the teller counted the cash , 2 cents was surplus, so I told him to just add it to the deposit as a sundry entry.

Imagine my shock when one month later a memorandum came from the Ministry of Finance via the then Comptroller of Customs for me to explain why I had deposited the extra 2 cents. I was shocked! The memo directed me to read the provisions of the Financial Regulations where it said that government revenue collected must not be more or less and I was to explain where the extra 2 cents came from.

While in shock, I responded to the memo and said that I had no change and because the amount was just 2 cents I thought it was OK.

Seven days later a letter came from the Ministry of Finance came to me to be more careful when collecting revenue and even though the amount was small it breached the provisions of the Financial Regulations. And if it was to happen again I would be disciplined.

From that day onwards I was always careful about government revenue. I went to the District Officers office and got a copy of the Financial Regulations and read it from cover to cover. I made it a point to read all laws and regulations pertaining to the civil service especially the General Orders.

If I was going to be disciplined for banking an extra 2 cents, I wonder what will happen to those who misused thousands of dollars of government revenue as per the Auditor Generals report.

Lucky we no longer have the death penalty.

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  1. On the issue of abuse of funds:

    I discussed this issue with several passengers and asked them what they thought should be done.

    After discussing and pondering over this very difficult issue this is what I recommend.

    I think after Public Accounts Committee discusses the Auditor General's Reports all issues on fraud should be identified and a special report on this submitted to a taskforce comprising of DPP, FRCA, Police, FICAC and other relevant agencies to identify appropriate actions that should be followed in addressing them.

    At the end of every Quarter a Follow-up Report to be submitted to the PAC on progress of actions taken by this Taskforce.

    A passenger mentioned to me to check out this site:

    Perhaps we can learn a few things from the Aussies and can ask them for their assistance.

    Just a thought.


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