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Monday 15 September 2014

What if I'm Wrong? UPDATED.

Read this article carefully. It does NOT say I have doubts about a Bainimarama Government as some lying bloggers have said. They quote only a part and deliberately miss the main point. 

 It says that, whatever your minor
doubts may be, the ONLY CHOICE  this elections  is between—  

█ A "fairer Fiji with more assistance given to the marginalised and equal citizenship for all races" under FijiFirst 


█ A "divided Fiji where old privileges are restored and where the rights of ciizenship are influenced by race" under SODELPA.  

I am saying vote FijiFirst and don't waste your vote by voting for any any of the minor parties.  This could put the "old gang" back in power.

And before some smart opponent says I am breaking the 48 hour blackout, this is is not a new article.  It is a clarification of an already published article that opponents have deliberately distorted, and used to their advantage during the blackout period. The blogs Solivakasama, Fiji Today, Fiji Leaks, Fiji Democracy Noiw, and Fiji Media Wars have published new material during the blackout and have broken the Electoral law.-- Croz

  A Personal Confession 
                         Crosbie Walsh

When I started this blog in May 2007 it was to offset the distorted reporting of NZ journalist Michael Field, and I was writing mainly for an overseas audience. 

 Politically, I considered myself neutral with a slight leaning towards the Bainimarama government because of the bad press it was getting overseas and in Fiji where the media reported the Bainimarama government once and each of its political critics once, disadvantaging government 4:1.

Since then, as I read about what the Bainimarama government was doing and talked to a wide range of people in Fiji, my position gradually changed.  I still reported both sides and criticised the government when I thought fit, but I had definitely started to move towards supporting Bainimarama.  But the support was by far from total.

I reported and criticised the infringements on media and trade union freedom, the imposition of PER, the failure to accept the minimum wage recommendations of the Wages Council, the Public Emergency Regulations,  the occasional arrests and detainments, and the failure to consult with Fiji's "high fliers" when consultation was sorely needed. More than once I said that the rigid authoritarian stance of Government was causing it to lose the support of "middle Fiji".

The process, of course, was not just due to Government intransigence. The travel restrictions imposed by Australia and New Zealand resulted in fewer civilians putting up their hands for senior civilian positions, and military officers with military mindsets took their place. The Opposition also played its part by keeping up a constant barrage of disruptive, negative comment on almost everything Government did and, sadly, as time went by, respectable and well meaning NGOs such as the Citizens' Constitutional Forum joined them. 

After the Qarase v. Bainimarama Appeal Case 2009

What had started so promisingly with the People's Charter was brought to an abrupt end when the Appeal Court ruled in favour of Qarase and declared the Bainimarama Government illegal.  For a moment all that had been achieved since 2006 appeared about to be lost. A "failed coup" would result in the  return of the old regime to power. 

Government's reactions to the challenge, most especially PER and decrees restricting personal freedoms, lost it the support of many who might otherwise have supported the regime for the work it was doing in other areas, notably in empowering ordinary people and rebuilding a long neglected physical and social infrastructure. 

To make matters worse, a number of government-initiated judicial actions seemed personally charged and vindictive. And its failure to have public audits and reveal salaries laid it wide open to further charges by the Opposition.  

The "middle" ground had all but vanished. You were either for Government, despite its warts, or against it. I moved further towards the side supporting Government.

The move was a push and pull affair. I was attracted by many of he things Government was doing, not least by its down to earth consultations with grassroots Fijians.  As many of them commented, this was the first time a Prime Minister or a Cabinet Minister had ever visited them, listened  to what they had to say, and done something about it. 

I was pushed further in this direction by the barrage of mainly unsupported and unsupportable accusations and claims by those in the Opposition. The anti-Government blogs also played their part. Here was vindictiveness in the extreme. Time and time again their claims and accusations were shown to be untrue, but they were never corrected or withdrawn.

As the election campaign got under way the choice seemed —and seems—to be between the stated aims of FijiFirst and SODELPA. Between a fairer Fiji with more assistance given to the marginalised and equal citizenship for all races, and a divided Fiji where old privileges are restored and where the rights of citizenship are influenced by race. 

Was I being carried away by Government rhetoric?

But then I received an email from someone in Fiji whose opinions I respect and who had once supported Bainimarama.  He suspected I was being carried away by the Government statements on citizenship and race and raised questions about Bainimarama's personal motives, and his alleged support for the Speight Coup in 2000. 

He wrote of his ruthlessness against his critics and enemies, saying these were indications of the future under an elected Bainimarama Government when he saw a worsening of the "climate of fear" and restrictions on people's freedoms. He thinks Bainimarama wants power for power's sake, and everything else is a smokescreen. 

What could I think? How could I answer?  One can only suspect motivations. They cannot be proven until after the event and most times not even then.  One can only look at a person's record, weigh up and balance the positives against the negatives, and consider the alternatives. 

Bainimarama's record is that most of his policies are aimed at making Fiji a better place to live, but he's a military man and he definitely has a very short fuse. For the past eight years he has been working in a situation where he has been able to exercise excessive power with few restrictions.  

Parliament will be a different environment

Parliament will be a very different environment. If FijFirst wins and Bainimarama forms Fiji's next government, his power will be limited by law. To continue the work he has started, he will need the support of the majority of those in Parliament. There will also be times when he needs the support of members of the Opposition.  Bainimarama is normally a friendly person who enjoys being with people. I am optimistic that this positive side of his personality will be used to good effect in Parliament, and the "short fuse" kept in check. 

I wrote this to my friend:
"I'm very disturbed by your letter.  You may, of course, be right on the motives of Bainimarama and those who support him, but I can only hope you're wrong. Realistically, the election outcome will favour either FijiFirst or SODELPA.  SVT and SDL may not have been vindictive but how many thousands of ordinary people, mainly Indo-Fijians, suffered as a direct result of their policies?  Let's leave it there, my friend.  Only the future will tell." 
To which my friend replied: 
 "Croz, I will be very happy to be proved wrong about Frank should he win this Election."


Cin Cin said...

And one would hope that should SODELPA prevail then may their critics be proved wrong.

Its just a pity there does not appear to be a third way -mediocrity may well be the winner in this election.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama had two options in 2006: Either being prosecuted for his role in the brutal death of soldiers during the 2000 mutiny or to take over the government in a coup. He decided to stage a populist coup under the mantra of eradicating racism and corruption. I am not sure about the racism part, but if anyone claims that Bainimarama's regime has been transparent and accountable, I strongly suggest a thorough examination by a psychiatrist. And as far as Croz' claim that VB is a friendly man, I am inclined to side with somebody who had a chance to meet him many times and has the professional expertise to assess his interlocutors: Larry Dinger, former US ambassador to Fiji. His assessment was that psychiatrists "would have a field day with him". This is just diplomatic speak for saying "he is mad like a shit house rat".

Anonymous said...

Larry Dinger: the pot calling the kettle black. Pun not intended. I would say the same thing of Dinger: Psychiatrists would have a field day with him." Does that make Dinger as mad as a shit house rat? Probably not but it makes good copy.

Bainimarama is a good man. He told Australia to go to hell when they tried to invade Fiji in 2006. He has told Australia to go to hell, period. In so doing he has not only defended Fiji's sovereignty and its integrity but he has done something that no other Prime Minister of Fiji has ever done. He also put arrogant New Zealand governments and their diplomatic place--firmly without bowing and scraping. If you really understand these initiatives many of his faults can be balanced out. He's learning on the job--that's invariably hard, tricky, tedious.

But there is just one thing that gives me pause: I will not mention it till after the elections are over.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1:18PM

What exactly was Frank's role in the 'brutal death of soldiers during the 2000 mutiny' that makes you so sure he should be prosecuted?

My understanding was that after the attempt on his life at QEB during the mutiny, Frank escaped in the Naval Base at Walu Bay where he remained throughout. Loyal soldiers attacked and retook QEB (where, incidentally, they found Rabuka hiding under a table in the officers mess complete with he freshly laundered uniform and the Commander's baton in his knapsack).

Following the retaking of QEB, loyal soldiers extended their patrols into Suva to find the rebels who were later located and ultimately met their grisly end. If you want to establish who was in charge of that round-up you have to ask who was the officer in charge of the retaking of QEB and the round-up of the rebels. That officer needs to be identified and investigated. That officer is well known. He even claims the retaking of QEB and the roundup of rebels as a feather in his cap.

Meantime, Frank was holed up at the Naval Base awaiting the all clear from loyalist soldiers. He emerged later after QEB had been retaken and after those CRW rebels had been sent to meet their Maker. So is it Frank that should prosecuted? Or should someone else who still remains out there?

Anonymous said...

Croz: You--and others--have harped on 'freedom' of the press in Fiji under Bainimarama. Your arguments, such as they are, are ahistorical: freedom of the press in "the west" or, for that matter, closer to home, in Australia and New Zealand, did not come about via the sausage machine approach: put some stuff in at one end of the sausage machine, crank the handle and lo and behold, you got freedom of the press. It took time
Fiji had a version of' freedom' of the press when the Fiji Times, under Barker and then Usher, poured venom into the blood stream of the fledgling nation. The Fiji Times was a forum for a (mostly white) business elite, the British colonial government and the Fijian chiefly establishment. The Fiji Times was a law unto itself--it published what it want to and kept opinions that contradicted its editorial policy pretty much at bay. Do you really want to tell me that Rupert Murdock and his mate, Frank Lowy's version of freedom of the press that one you would hold up as a model? Really now.
Do you really want to hold up Russel Hunter as an example of freedom of the press at work? Now come on, Croz, you're a big boy now and you no longer believe in Father Christmas.

Under a Bainimarama government (if there is one) there will continue to be restrictions, carefully calibrated. That will be smart--and, necessary.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the fact that you talked about the details about 2000 mutiny especially with Frank's movement. It is ironic that the two officers who now claim to champion democracy using it as a veil when their real objective is personal vendetta were the commanders on the ground at the time.

Anonymous said...

As for Larry Dinger pot calling kettle black. Just because someone decided not to listen to him, Larry starts calling Frank names. Do a bit more wide research on him in regards to wikileaks, sent telegrams etc and people will know what I am alluding to.

Anonymous said...

Larry Dinger is not a phychiatrist

Baleta said...

I have met Frank and in meetings he is much more intelligent and understand issues with much more depth then what is shown in the Public. I am also of the view that the coup needed to happen which is a view that is not shared with the majority of my gang.

I just wanted to comment that we can't afford to be wrong with our future and actions speak louder then words.

For the majority of people in Fiji they have less funds to purchase essential goods then they did in 2006 and rights of indigenous of the country have been eroded especially landowners. As an example I am a landowner and one of our leases of over 200 acres and after being leased for 99 is now being renewed without any consultation with my mataqali This flies against the NLTA law but follows the policy of looking after interests of tenants/government by Frank. So now my children will not be able to have any say on that piece of land until they are in their sixties. These are the sort of actions that will continue to be actioned while Frank /Khaiyum is in power. Other actions are the mess that destroying the proud tradition of the Fiji Military and finally the incident of Frank hitting the New Zealand women Journalist which shows what he thinks about press freedoms.

The problem I see with a lot of FijiFirst supporters is they trumpet the words and statistics that government produces without putting doing a reality check with the normal people on the ground

Sodelpa will be biased towards Indigenous Fijians and Methodist Church but at least through the effect of parliament the views will be watered down when having to work with other parties. This has always been the case and is benefits of group thinking instead of just a few. This also means less chance of really bad decisions happening for the Future of Fiji and people living in Fiji. The people of Fiji should decide what is best for them not a handful of people that think that they know best, based on their moral judgements.

In terms of our land, its already too late but am sure that the decision being faced in a few days will significantly affect the future of large number of people of Fiji and their future generations. But whatever happens am sure it was meant to be, even if its not what I want.

Anonymous said...

Dear Croz,

You ask " Was I being carried away by Government rhetoric? "

Let me try to help you once again; clearly the answer is a resounding yes.

So what happens now. A despot has been propped up and given credibility by your blind support.

How much sleep will you loose if the election result means Fiji is to continue to suffer under this lying bully?

As ever, for the usual reasons, I remain anonymous

Anonymous said...

Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara is reported to have been a bully at times. I personally know of several instances. Rabuka was a big time bully. Speight and even bigger time bully. So was Chaudhury a bully. Ramrakha was said to be a bully. Koya could be a bully at times. Semesa Sikivou was a bully. Ratu Sir George Cakobau could at times be a bully. So I do not think that calling Frank Bainimarama a bully is actually new, or novel, certainly not original. Hey there Mr. Anonymouse I discern in your tone that given a chance you'd make a pretty good bully.
Tabu na kakase, na vaka tubu ca.

Michael Field said...

An entirely honourable piece.

Anonymous said...

Crosbie - if Bainimarama is elected and you turn out to be wrong then life will go on.

Similarly if Bainimarama is elected and those of us who believe he is unfit for governance turn out to be wrong, life will go on. Nobody's going to be eating crow since I'll wager neither the 'pro' nor the 'anti' blogs have had much effect on the way people will vote. But it's been fun all the same.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Walsh if you turn out to be wrong we will forgive you. If there is one thing I have learnt since leaving Fiji its that no government is perfect. Even the most developed have made and will continue to make errors. We live with it, get on and hope to change things in the next elections (then its a repeat all over again). We are a resilient lot we are. As anon 7:26 said..its been fun debating on this forum. After this elections lets hope we can put our names to our opinions without fear of victimisation.

Patriot said...

Croz, I think the Fiji First party will win. However, SODELPA would also gain some seats - maybe 30%. Fact is FijiFirst will win majority! The oldies-FLP, NFP, etc are dead in the water. It is interesting to note that we seem to be caried away easily by the government. But lets not forget that the country is far better than what it was before 2006. Put simply the country has improved and things are alot better for the common person. There are bad things that have happened but overall the gov has performed well under the circumstances! My vote to the one that will deliver results. If there is economic growth, all the other issues solve themselves and the numbers do not lie. Vote will go to the person that has done the most so far. I have to because the future of the children depends on what I do on Wednesday. Cant wait to sink the elites and their privileged birthrights - now that will be something we common people now understand. It is no longer about me, it is for the good of the future generations!! If you are wrong (unlikely, since we have too much to lose!!) then we as a society are also doomed because guess what - we have been led to the slaughter house together with all the sweet promises. God has blessed this small beautiful nation and we look forward to a better future. God bless Fiji! To the battle team fiji - Wednesday is D-day for the old politiks!!

Anonymous said...

Ya, the officer who claims he retook QEB and rounded up the rebels and thus has some explaining to do with regard to their bashing of the captured rebels (and there could be a legal case for prosecuting him for the treatment and deaths of the CRW rebels), was granted residency in a nearby country that is a bastion of democracy and which, ironically, suspended defence contacts with Fiji because of the behaviour of the RFMF. Tsk....tsk.....

Anonymous said...

agree very honorable piece crosby.

your friend is wise as he would have predicted your current predicament way back.
he also has the future weighed and measured.

We heard last night a frantic PM trying his best to keep himself attached to the military re Immunity.
the SODELPA leader pointed out clearly that the soldiers were following orders and he would be going to jail.

Interesting times ahead. i think he will win but thats the easy part. when the going gets tough his temper will be his downfall.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Patriot, well put. God bless Fiji and all of us on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off Michael Field. Another fucking loser like Marc Edge.

Anonymous said...

An entirely dishonourable remark.

But then, given the vagaries of the English language, hoping that Michael Field and Marc Edge get fucked is actually wishing them the very best of pleasant luck. So, on reflection, kudos to you.

Coup Coup Land said...

RE: Update.

What is this about not being able to publish? You aren't a media org. This is a personal blog. A public diary.
Have they even taken away our freedom to put our personal opinions on our personal blogs?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

You sound like an indian that has just emerged from the swamp?

Anonymous said...

Un-be-liveable. You are so wrapped up in your self righteousness that, like your icon, you seem to think that you are above the law. The 48 hour blackout applies to you as well as everybody else and the facile nonsense that you're excused because you're merely clarifying an existing post is the same as Bainimarama saying that it's ok for him to speak about lying politicians today because he said the same thing yesterday and he's just trying to clarify it for everyone.

The only difference being that Bainimarama is, on this occasion at least, obeying his own laws. As for you - well, FICAC will have to decide.

Marc Edge said...

they would love to do exactly that . . . they think they can apply their decrees to people who live in countries with free speech, but I think they're wrong

Marc Edge said...

So posting a blog entry titled "What if I'm wrong?" isn't expressing doubts? C'mon, Croz. . . .

Now you post an update which is an outright party endorsement, in blatant contravention of the Fiji decree you claim applies to everyone in the world. . . .

I can just imagine the enragaged phone call you musta got from Shazzer. . . .

Anonymous said...

Crosbie, I am for free speech and utterly condemn the supervisor's megalomaniac interpretation that the decree includes any social or news media, published anywhere in the world, that can be accessed by people in Fiji. The public should all have the opportunity to rationally discuss, and advocate, right up to and during voting. And of course I include your decision to post your amended article in that.

However in an attempt to justify your own contempt for Fiji law, egregious as that law is, you plumb depths of hypocrisy that even your detractors would be surprised exist when you write "...The blogs Solivakasama, Fiji Today, Fiji Leaks, Fiji Democracy Noiw [sic], and Fiji Media Wars have published new material during the blackout and have broken the Electoral law..."

Fiji Media Wars last posting was dated 14 September so you're wrong, since the blackout took effect after 7.30am 15 September.

But between 1pm and 2pm on 15 Sept, you wrote "...I am saying vote FijiFirst and don't waste your vote by voting for any any [sic] of the minor parties. This could put the "old gang" back in power."

That is a new statement not a ‘republished’ one. It is, without doubt, advocacy and attempting to influence voters, therefore you may well be reported to FICAC this morning – although not by me, since I absolutely support your right to publish.

What saddens me the most is that you’ve taken an article that was written from your heart to the extent that Michael Field acclaimed it to be ‘an entirely honourable post’ and, with your ‘clarification’, you have destroyed it. No sensible reader (which is who you write for) would have confused your last minute doubts with anything other than jitters at the altar. But by making mealy mouthed accusations that other blogs are breaking the law, when at least one of them hasn’t and you clearly have, you have denigrated your erstwhile honourable post – and your credibility - beyond repair.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately they CAN apply their decrees to whoever they please. You could be tried in absentia and found guilty although practically speaking you would have to come to Fiji before they could apply whatever punishment they wanted to mete out. Do you recall General Secretary of the Oceania Football Confederation Tai Nicholas?

But since you probably don't want to come back to this benighted isle, fire away...!

Cin Cin said...

Well done you, Croz. Stupid laws everywhere deserve to be flouted.

You shouldn't be too concerned - the idiot who runs MIDA will no doubt issue a stern rebuke so incomprehensible that he could be talking about his favourite yum cha dish and the world will move on.

Though if you really didn't have any doubts then you should have chosen a different title for your article - I almost believed you.

Anonymous said...

You poor old bastard Croz. With friends like you the deranged dictator doesn't need enemies. No wonder the illegal junta is distancing itself from you. Do you actually have a life other than your obsessive wanking over this human rights abusing regime?

Anonymous said...

Well said Marc. The old junta dancing girl really is in a state of confused desperation?

Anonymous said...

Dear Croz,

Thanks for restoring the inevitable conclusion that you are after all a one eyed supported of the dictator.

For a little while there I had to consider the possibility I had misunderstood your motives; and that you had the integrity to admit you were wrong, even if it was at the last minute.

You have proven my first assessment to be correct. You lack intelligence, or integrity, or perhaps both.

Hopefully after tomorrow it won't be necessary to continue to sign as anonymous !!

Joe said...

There is only one clear choice, ie Fiji First. I have come to this conclusion after listening to the Frank vs Ro Teimumu debate. This woman is a racist in every sense of the word. She also indicated that she will reinstate the 1997 constitution which effectively means no immunity for RFMF, but immunity for Rambo is OK. She also tried to masi polo Tikoitoga. It wont work madam, and if you win, and remove the 2013 constitution, another coup is virtually guaranteed and you will find yourself hanging off a live wire.

Baleta said...

Good way of judging strengths of people arguments is how accurate they have been in the past, so I am putting my predictions for the election. So in the future when I argue something. I can come back to this post for proof of my claims.

FijiFirst 36%
(Labour 9% / NFP 9%) Wont be surprised if one gets less then 5% and other picks up the difference

Other parties wont get five percent so will be prorated in the main parties

So predicting 22 Seats for SODELPA, 19 Seats for Fiji First, 9 between Fiji Labour/NFP.

SODELPA and Labour/NFP in power while FijiFirst is opposition party until Frank can't handle it anymore and instigates another coup where his justification will be the perceived racist polices of SODELPA

Crosbie Walsh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cin Cin said...

Given that Frank and co. have set civil society in Fiji back by at least 10 years with their suppression of basic human rights, media freedom and overt tampering with some institutions I wonder if there is anything left for SODELPA to corrupt.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Crosbie Walsh said...

To all discussants. Thank you for your comments. Several of you have said I expressed doubt about the Bainimrama goverment and took this to mean I had changed my opinion. This is not correct. I am rarely, if ever, "certain" on any important issue, and often start from a position of doubt. I usually consider the likely motivations, causes and effects before making an assessment or judgment. Isn't this what every intelligent person does?
I wrote the UPDATE because the anti-Bainimarama blogs took what I consider to be an honest and upfront statement and ignored its main message which was vote FijiFirst. The only real alternative, SODELPA, will set Fiji back a decade.

Crosbie Walsh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

You sound like a brave Fijian soldier who threw his hands up in surrender?

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Croz why are you repeating yourself ?

Joe said...

Croz, if Fiji First loses, I will blame ASK. I will tell you why, after the election, regardless of the result. I am sure he knows that he blew away a golden opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Possible answers:
1 It's a computer generated glitch
2 Crosbie is posting
3 Someone else is posting on Crosbie's behalf and with his permission

If 1 then
1a Crosbie isn't reading his comments section and is unaware of the duplication
1b He is aware of the duplication but couldn't be bothered to delete them
If 2 then
2a Crosbie believes that duplication will drive home the message
2b Crosbie has suffered a slight mental breakdown
If 3 then
3a Crosbie is allowing Minfo/ Qorvis to write editorial comment
3b Some other 3rd party is interested enough to spend their time on this.

I can't make up my mind between 1b and 2b

Anonymous said...

Tick Tick Tick, you make it sound as you're the one who's going to enjoy it.

But as far as Marc enjoying it goes, I imagine you're of a size that will have him asking 'is it in yet'?

Marc Edge said...

note that while Croz has deleted several of my comments, he has left this one up

Anonymous said...

Well, 'discussant', as Crosbie writes - 'thank you for your comment' but he doesn't write that he'll accept it. He acknowledges that he is rarely, if ever, certain on any important issue so I think you can take from that, that he feels uncertain about what constitutes threatening behaviour on his blog. However he writes that at least he has considered 'likely motivations before making an assessment'. In which case, his decision evidently having been made, all I can say is God save us from the intelligence he displays in this instance.

In all seriousness it's sad to see how he's slowly cast off the mantle of impartial academic, albeit with an empathetic view of what he thought Bainimarama's coup aims were, and end up as an unabashed flogger of the party line ('the lying bloggers', 'Sodelpa will set this country back 10 years' etc).

Watching him shed his inhibitions over the years about being seen as an outright coup supporter been like watching the dance of the seven veils, but with a far less aesthetically pleasing end result. Aside from the dire mental imagery that conjures up, he now inflicts inappropriate CAPITALS on his audience in an attempt to show how his UPDATE wasn't breaking the LAW.

Crosbie, you lived here long enough - what a pity you didn't take out Fiji citizenship and actually put a vote where your mouth is? Your fellow traveller, the itinerant Mr Davis, at least did that which gives him every right to sound off.

Anonymous said...

if we have another coup whats the fuss -we had an elected Govt in Labour & DR Bavadra was the leader. We have since then had coups for various reasons Franks just came along a another convenient time! If we have another one our people are now getting use to it-Free education, free bus, free books, free free. Fijians are tough and can cope with all that comes their way.

Crosbie Walsh said...

Sorry for the repeats and sorry to have deleted the first of Marc Edge's comments. The reason is that Blogger told me my comment had been posted but I couldn't see it so I tried again, and again. I thought perhaps there were too many comments. That's when I deleted 2-3 comments, including Marc's, that saiod little different from other postings. Then I discovered that while the number of comments a page is limited, the number of comments that can be made is limitless. You just need to scroll right down to the bottom of the page and click 'More postings' os something similar. I have now removed my repeats. Sorry to disappoint the usual speculators on causes., You all got it wrong.

Marc Edge said...

I might like to come back some day . . . maybe when sanity returns.

Anonymous said...

@Marc Edge-Get a life you self-righteous moron. You are not welcome.

Baleta said...

Totally misread the Fiji Indian vote and results shown that Frank must have got at least 40% of the Methodist Indigenous votes.

Still doesn't make sense to me so results proves that I do have myopic views in terms of the Fiji electorate.

Whatever happens I hope Fiji moves forward together and that Frank helps landowners instead of focusing on tenants. I think I will go back to my cave now.

Black Cat said...

Sorry to disappoint you Marc, we the people of Fiji will never let breeds of your type to enter and destroy our environment. Stay where you are you racist.

Dea R said...

So FFP wining would mean their critics have been wrong for the last 8 years. That's settles it then.

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