Friday, 12 September 2014

Fijian Prime Minister delivers statement on the release of 45 peacekeepers


  1. Thank you Croz for your fair and balanced reporting. You are doing an excellent job.

  2. Makes one proud to be a Fijian when we can come together at a time of crisis. Kudos to our very brave an very professional soldiers for being faithful to their ethos. A good feeling all around and the PM articulated this beautifully. God bless Fiji.

  3. Croz, Do you think that Ro Teimumu would have been capable of handling this crisis like Bainimarama. I'd say no. She is not a leader to the caliber of Bainimarama,. I think that this crisis would show Fijians how capable he is as a leader , if not already. If a poll was done after the release and that speech Bainimarama would have gained more undecided voters.

  4. To proud Fijian, it seem that you missed the irony of it all. First, before you even comment or open your your big mouth, try and get your facts right. What occurred with the soldiers in the Golan has never happened to any Fijian soldiers participating in any military campaign whether it be peacekeeping or active, anywhere in the world....that is history, that is why one of the reasons, reputation of the RFMF was known all over the world.What occurred in the Golan Heights brings about few important point that I wish to share with you.
    Firstly, the training that they underwent before coming to the Golan was not ideal which was not really suitable to the activities on the ground,which only shows senior Military officers were sleeping on their job or incapable of effective intel gatherings. One thing they should be aware of in the first place was that the Lebanon peacekeeping campaign totally differ from Golan purely on the strength of the enemies and superiority in weaponry. We all know via the internet and the news , that Muslims associated with extremist were leaving their host countries in numbers to take part in the Golan Height campaign. These are hardcore extremists who outnumbers the Fijian soldiers 100-1 in regards to their efficiency in the use of advanced weaponry, superior tactics in military manoeuvrings including CQB, etc,etc,etc....if they had done they homework well and were capable in carrying out simple Intel gathering nothing like this would have happened in the first place.

    Secondly,If they were properly train they would have stood their ground like the Philipino heroes who showed their bravery by standing up to the extremists....what happened that day only brings disrespect and tarnished the reputation of Fijian man who shed blood and tears for Fiji during the 2nd World War.....and tarnished the reputation of RFMF as a whole.

    Anybody could have carry out that simple negotiations on the release of the Fijian soldiers but was only made possible when the captors knew after the negotiations that Fiji is being run by Muslims....

    Lastly, It would really interesting to find out the results of the poll if it is rigged-free!!

    I take it, Proud Fijian that you must be Indian.......?


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