Thursday, 25 September 2014

4. What Role Now for the NGOs?

Some would see it as keeping the Bainimarama regime honest; others as negative obstructionism, but the truth, as it so often is, was somewhere in between.  Now, with the elections over and a new parliament ready to sit, NGOs should be encouraged to re-examine their respective roles in making Fiji a better place in which to live.

I thought Shamima Ali and the NGO Coalition for Human Rights got off to a good start in this statement; the Rev. Akuila Yabaki and the Citizens Constitutional Forum also made a brief but promising statement; and long-time regime opponent Virisila Baudromo welcomed the increased representation of women.  

The only negative came from the Methodist Church just  before the election. Their leaders really do have to re-examine where they now stand. It would seem that about 45% of Taukei did not take their advice in how to vote,

With these examples in mind, but not restricted by them, readers are invited to comment on the question: What Role Now for the NGOs?  Please don't forget to use your real name or pseudonym in commenting.


  1. It seems that the Methodist Church has issued a clarifying statement. including the statement;

    "With the elections fast approaching we wanted to ensure that our members were aware of the conference resolutions and reflect on them before making their own mind up as to who to vote for. As you will see while there are references to past and present governments work and policies, there is no mention of any political party"

    Bainivanua then claims that there has been some miscommunication.

    While the leadership of the Meth Church (incl Bainivanua) has shifted away from the ethno-nationalists, such people are still in the church, and will sometimes get their voices heard. Whether this is what has happened here, or whether it's just a mistake, is hard to say. There have been nationalist and liberal wings in the Methodist church since independence; the latter are in power now, but the nationalists were in power (mostly) from 1989- 2012, and they haven't vanished.

  2. Its the lone voice that can be dangerous-especially when its giving out false promises & mixing half truths with lies.


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