Thursday, 25 September 2014

2. What is the New Role for the Oppositon: SODELPA

In an earlier article I wrote of the need for a Fiji Opposition that suited Fiji's needs, one that kept Government on its toes while supporting but supports it on some issues, and trying hard not to be unnecessarily divisive. This comment from Ro Teimumu suggests much division.

  • What should be SODELPA's priorities in Parliament and how might they achieve them? 
  • How might they best assist government in nation-building? 
  • Think of what they should do and not do, and use the words "DO" and "NOT DO" to list your opinions. 
  • Please use your real name or a pseudonym in writing your comment.


  1. The very first and most appropriate thing for the opposition(Sodelpa and NFP) to do would be to stop lying to people and ask for forgiveness for all the lies that they have been spinning in the election campaign. This is the only way to regain some credibility back and work towards 2018. They have to realize that future elections in Fiji will be fought on real issues, not scare tactics as 2018 will see more young and educated voters who wont be fooled anymore even if you told them some fictitious story about the Momi land deal.

  2. Marama should learn fast what % of votes she will need to amend the 2013 Constitution, Secondly she should very fast understand that it's the government which makes the law not Opposition. The faster she learns this, better for her and her followers

  3. DOs:

    Do promote uniting all races in Fiji.
    Do promote inclusive policies.
    Do mention to the public alternative ways if SODELPA disagrees with FijiFirst.
    Do provide reliable statistics when presenting or arguing your case.
    Do identify risks and challenges that can be present in Govt.'s new and existing initiatives.
    Do identify recommendations that can improve Govt.'s new initiatives
    Do emphasize on the importance of accountability, transparency and good internal controls in Govt
    Do make use of agencies' reports and assistance that promotes accountability, transparency and good internal controls
    Do try to be seen and heard as a party for all races and not just the iTaukei.
    Do visit all Districts whenever the opportunity arises and reach out to people of all races


    Don't be seen to be dividing us the various races of Fiji

    1. Vitivou. Brilliant! I think you've summed it up. Please comment on the other posting, No 1,,what Government needs to do and not do if Fiji if to really move forward. Use your DOs and DON'Ts format.

    2. Don't
      Rely on C 4.5 for your opposition strategies. You will get very very embarrassed when you are asked for proof. Example? The PM's million dollar salary!

  4. Sodelpa should more to center left then far left if they want to move forward and be an effective opposition. Only thing they differ from Fiji First is to do with Land use and protection and their hatred of Bainimarama.

    They should first stop focusing on Bainimarama and focus on improving Fijian lives through the economy. THey wasted their whole campaign by trying to demonise Bainimarama. I suspect that they will try to continue doing this in Parliament. If they do then Fiji First will continue governing this country.

  5. Parties with far left and far right views will always be the minority. As the population of Fiji changes and more younger people are able to vote - most will always be moderate in their views. Fiji can only have two major moderate parties. If Sodelpa is not careful NFP and Fiji First will become the major parties.

    Sodelpa will become like the Maori Party in NZ. Just barely reaching the 5% threshold.

  6. SODELPA should change its leadership. Choose a commoner who is easily accessible and well liked by everybody. They should take their cue from Bai who adopts a more easy going type and mingle around with the common people. The current SODELPA leader doesn't even smile and adopts a frightening look.


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