Thursday, 21 August 2014

What do Party Policies Say on the Judiciary,the Internet and Health

Parties For Independent Judiciary

Registered political parties believe in an independent judicial system.
The Social Democratic Liberal Party, Fiji Labour Party, National Federation Party, One Fiji Party and the Fiji United Freedom Party have all expressed and highlighted this in their party manifestos.
Here are what the parties have to say about an independent judiciary.

One Fiji
Party Leader Filimoni Vosarogo while launching their manifesto last Friday in Suva said the party understood that the importance of the independence of the judiciary from any form of interference.

SODELPA said they would ensure the independence of the judiciary and widen the sources of overseas recruitments to the judiciary.

A Labour government would set up an independent judicial Commission of Inquiry appointed by the President to investigate allegations of interference and manipulation of the judiciary.
A Labour government, they highlighted, would enhance the independence of the Courts, Justices of appellate courts, other than the Chief Justice and the President of the Fiji Court of Appeal would be recruited from other compatible jurisdictions.
The party has also highlighted in their manifesto that they believed the Legal Services Commission was to be independent and autonomous institution, free from any external influence. And to preserve the independence of the courts, they said the Commission chair must not be a judge of the High Court.
They would also create special courts for traffic offences and petty crime to free up the court system.

The National Federation Party in their manifesto said they would ensure adequate support to the judiciary which they said was so fundamental to upholding the Rule of Law and instilling confidence to the general public in the judiciary.

The Fiji United Freedom Party leader Nayagodamu Korovou said the party believed in an independent judiciary.
This, he said was the only way that could enable foreigners to invest in Fiji.
“When there is an independent judiciary, it will create confidence for investors to come in because if the judiciary is not independent then the investors will be reluctant,” Mr Korovou said.
The party in their manifesto highlighted that it would be implementing a judiciary in each of the 14 provinces in Fiji to make it easier and accessible for the locals to access their services.

FijiFirst leader and Prime Minister Rear Admiral (Retired) Voreqe Bainimarama while addressing the 2014 budget said the legal services was critical in making sure that we are truly equal under the law.
Mr Bainimarama said justice could only be done when everyone was equal before the law with equal access to the law.
“Unequal justice leads to disillusionment, and people who feel they are shut out of the justice system will lose faith in government,” Mr Bainimarama said.

The Fiji Sun publishes regularly on the policies of the political parties contesting the elections. It is the only newspaper to do so.   Here are links to  comparative policies on two other issues: the internet and health.



  1. Commissioner 'yes man' needs to get his act together and in a big hurry. We have yet again had another brutal beating and death in custody by the militarised Fiji police who have lost all professionalism and integrity since the illegal regime took over the legitimately elected government. It is becoming clearer by the day why this South African yes man was appointed. He must take direct responsibility for stopping the investigation into the last atrocity and for this latest horrendous human rights abuse. Enough is enough. We do not need these cowardly junta 'yes men' in Fiji.

    1. Please provide details of this alleged beatings and death, and the reasons given by the ComPol

    2. Croz
      If you want to know the reasons given by the illegal regime appointed police commissioner (a white South African) why a Fijian in custody was beaten to death by police officers he is responsible for best you ask him yourself. And while you are at it you might like to ask him why dozens on unarmed miners were shot dead in SA recently by the police force he was formerly a member of?

    3. Why should Croz find out the reasons as the first contributor to the thread was the one that confidently stated about the alleged beating without any factual evidence to substantiate such a statement (unless he witnessed the "so called" beating himself or herself). Or is this the well-oiled "coconut wireless' at work again?

  2. I am glad we have a firm handed Polcom now with vast experience how to deal with opposition misfits. Fiji can learn a lot from South Africa: Remember the decisive move of the RSA police when rabid mine workers tried to disrupt an essential industry in Matiakana. The police moved in quickly, shot 35 of the misfits and law and order was restored. No self respecting democracy can afford thugs going on a rampage. Look at the first democracy in the World, the USA. If you break the law, the law will break you swiftly. And they do not necessarily waste time with prosecution and courts, justice is dished out in the streets by courageous policeman who are not afraid to use their guns. This is what we need in Fiji.

  3. Yes, it is becoming increasingly apparent why this commissioner 'yes man' was appointed by the illegal human rights abusing regime?


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