Tuesday, 19 August 2014

SODELPA Policies Prepare the Ground for Racial, Religious and Political Intolerance

The fire at Cunningham 3
APPEALS TO RACISM, RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE AND VIOLENCE. The Fiji Police say they are aware of the racial and religious vilification, the calls for violence and the call for the FijiSun to be "burnt to ashes", published on some Facebook pages by people who support SODELPA. Ro Teimumu said these are not official SODELPA statements and called for more tolerance.

But, intentionally or not, SODELPA's  policies on  race and religion prepare the ground for these expressions of intolerance and the probable arson noted in the next item. Similar sentiments led to the 1987 and 2000 coups.  Ro Teimumu needs to do more than call for tolerance.  To improve SODELPA's tarnished image. she needs to strongly condemn the intolerance, set an example with her own statements,  and lead the call to bring the perpetrators to justice.

POLITICAL ARSON? Residents  of Cunningham Stage 3 in Suva were rudely awoken yesterday to find a church hall earmarked as a polling station in flames. The fire destroyed the wooden Vunidakua Methodist Church hall, which was to cater for 500 people during the September election.

RAZOR POLL: "Are some parties using race and religion to win votes?" 
     Yes 53%   No 45%  Unsure 2%
I must admit to be surprised at the low 'yes' vote. Could Fijian voters be so used to race and religion being used in this way that they do not all the instances when it occurs? 

DIRTY POLITICS IN INDONESIA:  SIMILARITIES TO FIJI? Joko Widodo, better known as Jokowi, was recently elected as Indonesia's president, despite the dirty politics of his main opponent.

This is what Peter Drysdale, the editor of the East West Forum had to say:

"Jokowi's opponent, the tough talking Prabowo Subianto, former son-in-law of ousted president Suharto, was advised by American consultants, previously mentors to Republican candidates on how to drown out opponents in smear campaigns.

Prabowo's electoral machine spread false rumours that Jokowi was a Singaporean Chinese and a Christian. Jokowi was pushed onto the defensive by the bite of these attacks among Indonesia's devout Muslim community. But, though the contest tightened in the run to the wire, Jokowi emerged the clear winner."

PARTY POLICIES ON THE USE OF INTERNET. See www.fijijsun.com.fj/?p=224183


  1. The only organised violence we have seen in Fiji in the last 8 years has been from the illegal regime and its cowardly dictator. The corrupted judiciary is a disgrace. All those associated with this regime are tainted, and as elsewhere in the world where such groups attack democracy, they will eventually be brought to justice.

    1. Pleeeease! Yes, there has been some cases of human rights been violated in the last 8 years especially during the early part of the coup but to categorically state that they were organised is false. Uniformed personnel partaking in such unacceptable behaviour did not receive direct "orders" from the top despite what some people like yourselves argue. Whilst I do not condone any act of violence, it is equally important that the TRUTH be told. One of the biggest downfall of our Fijian culture especially "I'Taukei" is we pass on any information we hear from "Tom,Dick and harry" without any factual verification and being an "I'Taukei" myself I reckon we are right up there when it comes to "not letting the truth get in the way of a good story". You want to see organised violence look at Fergusson in the U.S, Gaza Strip. West African countries etc. What happened in Fiji (although still not acceptable) is a "walk in the park" compared to other countries.

  2. It is time now to prevent SODELPA from participating in the elections. There is certainly sufficient evidence that their only objective is to incite racism, violence and disaffection with our leaders. It would be a disaster if they won only a single seat in parliament. FLP has already lost their bid as the party allowed a convicted criminal to self-appoint himself as their leader. The electoral decree has clear provisions to eliminate them on these grounds. I hope that our AG and election minister now throws SODELPA out in order to ensure that our PMs wish to win all seats is fulfilled. This is the only way to establish true democracy in Fiji.

    1. Whilst I agree with half of your arugment about "establishing true democracy" in Fiji, your suggestion of throwing out SODELPA is ridiculous just so that PM's wish of winning all 50 seats could be realised (and I am not a fan of SODELPA manifesto through their vision or the lack of it).

  3. FijiFirst will win with or without SODELPA and their racist remarks.

    Majority of the nation backs FijiFirst.

    FijiFirst values humility and respect and only wishes to discuss issues and not in wastetime mudslinging of the 'anti-FF' parties.

  4. With exactly a month to go to polling day, get ready for the pressure from the opposition to intensify. This is their last chance, their last roll of the dice. If they fail, they are destined for at least four more years of frustration. But if they succeed, there will almost certainly be another military intervention. A very poor outlook for Fiji either way. So fingers crossed for a decisive Fiji First victory in which Bainimarama's opponents are marginalised at the ballot box rather than at the point of the gun. That is the best way forward right now because Ro Teimumu isn't only a racial and religious bigot. She is also incredibly stupid, as was obvious to the whole nation on her radio appearance last night. "For hundreds of years, we Fijians have lived peacefully with Indo-Fijians". Breathtaking ignorance.

  5. Organised crime was first committed in 1987 . Period . Frank and his team have cleaned up and have had enjoyed widespread support and success . You see , Frank and his team , are like the great nation of " The United States of America " not everyone loves that nation , but sure as Hell know that we'd rather live in a world " with them playing global big brother "
    So , in summary , let's just cut to the chase and give Frank and the boys a " Nike swoosh ", aka , a vote .


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