What Advice Would You Give to Your Daughters?

Women's Minister Dr Jiko Luveni has been attacked and called upon to resign for urging young women to "dress modestly and help men in the national campaign to cut down sex crimes. If a girl is going out to drink with guys in an isolated area wearing shorts or clothes showing off her body, she is inviting trouble," she said.

I would have thought this is the sort of wise advice that one of the critics, SODELPA figure Dr Mere Samisoni would have given to her own daughters Selina and Vanessa when they were younger. It's certainly the advice of caring parents worldwide.

But no, according to Samisoni, Fiji Women’s Rights Movement director and anti-government activist Virisila Buadromo, and a growing number of anti-government party leaders (who as far as I know never previously made any public comment disparaging rape in Fiji) the advice was shifting the blame to the victim.  Reasonable opinions would be divided whether this was implied by Dr Jiko. Everything would depend on the context.

Curiously, the Minister's remark is very close to those of many ethnic Fijian village leaders who have asked Government to allow them to make local village laws, among other things to prohibit young women  dressing immodestly.  If, as Mere says, Dr Jiko's remark is  "from the dark ages [and] has no place in today's society " is she also implying village leaders should apologize and resign for thinking in the Dark Ages?

Dr Jiko's remark taken out of the context of a national campaign against rape could be taken to shift the blame but that was not all she said and, if there's any doubt on this, her rebuttal, published in the Fiji Sun, sets the record right.

Victims of rape are not and should not be pawns in the aspirations of political parties -- Dr Jiko Luveni

Dr Jiko said she has never, nor has the Bainimarama Government ever said that victims of rape are to be blamed.

“Rape is a despicable act and we must all condemn it [but] unfortunately and regrettably, this fundamental belief of mine was distorted in yesterday’s media coverage.More unfortunate though, is the manner in which some political parties are trying to turn my comments into a political issue to win points. Rape and victims of rape are not and should not be pawns in the aspirations of political parties and some NGOs."

“Mitigating the possibility of rape requires societal change. It requires a change in attitude, in particular by men towards women, as it is mainly women who are the victims of rape and domestic violence. It requires a change in the manner in which we view and condemn rape; it requires a change in the manner in which we support rape victims; and it requires a change in the laws and the implementation of laws. The Bainimarama Government has significantly changed the legal framework with a view to deterring rape and domestic violence and delivering justice."

  • “We have removed the corroboration rule which had plagued our legal system and justice system. No longer do we require an additional burden of proof in rape cases.
  • “We have introduced the Domestic Violence Decree, something which no previous Government  or Parliament was willing or able to do.
  • “We have introduced new laws that compel professionals, like doctors, to report any suspicion of violence.
  • “We have created national awareness and inculcated a national level of sensitization to violence against women and children through a grass roots approach in setting up violence free zones.
“The Bainimarama Government’s policies speak for themselves and so does my implementation of them.

“The issues of rape, domestic violence, and the protection and empowerment of our women and children are too important to be politicised. We must all work together to curb violence and empower our people.”


Mrs Croz said...

My advice is to tell your daughters to be careful who they marry.....

Anonymous said...

She is not speaking in her capacity as a parent. She is speaking in her capacity as a politician. This was not said to her daughters, it was a press release.

It is inconsistent with the positive reforms that the IG have implemented. It was political tomfoolery that in any democratic nation would have caused a resignation.

I suppose your daughters wear full length wetsuits when they swim. What planet have you been living on?

Quite simply, they are inappropriate comments in the political forum.

Tourists be warned. The good doctor has inferred that Fijian men cannot look at a scantily clad female without having rapist desire. "She was asking for it" is not a defence.

The comment was unjustifiable. Not according to Mr Croz.

Lesley said...

Yes. My husband's father told his son and daughter that they will marry into the company they keep.

Lesley said...

I totally agree with the Minister Dr Jiko Luveni . We advised our daughter to always be modest in her dress. The feminists do not like to be told what to do and refuse to acknowledge that dressing scantily can be sexually provocative. The question I ask is what motivates a young girl/woman to dress scantily? She knows that she will be looked at - especially by males.

Lesley said...

I have stayed at the resorts in Fiji and quite frankly quite a few of the female tourists dress scantily and provocatively and so gain the attention of not only Fijian men but all men. Boils down to what personal standards you have.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I wish I could live in your simple shallow world.

It is a basic right that men and women can wear what they like. It is called freedom.

I suppose when Polynesian and Melanesian women used to wear no upper covering they had no personal standards, according to you. Pop another tranquilizer Lesley. Anyone who attempts to justify the Doctor's backward views is backward. This is the 21st century, not Victorian England or a Sharia state.

Lesley the Luddite said...

I'm with the luddites Dr Jerkoff Looveeni and Md Croz on this one. All women should wear hijabs and be under sharia law in the new repressed state of Fiji. Like fellow luddite Lockington says - "take them to the station and give them a beating".

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning posted this on c4.5

I wonder if Lesley can relate!

May 20, 2014 at 11:13 AM

Blogger mark manning said...
Is it just me or has anyone else ever noticed that it's only ugly fat old menopausal woman who complain about other women exposing their flesh?

May 20, 2014 at 11:20 AM

Storm in a teacup said...

Fijian society is still traditional. Fiji is not Australia. Or new Zealand, even though both countries have large number of traditionalists. Dr Luveni's claims have been blown out of proportion by dopey journalists, sly political opportunists, silly, thin-skinned and shrill feminists, and an imbecile escaped lunatic who lurks on this site.

Dr Luvenui simply presented a view which many people, rightly or wrongly agree or disagree with. You can take it or leave it. She has not passed a law. She has not murdered anyone. No need for exaggerated outrage. No need to get knickers in a twist (but that's the nature of political point scoring). People are still free to dress as they like.

Anonymous said...

Does this farkwit Luvenui actually have a pulse? Is this the best that khaiyum's little puppy Bhaini can do?

Anonymous said...

God Croz advising on sex. And women. Heard everything now from the old freeloading NZ tax super collector

Anonymous said...

Did the deviant from horowhenua declare the free trip to Fiji paid for by the illegal human rights abusing regime for he and his bludging missus to the NZ taxation department?

Shock therapy said...

Does this slurring nutcase (Anon 6.22) ever take his pills on time? Time to lock him up in the mad house and throw away the keys. Some shocks up the rear might be the therapy he needs!