Mid -Week Update

LOGIC IS NOT POLITICAL. Forget whether you think Bainimarama is a saint or sinner. Just look at the logic of the latest UFDF release (No.27. May 20). The UFDF argues that since Fiji First collected 40,085 signatures in registering the party, and since a recent Sun-Razor poll showed Bainimarama scored 83% as preferred prime minister, Fiji First should have collected 147,774 signatures of support.


There is no logical connection between registration numbers and the poll.  They do, however, have a point in the remainder of their release: the UFDF parties had a shorter time to collect signatures and their collective 30,267 signatures were " gathered by small bands of loyal supporters moving around the country, with no publicity or media hype or huge deployment of resource."

Unfortunately, their other claim, that Fiji First had 14 months to collect signatures is not true. And, for the record,  the poll for the 12th week showed Bainimarama's support at 77%. It had changed from 83% the week before, the change attributable to the margin of error typical of all samples. Whoever was responsible for the UFDF release needs to enrol for Logic 101 and Stats 101. Or, stay away from figures they do not understand.

COURTEOUS SOLEPA is continuing its courtesy visits to the provinces to seek traditional approval from local Taukei chiefs to begin its political campaigns. This week and next it will be in Bua, Tavualevu, Ba, and the Yasawas.

MIDA Director Matai Akoula is still waiting for freelance journalists to apply for registration. See  http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/20027/freelance-journalists-still-to-register#sthash.9TfIK4aP.dpuf link for more details.

ELECTION OFFICE UPDATE. Awareness teams from the Elections Office will be out in force from next month.  Elections Supervisor Mohammed Saneem says voter education will be on when, where and how to vote, and the need for all Fijians to vote. Some 14,000 people will work on polling day. The Office will also hold open days around the country starting this week where interested applicants could lodge their applications, with an emphasis on non-civil servants to make the election less government oriented. Those applying will have to pass tests to succeed, and applicants are expected to be unaffiliated with any political party.

FLP SUCCESSION. Mahendra Chaudhry's lawyers says they will take try to get the High Court's guilty decision reverse in the Appeals Court. Meanwhile, party leadership is now the talk among the FLP fraternity according to the Fiji Sun's Dickie Bird

HE SAYS HIS PEOPLE FREE TO VOTE AS THEY WISH but Ra province chief Tui Navitilevu Ratu Meli Bolobolo  says he supports FijiFirst Party because he likes what government is doing in terms of development, especially free education. His comments followed the visit of the SODELPA team led by leader Ro Teimumu Kepa and George Shiu Raj.

BUA PROVINCIAL COUNCIL's meeting this week in Nabouwalu  discussed development issues such as bauxite mining, the pine chips and the Dreketi/Nabouwalu Highway projects that hve increased paid employment in the province. Other issues include health, education, agriculture, water and electrification.

EXTRA DAY'S HOLIDAY NEXT YEAR. Cabinet has added a National Sports Day to the nine existing holiday next yea, with the date still to be confirmed.

SOMETHING FOR NOTHING? Mickey Tropp on the FEF blog writes, people usually say, "This govt is creating free education and new roads but our children will pay the debt". That's true but who do you think Govt is giving education and roads to? The dogs and cats? It's called investment, you idiots."

REDEFING WORD MEANINGS. The Australian Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement has held a number of not very well attended public events in Sydney over the past few years denouncing the Bainimarama administration and is now rallying behind the United Front for a
Democratic Fiji. Its President Usaia Waqatairewa insists the movement is apolitical!

THE LATEST FOCUS AND NODA-VITI are now available on line:


Anonymous said...

Have you considered enrolling in Integrity 101? Perhaps you missus could join you? Why should the poor of Fiji pay for free junta holidays to Fiji for you bludgers?

Anonymous said...

UFDF owes Fiji an apology for their ridiculous analysis

Anonymous said...

have you considered checking into an asylum? you suffer from OCD. harping on same issue all the time. Just FO.

Crosbie Walsh said...

Please address the issues raised in the article and stop regurgitating this ridiculous accusation that I answered many months ago. For those who missed it, the Fiji government paid my airfares and part of my accommodation costs when I last visited Fiji.They paid nothing towards my wife's airfares or accommodation. I informed readers part of my expenses were paid for. This is not unusual for official visitors or indeed for journalists reporting on overseas locations..The Bainimarama government and the Ministry of Information that made the arrangements put no restrictions on who I could interview.and they provided transport so I could meet more people.

In addition to interviewing the PM,, the A-G, the Ministers of Health. Women and Lands, Lt Dol Mosese Tikoitoga, , I also interviewed and reported on interviews with the editors and publishers of the Fiji Sun and the Fiji Times, committee members of the NGO Pacific Dialogue and the Rev Akuila Yabaki and some CCF people, Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi, Prof Yash Ghai and some members of his committee, the Chief Justice and other judicial people, Fr David Arms, Fr Barr and the People's Network, three trade union leaders and a number of former colleagues, including Prof Biman Prasad, at the two universities in Suva,
The concerns of Rt Joni, Prof Yash Ghai,the trade unionists, the newspaper people and others were reported on this blog when I returned from Fiji. ,

Please note that this is the last statement I will make on my visit. Future accusations such as those by the cowardly Anonymous, (who has not even got the nouse or decency to use his own name or a pseudonym), will be deleted. .

USP Student said...

Croz, I am a 26 year old university student who has never had the privilege of voting. You take your democratic freedom for granted. My family and many others have suffered under this illegal regime. You have no idea how this regime have affected me and my extended family.

You come to Fiji and see what you want to see. Next time, I will show you around and you can hear from my family and friends.

We need outside help. You continue to support this regime no matter what they come out with.

26 years old and never voted. I have no confidence in the elections process. Fiji is a bitter and divided place now more than ever. There was no necessity. The coup was unlawful. The Court of Appeal had no vested interest. Gates certainly did.

I hope you never lose your freedom in a wonderful democracy such as NZ. Imagine if tomorrow you woke up to a totalitarian state with media suppression. Where the courts are run by an outsider who could not accept the decision of a higher court.

UFDF make no sense. FF do not deserve a mandate. Where is our hope? It certainly does not sit with the AG.
I am enjoying a short stay in Sydney, paid for by my generous relatives here. They are also paying for my Uni and providing food money for my family. I am one of the lucky ones. You are lucky too, Croz, but you take too much for granted. I wish you could stand in my shoes for 1 day.

USP Student said...


The reason I am blog computer in Sydney is because I would not dare do it at home. That's life in Fiji.

Crosbié Clean Shoes said...

Ballot paper design won't matter: Shoe shiner
May 21, 2014 02:26:42 PM
A 25-year-old man who shines shoes to put food on the table for his family says he is not concerned about the design of the ballot paper that will be used for the September 17 election.

There have been a lot of criticisms directed at the Fijian Elections Office and the government recently on the design of the ballot paper with some factions saying it will confuse voters because it only has numbers and not party symbols that will allow voters to identify with and choose accordingly.

However, according to Sevesei Baikeirewa who has registered for the 2014 Election, the design is not important saying that what matters is that the government that will come into power attends to people's needs.

“I really do not know of the changes, I thought it was similar to the past ballot papers where we mark the party symbols," he said.

“I think this one will be much easier but I think what matters most to us is a government that will come in and see to our needs."

He said life has become hard in recent years.

Like other shoe shiners along the streets of Suva, taking up work as a shoe shine boy was forced on them because they could not finish their high school education or pursue higher education due to financial constraints.

"So shining shoes has become our form of employment because we are unable to find work. It helps us put food on the table for the family, so like every other worker, we need some support as well. We hope the government that will come into power will acknowledge our work as a form of employment and source of livelihood for our families.

"For us, our concern has been not having a proper shelter to work from especially on rainy days. Most of us are forced to stay home when it rains because we do not have proper shelter and that means going without some things at home those days.

"We can't find work elsewhere because we don't have the qualification. This work we do, shining shoes is our source of income."

By Vuniwaqa Bola-Bari

Another one who has never voted. He says Life has become harder in recent years (Bai in power since this man was a teenager).

C'mon Croz. Attack this man. Call him a liar. How can life be harder under this benevolent dictatorship that you continue to justify unashamedly.

You have no shame Walsh. Ask him what he means when you are on your next trip.

Anonymous said...

Hi Croz
I was impressed by your advise to the government in your blog a couple of days ago. Would you be so kind and report if any of the issues you have raised have been attended to by the government and Fiji First.
Thank you