Letter from a Fijian Expat

A delayed reply!
I was in Fiji early April for a week Croz
The nation seems to be all go
I drove the Kings Rd, beautifully sealed almost all the way
And back the Queens Rd, in great nick too
But the biggest surprise was Victoria Parade – as smooth as a baby’s bum!
For as long as I can remember it has been very ordinary indeed, and in later years as rough as!
The GPH is looking stunning
And a colleague played golf at the Intercontinental at Natadola, says it is tops
Whilst in Suva I registered to vote, they will send me ballot papers though I am toying with being there for the elections J

You would know the national speed limit is 80km and you are not to talk on your mobile whilst driving. I was on the Kings Rd, on a wide open stretch, and succumbed to the temptation to go a tad faster. Next moment my phone rang, it was a call from Australia and I answered it on loud speaker. The road noise was too high so I put the phone to my ear

Next moment I saw flashing lights in the rear vision mirror and a vehicle coming my way
I told my caller I was cutting him off and pulling over which I did
And the police vehicle shot straight past me, there must have been an urgent case somewhere ahead
I watched my speed thereon!
I’m not in your class for contributions but Croz!
Thank you again for what you do
I agree about the last posting, the other parties are doing nothing but complain!
Kind regards

I'm the one with lesser hair.We are outside the jail at Lautoka
Ps Paulo, the Fijian, has a ministry to the inmates and we were able to go with him on a Mon and Tue

The authorities report an vastly improved prison, the guards and the inmates respecting each other
To stand in one of the cell blocks and hear 25 or so men singing before we shared brought a tear to the eyes
There were 2 Europeans in remand, one an American, the other an Australian, both in for trying to bring drugs into the country


Money said...

had the police tried to book you, flashing a purple, $20 note would have done the trick and made your experience even more pleasant. keep that in mind for the future.

Anonymous said...

Stephen. The main roads in North Korea are beautifully sealed as well.

Anonymous said...

Are they like 'babies bottoms' as well? That will excite the old colonialist fool.

Crosbie Walsh said...

I can understand how frustrated some Bainimarama opponents must be but I do not understand why they rely on personal attacks and rudeness, instead of reasoned, well balanced argument. .