At Last, a Party With a Policy

Instead of personal attacks and repeating ad nauseam what others have got wrong, parties should be more positive and follow the NFP's lead and say what they will do that will benefit all the people if they form part of the new government. - Croz

NFP leader vows to prioritise health service

Dawn Gibson
Tuesday, May 27, 2014
FOLLOWING a tour of hospitals around the country, National Federation Party leader Professor Biman Prasad says the condition of a number of health centres is appalling and has vowed to make medical services in Fiji one of his top priorities.
Making the remark on Sunday afternoon at an NFP committee meeting in Tamavua Prof Prasad said if elected into parliament, the party would bring policy changes to the core of health management and administration.
"NFP will introduce a comprehensive health care modernisation program. The health care modernisation program will place our citizens at the heart of rebuilding health care," he said.
"NFP will ensure medical care that is focused on public education and compassion for human values and life — all age groups, will be provided for throughout Fiji from the city to the most remote islands."
He said in particular, the party hoped to address issues such as the availability of doctors, the provision of basic tests and patient follow-ups.
"As an example, our hospitals should never run out of basic medicines for the nation's growing diabetics and high blood pressure patients, nor syringes to do blood tests. All it needs is better organisation and management.
"NFP will establish and strengthen health rights for a dignified and personalised health care and ensure clinical hospital-based care delegated to empowered health specialist groups for standard practice and equal care levels throughout Fiji."
He said the party would ensure facilities were maintained to international health quality standards regularly.

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Bainimarama also says  medical services in Fiji were of a great concern.

Doctors Like PM’s Medical Reforms

We are ready to facilitate changes, says FMA president Dr James Fong
Doctors have come out in support of the planned medical reforms announced by Prime Minister Rear Admiral (Retired) Voreqe Bainimarama.
Their professional body, Fiji Medical Association, has welcomed PM’s plans to improve the country’s medical services and facilities.
Mr Bainimarama said medical services in Fiji were of a great concern.
“The public medical service delivery does not only relate to the ratio of doctors to patients but also the attitude of medical staff towards their clients who are both out and in-patients.”
He said his office was monitoring medical services and in the next few months there would be some major reforms and basic upgrades to medical facilities and services. The association president, Dr James Fong, (pictured) said they were ready to facilitate the changes in any way they could.
Dr Fong is also the head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital.
“The impact of increasing urban drift and rising patient expectations have resulted in the introduction of new services,” Dr Fong said.
He said there was a greater appreciation for the need to spread out some of the more basic services. This is for better screening and management of early diseases and more efficient referral of advanced diseases. This, Dr Fong said, needed to be supported by reforms and upgrades that focused on essential areas.
“There is a need to improve the health system’s capacity to actively screen, follow up on screen positive persons, treat them in a timely manner and maintain appropriate follow-up management.”
He said it was also important to improve the health system’s capacity to plan, develop and implement health promotion initiatives.
“We need initiatives that will induce people to be more aware of their health needs, take measures to improve their health and to be more timely in seeking medical care.”
Dr Fong said they were aware that any reform and upgrade would have maximum impact on the people they served and planning and consultation was crucial.
“We are confident that there will be a bigger focus on strategic reforms and upgrades,” he said.


Anonymous said...

I don't think that the emminently salubrious health facilities we enjoy in Fiji can be further improved. As the PM has stated, they are already world class!

Sab...?%# said...

Salubrious?! Looks like PM has engaged Ashwin Raj as his speech writer. Bad idea!