A Correction from Nirmal Singh

Nirmal Singh
Nirmal Singh 12:30pm Sep 30
Bula Mr. Walsh! Hope all is well with you.
Nirmal Singh
Nirmal Singh 11:22am May 14
Bula Vinaka Mr. Walsh. Hope all is well with you. Just to clarify that i was never a member of FLP, therefore, i neither resigned or was sacked. As you know i was one of the founders of PDP and left because of change of direction of the party esp so when it started deviating from peoples party to that of trade union. Regardless of politics i talk to all political leaders including Mr Chaudhry. I still enjoy very good relations with the leaders of PDP. I can proudly say that i am probably the only politician who speaks to all political leaders of this country and enjoy warm relations with all of them. Joining Sodelpa is about reaching out. I ma sure you have probably read the media coverage in respect of this. We have to move beyond race! I thought i will just clarify. Take care . loloma, Nirmal

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Anonymous said...

Mr Singh keep away, you can not event write a simple script correctly. We do not want politicians like you.