The Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating

ELECTION PREPARATIONS. The Elections Office is working overtime. While its immediate priority is determining the best location for over 2,000 polling stations, work continues on voter registration. Overseas Fijians have been able to register in eight countries, where-to-register pamphlets have been distributed at Nadi airport to all Fijians returning from overseas, and two new registration centres are to be established in the North. Registration teams will travel to Dubai, the UK, the USA, Canada and PNG between May 5-17. Those interested in registering are invited to do so on this link.

Some 547,544 people had registered by the end of February (and in February 1,148 voter cards were replaced for those who had lost them!). Individuals can verify their registration on this link.

Voter education has started with the release of the first video on the voting paper (have a look at it  on YouTube)  which should answer the too frequent and too premature/criticisms of opponents, and note that suggestions made to the Electoral Commission have been heeded.  Some 30-40 trained personnel are to be employed in further voter education.

Less interestingly perhaps, but it does refute opposition claims that there was never any intention to hold the elections, is the announcement that tenders for polling station kits and ballot boxes will close on May 30.  Far more interestingly, because it has never been done before, is that most voter information is published in the country's three main languages. Previously, the printed information was in English.

To keep in touch with news from the Elections Office click and store this link.  If you are a government opponent, please check on the site before you speak prematurely.

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