Ratu Timoci is Right

Tailevu to PM: We Support You

Tailevu chiefs and their people yesterday pledged their support for Prime Minister Rear Admiral (Retired) Voreqe Bainimarama.
Their support was offered during traditional ceremonies to welcome him to the Tailevu Provincial Council meeting at Ratu Cakobau House in Nausori yesterday.
Adi Litia Cakobau, the eldest surviving daughter of the late Vunivalu, Ratu Sir George Kadavulevu Cakobau, said: “I am all for him because he has done a lot for the nation.”
Mr Bainimarama said afterwards: “I must admit that I’m really touched with the support of the Tailevu province for me as I prepare for the September 17 elections.
“Please do not vote for me because I’m from Tailevu, but vote for what I’m doing for the nation,” he said. The PM said they must not forget the other members of his proposed party contesting the elections.
More support for his leadership and his proposed political party was expressed in the talanoa session .
Ratu Timoci Vesikula from the chiefly clan in Ucunivanua, Verata, and who was a Minister for Fijian Affairs in the Rabuka Government, also offered his support. But he warned that “while you have the support of the people of Tailevu, the elections would not be easy sailing because many who supported all the good things you had done for the nation, will not be voting for you.”
“We want you to be back to lead the nation after the September elections. If you win, Tailevu will be proud, and if you lose Tailevu will be at a loss.”
Ratu Timoci asked the PM what would happen if he lost the election. Mr Bainimarama replied that he had briefed the High Commissioners and Ambassadors in Fiji that a win for him in the elections would be a bonus. However, if he lost, he was glad that he had put in place a Constitution for the nation.
Mr Bainimarama said during the change of leadership in 2006 and as Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces, the military had to make sacrifices like abolishing the Bose Levu Vakaturaga and stopping the Methodist Church annual conference.
Many, he said, were against the move but it was done to protect the two institutions because they were highly politicised by politicians.
He assured the people of Tailevu that if his party was elected to lead the Government he would continue with the service delivery.


Manase said...

Our PM losing elections? What an incredibly stupid question to ask. From independent media such as the Fiji Sun, we know for sure that our PM is the most popular politician ever. We know that his agenda to clean up corruption and end racism has been incredibly successful. We know that our sugar industry, our foreign investment and our economy in general would have nose dived beyond the zero line if our PM did not step in and send a corrupt politician who manipulated elections to Lau where he belongs.

Peter said...

Manase, you are an idiot. If you consider the Sun independent you need help and quickly.

Anonymous said...

Croz Walsh you put this up as if it is an accurate report of Ratu Tims speech. If you listened to that speech it was a telling off session framed around the question of what is VB doing specifically for the Taukei. It was not racist as Ashwin says it was a Chief of the iTaukei at a iTaukei provincial doing his job of asking the questions that relate to his people.

P Pot said...

What on earth could prevent Bainimarama from winning elections? McCully watching over his shoulder? Bishop doing some fancy dancing around him? The Samoan PM wagging his finger? Come on, cool all down and get ready for Frank being confirmed by a considerable percentage of the voters. This is simply the way a place like Fiji works.

Australian bully boy tactics not confined to Australian government said...

Islands Business confirms "Threatening Aussie scribe (Sean Dorney) waved his fingers angrily at PINA woman executive (Makareta) in Noumea. The big white veteran journalist threatened to use his influence to stop Australian aid for the struggling Pacific media body. It was not clear whether the so-called big fella scribe was under the influence of his government in Canberra or was it the red substance that comes in a bottle? Whether you support MIDA or not, the typical Australian bully tactics of Sean Dorney is deploring, regardless of his local cheerleaders Samisoni Pareti and Dennis Rounds. He is not fit to be a journalist.

Listen to the regime hypocrites said...

Yes, what a pity he doesn't have the integrity, honesty and fortitude of people like Walsh and Raj? They would never support human rights abusing dictators or take free holidays from an illegal regime??

Anonymous said...

I wish someone asked Ratu Timoci about the Panthers Dakuitoga taxi stand in Nadera. Great that he cares for I'Taukeis but his actions certainly says otherwise.