In What Other Country Would This Happen?

Media advisory. - "Students living in Suva or within the greater Suva area who have issues and concerns regarding Government’s education assistance under the TELS scheme are requested to attend a forum to discuss the issues they are facing.The Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama, the Chairman of TELS board and other Senior Officials will be at the meeting to hear their concerns and address them. The meeting/forum will take place on the 6th floor of Suvavou House tomorrow, Sunday (13.04.14) at 8.00am."

P.S. The PM met with a hundred students and parents. One parent said, "“I am so fortunate and proud to meet the PM and he is the first Prime Minister who sat with us and listened to our concerns. I got assurance from him and the Board that my son will get the loan approved. I have faith in the PM and I’m glad that finally my son can go ahead with his studies.”

The Tertiary Education Loans Scheme provides low-interest Government loans covering full tuition costs to all Fijian students who are accepted at any tertiary institution in Fiji . Students requiring  assistance or clarifications on TELS are urged to email

An anti-Government blogger said it was a publicity stunt that only helped six students.


Which country? said...

In answer to your question: Such handouts often occur in countries with dictators. Take Iraq under Saddam and Libya under Gaddafi? It didn't help them however. As I recall on ended up with his brains blown out in a drainage ditch and the other got his neck stretched after being dragged out of a hole. Good outcome in both cases for dictators. Some dictator dancing girls even accept free holidays! About as low as it gets, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

So what do you call the handout by Qarase with the Agricultural Scam saga? Croz sounds like same troll that jumps on here with no substance to their contribution except have cheap shots at you.

Anonymous said...

All right for you to pontificate from your safe perch. Like it or not, many iraqis and Libyans are crying for the good old days of Saddam and Gaddafi. So are americans after taking and losing so many lives and trillions if dollars. The weapons of mass destruction bullshit left US with mother of all bloody noses. Have you counted how many americans, aussies, poms got and limbs brains blown out? was saddam worth it? you analysis and reasoning is rubbish.

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