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Allen in the guava patch
Cyclone Warning

I visited a friend at Navakai in Nadi on the weekend.

After a few basins he said, "My tau, when the weather man warned us about the tropical cyclone, my daughter and I went and trimmed our tavioka. But the depression didn't hit us.

Then we were warned about cyclone Lusi and once again my daughter and I went and trimmed our tavioka bushes.  Lusi didn't come.

Now when we pull the tavioka to cook it takes four hours to cook."

The Best Political Party

The best political party is not one that has experienced politicians or good ideas. There are lots of experienced people who can be politicians, and we all can come up with the most brilliant ideas.

For me a good political party is one that has people who are always visible, and will smile at you when you meet or offer you a ride if he sees you walking along the road. Or stops to say hello and asks how you are doing. His car will not be heavily tinted and he will not have escorts and drive way above the speed limit.

And a good party is one that delivers the goods when the time comes.

And a good political party will give you a party to recognise your support.

Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in Fiji. I thank Allen for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. They remind us that life goes on, whatever the political situation. And it's good to know that.


Anonymous said...

And a good political party/politician is a pipe dream, unfortunately! They only interested in filling own pockets. Fund raiser mahen chaudhry is the master of this.

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