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Some short  topical items from Allen as strong winds and heavy rain hits Fiji.

“As of now there has been a lot of rain dumped over the Central Eastern Division particularly the Eastern half of Viti Levu and it takes it all along Lomaiviti Group, Lau group and Kadavu. Rain has been falling in these areas for the last couple of days. The ground is already saturated and the rivers are flooded particularly Waimanu and Wainibuka. Navua is rapidly rising in the upper catchments. So the message is there is going to be more rain in the next 24 hours.” -- Met. Office.

Points to Remember

1. Its not a full blown cyclone and we have power blackouts.
2. We were told that the tropical depression was a real threat to the whole of Fiji.
3. With all the modern equipment is it really impossible to predict how a tropical depression will behave?
4. How better equipped are we as per weather predictions compared to the old days?

And by the way, a relative called from Tavewa island in the Yasawa group and I told him that the whole of Viti Levu was without power, and he said, "Allen, what's a power  black out?"
Yes, his entire home works on solar. Sigh.


Good to see the Ministry of Education executives in the various divisions making early contact with school managements regarding safety of school buildings and students and teachers.

All the heads of department meetings are worth it when we see this kind of action. Also good to see them working with the various  Commissioners' offices around Fiji. And top marks to the people at the office for the early warnings.

Only one thing,the weather is not as it used to be, I think its on Fiji time. But thank you all, safety is paramount.


During these trying times the Water Authority of Fiji, FEA, the Road Authority, the phone companies and other corporations will get criticism. If it is constructive its good,of course you will have the silly critic.

But as it is critics are important, they let us know our mistakes, shortcomings and how we can do better. Now and again we have to accept criticism its good for us, we can accept it as a performance indicator. We can then look at ourselves and say, "Oh, ok, I can do better." And if we don't accept criticism then we may not learn that we were not doing things to the accepted standards.

Late Notice

The notice to close schools came out a bit late. Its a huge logistics issue with parents and schools to get children safely back home.

People who normally pick their children have to leave work, some employers frown on employees leaving work. For parents who do not have contact, the child may have to go to town to catch the bus.
Some may end up roaming around town and go to places we dont want them to go to. People normally listen to the radio for news updates, they will not know that school is  closed and they have to pick their child up.

My concern is for those who are in class one, these are the most vulnarable.

I hope there are plans in place to solve these issues.

Saving Power 

The dams must be full to over flowing. Has FEA saved on any diesel?

At night less power is consumed because people are asleep, Does FEA shut down a few diesel engines to save a bit? I heard that FEA plans to use hog fuel, What is it and is it environmently safe?


Another child drowns, oh lord when when will it end. Are adults becoming more negligent in these modern times?

Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in Fiji. I thank Allen for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. They remind us that life goes on, whatever the political situation. And it's good to know that.

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