Misinformation Again

It wouldn't be so bad if if did not insult the intelligence of its readers and select such trivial issues for dispute. We know those responsible for the blog Coup 4.5 hate the Bainimarama government but it would be a welcome change it they could also present informed, reasoned arguments about substantial issues.

No one, other that the most bigoted or ill informed, could possibly believe their recent article that claimed the new Fiji Airways 330's are incapable of carrying a full load of passengers and freight between Nadi and Los Angeles.  But this is what they said.  Along with innuendos about CEO Dave Pflieger, and an unsupported claim about the planes being overpriced.

Yes. Air New Zealand did take some cargo in excess of Fiji Airways capacity in the changeover from Boeing 747s to the Airbuses but this was a temporary state until the third Airbus arrived.

Now, with the full fleet, Fiji Airways can handle all the passengers and freight, and from next month there will be daily flights to LA compared with three previously.

What joy do these sick bloggers derive from falsely denigrating everything that Fiji does to improve its economy and the economic well being of its people!

I challenge them to do something for the first time, something that any reputable media organization would do: retract this story that is demonstrably wrong.


Omar said...

Croz, why do you peddle the lies that C4.5 invents in order to smear the impeccable economic performance of our government? It is clear that these opponents want to use a few delays and operational difficulties and the unique way the purchase of the planes was financed to suggest that something sinister is going on. They refuse to acknowledge that our AG and tourism minister has had the bold vision to change from the old (Boeing) to the new (Airbus).

Crosbie Walsh said...

Omar, Because some people believe them.