Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter Everyone

Christianity's most important festival
A dog's best friend: Nadi Floods
Easter Saturday April  7 2012
• Allen Lockington column
•  Bainimarama Fiddles while 'Rome Burns'  
 -- Croz Walsh
• PINA and Moala's 'Go Forward'
 -- David  Robie
• It's Time to Build a Strong State  
 -- Sundarsan Kant

1 comment:

SOE said...

If the quaffers of JW Blue Label have taken over, God Help Us! Because now we know whereas formerly we did not: the Current Crop have no Class, no taste and we do not intend to keep them at public expense. They make a mockery of the humanitarian and economic crises we now face.

No boats? No forward planning? No close attention to the detail required for Crisis Management. But at Air Pacific, we are told, Capt J. Cavalevu will do it for them. Bully for him! Some sense at last where it counts!! Yes, crisis management at three hourly intervals. That's the way it's done. Taking command and staying the course.