Readers will have noted that there have been fewer postings over the past two-three weeks.  This is not due, as Coup4.5 Editors would like to believe, to my diminished support for the Fiji Government's Roadmap (though I remain critical of several of their actions), or to Radio NZ International's time-consuming requests for my opinions to balance the opinions they frequently solicit from Coup 4.5. Long live freedom of the press!   The reason is far more mundane.  I have bursitis, an inflammation of the joints, caused in my case by spending too long at the computer, that makes it painful to lift my arms.  The cure involves avoiding repetitive actions.  With care and appropriate exercises I should be back to normal in a month or two.  Meanwhile, I must spend less time at the computer. Sorry.  You could help by sending me links and stories ready to publish. Vinaka.