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Sunday 22.5.11
KEY HAPPY WITH NZ's POSITION on sanctions and travel ban. No change for charity trial or World Cup.
USE BIKETAWA DECLARATION. This is CCF's Rev Akuila Yabaki's suggestion to resolve the Tonga-Fiji standoff. The Declaration provides Forum leaders with several options to resolve or contain conflict. The Forum Economic Action Plan Eight Principles of Good Governance and the 1997 Aitutaki Declaration obliges Forum Leaders, including Tonga, to respect the principle of non-interference in the domestic affairs of another member state.

HAS NZTV1 BREACHED Broadcasting Standards Authority requirements with its constant use of old film footage showing armed soldiers in the streets (some from the 2000 Speight coup)  as backdrops to current news items on Fiji, and presenting hearsay (Barbara Dreaver says that Ratu Tevita says that he has been told that...) as evidence of reliable news?  Does the news provide us with a balanced account of events in Fiji?

FIJI POLITICAL PARTY OFFICIALS AT ANU. The Centre for Democratic Institutions is currently hosting its 6th annual Party Development course, funded by AusAid. The only Fiji participant noted in the programme is Mrs Priscilla Singh of the National Federation Party but I understand FLP and SDL are also represented. Thank you, Australia, for your detached interest but  my guess is none of these parties will contest the 2014 election unless they re-invent themselves as genuine multi-racial parties with multi-racial policies and agendas.

COUNTER-TERRORISM. Fiji will soon implement a security framework to counter terrorist activities and also highlight border security for Melanesian  Spearhead Group countrie, says Police Director Operations SSP Erami Raibe.

Saturday 21.5.11
BREAKING NEWS FROM NZTV1. "Mara has told One News Pacific Correspondent Barbara Dreaver that his wife and niece are being pressured by Fijian police to say his leaving Fiji was planned." (My emphasis).
IN THE SAME LEAGUE. Predictions from a small American religious sect claim God will destroy the world on Saturday May 21.

Fri 20.5.11

RATU TEVITA INTERVIEW by Bruce Hill. Ratu Tevita calls for tougher sanctions and for AustNZ to go see for themselves.  Hill says Bainimarama not welcome them. [Bruce, they've been invited several times.]

SITIVENI RABUKA INTERVIEWED by Bruce Hill. Former military head, 1987 coup maker and later PM, Sitiveni Rabuka says Ratu Tevita went about things the wrong way, and that it will take a long time to depoliticise the military [ officers believe] "they have a political duty make sure that politicians are straight and not corrupt."

BEQA ISLAND, visible from southern Viti Levu and home of the famous firewalkers, supports Government.

OTAGO DAILY TIMES EDITORIAL. A good summary of the Ratu Tevita saga.  Only one factual error:  electoral reforms are not delayed and  now promised for next year. Two years ago the Roadmap scheduled constitutional and electoral reform for 2012-2013.

Thurs 19.5.11.The FIJIAN version of Roko Ului's first statements are very racially divisive. While it's projected to be essentially a translation of the ENGLISH version everyone has seen and understood, it is however very racially polarising - he is attempting to woo the KAIVITI by yet again, making the KAIDIA the scapegoat - what a freaking shame. -- Lobustus Hindustani on Facebook.

TODAY IS THE ELEVEN ANNIVERSARY OF THE SPEIGHT COUP that overthrew the elected government led by Mahendra Chaudhry's Labour Party, most of whom were kept hostage for over a month until Commodore Voqere Bainimarama brokered their release and subsequently supported Qarase as interim PM on condition the coup-plotters were brought to justice and he would not stand in the 2001 election. That was when their relationship started to turn sour. Five years later Bainimarama reversed the tables on the Qarase government with a coup unlike earlier coups: it was against racial privilege.

CoupFourPointFive's latest "reliable" rumour is that Bainimarama is in Suva preparing to dismiss the President when he was actually in Kadavu, and the President is also in Suva, meeting with military and police leaders, in preparation for making a media release dismissing Bainimara and his government, calling for elections with all political parties, and seeking asylum in the US Embassy, when in fact he on the way back from Rotuma where he told the people that developments there are due to the personal interest of Bainimarma.

. The NZ Navy did not hear the Ratu Tevita's distress signal. The pick up was off Kadavu, not Ono-i-Lau as Rt Tevita and Tonga maintain. Very fishy.

FISHY STORY,  Ratu Tevita still insists he got into trouble when fishing when saved by the Tongan navy. Credible, but only just, as is the Tongan statement that their vessel was not in Fiji territorial waters.  It's true, as they said, that some parts of the sea boundary are unclear, but not in the vicinity of Kadavu — or Ono-i-Lau!

RATU TEVITA. Why did he leave his friend Pita Driti behind? Not the thing for a kai viti dina to do, one would have thought, given that Driti will have to face the consequences alone. And that's not to mention his wife and children.  He tells us, and seemed surprised, that  she has been questioned at the barracks. And why was he taking documents with him if he was only fishing?

A LAUGH FOR A CHANGE from Samoa on Ratu Tevita. Vinaka, Fiji Today.

Wednesday 18.5.11
PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION chairman Josefa Serulagilagi and members Udai Prasad and Claire Aull have been re-appointed for an additional two years. The appointments were in accordance with the State Services Decree 2009. 

FALL OUT ON INTERVIEW. Auckland University Radio Station 95bjn interview me yesterday about the Ratu Tevita incident. Here's the link to the podcast
One anonymous reader said it was full of suppositions and innuendo while another reader,  Graham Davis, wrote: "Croz, sitting in my hotel room in Perth listening to your splendid interview on the MP3 through your site.  Well informed, well reasoned and well argued.  Terrific analysis. Cheers, GD."

Tuesday 17.5.11
. Fiji is making progressive strides in combating the occurrence of money laundering  and financial crimes in the country, having conducted 267 investigations into alleged offences over the course  of 2010.

$40M FROM BUA BAUXITE WITHIN TWO YEARS. The mine is expected to be operational within six months. PM predicts mining of equal importance to sugar and tourism.

HOW MANY TIMES DOES IT NEED TO BE SAID? Foreign Minister Kubuabola has again re-stated that political dialogue on new consitution will begin in Fiji next year ahead of elections in 2014. He was speaking to the Political  Committee of the ACP Parliamentary Assembly in Budapest. Meanwhile Government is focusing on institutional and  socio-economic reforms, which include work towards a race-free sustainable democratic system, the removal of references to ethnicity in public institutions and the removal of what he calls institutionalised racial biases in government tendering processes.-- RNZI.

Monday 16.5.11
McCULLY MADE A REASONABLE STATEMENT on TV1 tonight saying that NZ wanted to contain the bilateral dispute to Fji and Tonga and not add to tensions. Only one slip. It's not Ratu Tevita's sister-in-law who is the President's wife, but his sister. Slip of the tongue or didn't his advisers know?
TAILEVU VANUA PLEDGE SUPPORT. Nabulebulewa  has finally pledged support for the Bainimarama government. 
ELECTIONS OFFICE recommends electronic one-day voting. Acting Supervisor for Elections, Soro Toutou,  says individual voters will go to a designated polling station on polling day. 

INFORMING THE PUBLIC. For the second year running, there will be exhibitions of services provided by Government Ministries and Departments at the PSC Information and Referral Centre in downtown Suva this week. This is in line with transforming the civil service to make it more efficient and client responsive. PSC Permanent Secretary Parmesh Chand has warned civil servants they are not to drink grog, play cards or board games during the exhibitions.
FNPF PENSIONS UNFAIR. The Symposium last week on the FNPF was told that "extremely generous payments" made to a handful of Fund pensioners. These amounts paid to about 10,800 pensioners are being subsidised by the other 280,000 members.
 OLD FNPF BOARD COST members  $800m.
Sunday 15.5.11
and contributions will be reviewed and made fairer and more transparent. Click on the two  statements. Australian consultants say the FNPF needs to focus three major areas to put the fund on a firm financial footing: refocus on retirements, and improve its legal and governance framework. One  proposal, to make he Fund sustainable, is to pay out 9% of member's retirement balances a year, instead of the present 15%. Members currently pay 8% into their Fund account and their employers a further 8%.
Saturday 14.5.11
ROTUMA DAY  celebrations. See also Weekend Readings.
GIRMITIYA."On May 15 (some claim it to be 14th), 1879, the first batch of 497 Girmitiyas (indentured labourers) were brought to Fiji by the British on board the vessel Leonidas. This cargo of labour continued till 1920 and by then an estimated  60,357 Girmitiyas had been brought to Fiji. This weekend marks 132 years of the first arrival of Indians." Read more...from Thakur Ranjit Singh.
FIELD,NOT FOR THE FIRST TIME.  The sorry saga of a self-satisfied scammer.
"Isolating Pakistan would simply harden the border and heighten the tension that complicates these two men's lives. And the lives of all of us who live here. Yes, we must uncover the terror links, the facilitation, but no, we must not sharpen the paranoia or confuse the state with the people, the great majority of the people. And we must not give up on dialogue by other means".
Wednesday 11.5.11
TYPHOID IN BUA PROVINCE. A two-week public health emergency has been declared in Bua where they have been nearly 150 cases of typhoid since the start of the year. All mass gatherings are cancelled.
LOTTERY TICKET LOSSES.The FRU spent $536,000 and earned $315,000  on the lottery than contributed to the its old Board being held to account, and the withholding of $3m from Government to support Fiji's World Cup participation.
FIJI PASSED OR AMENDED 55 LAWS last year  as part of ongoing reforms. Line Ministers initiate the laws; work consultations follow, then the draft is presented to Cabinet for approval and gazetting by the President.
FIELD IN TROUBLE AGAIN. The NZ Press Council  has ruled against the Michael Field and the Sunday Star-Times newspaper for an article on Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama which was deemed "grossly inflated". The complainant was Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully.
SUGAR MILL PARTS USELESS. The PM says the $86m mill upgrade work by the Sugar Technology Mission of India last year was no different than "dumping money in the ocean."

Tuesday 10.5.11
The AFBC is a non-profit organisation established in 1986 for the promotion of business between Australia and Fiji. It also provides members with an all important network into business and government in both countries to help further their business goals in Fiji. PACIFIC ISLANDS BUSINESS CONFERENCE ON REGIONAL ECONOMIC INTEGRATION, NADI, FIJI, MONDAY 20 JUNE 2011.  Australian investment in Fiji exceeds a billion dollars and its exports over three times more than it imports. NOTICE: VISITOR FLAG COUNTER.  With more Brazilian visitors than Fijian, I have removed this feature as no longer reliable or useful. AIR PACIFIC DOWNSIZES to remain competitive. TRIO JAILED FOR THEFT OF $1,000,000 FIJIAN.  Remember the theft of the Reserve Bank money from a ship container last year? The Singapore Straits Times reports jail sentences for the three Arab dockworkers responsible. How much will be recovered is still not known.
Monday 9.5.11
WHY ARE PUBLIC SERVANTS EXEMPT? News that they are no longer covered by the Employment Relations Promulation 2007 is a matter that will concern many, not just the CCF. Government should be setting an example in employer-employee relations, not using its authority to let itself off the hook.    GROWTH RATE REVISED UPWARDS. The FRB April Economic Review predicts the economy will grow by 2.7% compared to the earlier anticipated recovery of 1.3%. A Job Advertisement survey shows an annual 3.6% driven by finance, insurance, real estate and the business services sector. Consumer spending has been supported by rising incomes, as indicated by an increase of 19.3% PAYE collections, but  real household incomes have been eroding due to higher price. The trade deficit has decreased due to a strong 13.3% growth in exports and slower imports growth of 4.1%. The Review report says for 2011, exports are projected to grow strongly by 10.3%, following a 21.0% rise in 2010, while imports are expected to rebound by 11.4% this year following relatively low growth of 3.2% in 2010. To download and read the full report, see Resources tab under the blog description.   NEXT PACIFIC ISLANDS FORUM. The 42nd Forum and related meetings will be held in Auckland 6–9 September 2011. Smaller Islands States Leaders’ and Pacific ACP Leaders’ will meet on the Tuesday 6th; the Official Opening and Formal Session on the 7th; Forum Leaders’ Retreat on the 8th, and the 23rd Post-Forum Dialogue Partners’ Plenary Session on Friday 9th. Pre-Forum meetings for officials (Smaller States, Pacific Plan Action Committee, the Pre-Forum Forum Officials Committee) will be held at the Forum Sectretariat in Suva on from 16-19 August.  For media enquiries contact Mr Johnson Honimae, the Forum Secretariat’s Media Officer on phone 679 331 2600, email: or Ms Mue Bentley Fisher, the Forum Secretariat’s Communications Officer on phone 679 331 2600 or email:


Sunday 8.5.11
MORE NEW ROADS. A Chinese Exim loan of nearly $200m is funding four new roads: the Hibiscus Highway in Savusavu, 19 km from Vunidawa to Sawani, the 15km Valley Road from Sigatoka, all under construction, and the the Ba–Moto Road planned for April next year. 
NEW NAVUA HOSPITAL CONSTRUCTION, also funded by the Chinese, to start in June.  
YACHTS, SUPER YACHTS bring in five times more revenue than cruise ships.  TIKOITOGA NEW FRU Chairman.


  1. croz - you need to change 2012 to 2011 above.

  2. Vinaka. I should have explained. Using a forward date is the only way Blogspot can keep this at the top of the page for as long as is wished.

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  5. Croz
    I like the changes. As always keep up the good work and up to date information. As they say 'change is as good as a holiday'

  6. So the Province of Rewa likes the end material result of what the Fiji Government is doing but doesn't like the philosophical foundation? Sounds a bit like the "Little Red Hen" story – None of the other animals wanted to help Little Red Hen to bake the bread but they all said they were happy to eat the bread.

  7. There is no rational basis nor foundation in modern reality to oppose the People's Charter. But the world is populated in many places with irrational people. So, how to overcome this? Some SMART thinking is required and it must be timebound (T of SMART). Shooting the proposers of the Charter simply will not do (metaphorically-speaking). Does it make sense? Yes, it undoubtedly does. That is all that is required. All the rest is 'mokusiga'. To what end?

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  9. Croz
    Ms Bishop's comments are called alternative views. It is one of the many benefits derived from democracy. Dialogue and freedom of speech are critical for any country to move forward. It is often the reason why non democratic authoritarian and dictatorial regimes stumble and ultimately cause grief to nations who sadly have it imposed on them.


    Of course this is so. Who would dispute it? And Freedom of Information - a foundation of democracy. Respect for taxpayers and corporate entities who pay their dues and conduct themselves responsibly. But, wait a minute: how much of this was known in the past twenty years in Fiji? What went on was perilously close to autocratic government by another name: a fiction in fact of governance as it ought to be conducted. There were no 'Alternative Views' countenanced - and you know well that they were not.

  11. Croz

    Thanks for the connection to Australian news and keeping us well informed.

    The province of Rewa is known for infighting among its chiefly factions. It's doubtful if Ro Teimumu would have the support of all the people in the province.

  12. Croz just read an article in todays Fiji Times about Henry Speight the great fijian Rugby player who is now playing for the Brumbies.

    He was raised by Ratu Josefa Iloilo. He was his grandfather and had been a pillar for him. His dad was Sam Speight who was allegedly assulted by soldiers and now seeking asylum in Australia.

    Ratu Iloilo as the president reduced George Speights sentence from death to life imprisonment.

    Apparently Sam speight lived in Australia and when Henry's mum died Ratu iloilo looked after the children.

    What a great person Ratu Iloilo was. We don't know the dynamics of the family but Ratu Iloilo was person Henry speight looked up to.

    RIP Ratu.

  13. Does anyone know the formal role of the Indoneasian military in government and politics ? Do they have powers that allow them to direct governments and remove governments.

    Most believe our PM wants to keep this power (and indeed legitimise it in the new constitution) so he remains in control beyond the 2014 elections. One issue I see is what if he is no longer PM or commandor of the RFMF - how then does he ensure he never has to face courts for his crimes ?

  14. @ whale oil and Croz

    Well it seems Fiji, Australia and New Zealand do have something in common. That is NONE of them have done anything to help return Fiji to democracy. The best Australia can do is say they "stand ready to help" and the best Fiji can do is say they have a "road map" and refuse to do anything until 2012...

  15. Hi Croz - your readership jumped 4 fold from 30 March. What has happened? As always good work but i was just curious what make such a drastic change.

  16. @ the FICAC news, isn't the measure of this the number of those 9000 people that have had their complaint satisfactorily resolved???

  17. News just in that the Judge has overturned the early decision and found Mac Patel guilty of abuse of office.

    So is local ownership by a convivted criminal still better than international ownership ?

    I guess if it is Ok for Francis Kean to kill a man, be found guilty and continue in his job then Mac patel should have no problems.

  18. The Importance of being PrivateWednesday, 13 April 2011 at 05:45:00 GMT+12

    @ Anonymous and 'local/overseas' ownership of presumably the Fiji Times?

    Well, the previous overseas owners of the Fiji Times have now been obliged to come up with a possible GBP20m in respect of their unorthodox allegedly illegal practices at the News of the World newspaper in the UK. Tapping into the private conversations of celebrities and influential persons. Does this appear oddly familiar - this invasion of individual privacy at will? But there will be no proposed settlements or compensation here we must assume? Why should there not?

  19. Ministries of Happiness (Bhutan-style)Wednesday, 13 April 2011 at 06:35:00 GMT+12

    Australia and NZ concerned about Pacific security?

    So they ought to be! In the past six or seven years they have had an odd way of showing this? It is high time that Opposition Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs, Ms Julie Bishop's opinions are given serious attention and considered thought. For the Pacific Region has suffered for a considerable time from a 'Deficit of Appropriate Aid and Assistance': emphasis on 'ASSISTANCE'. In itself this is a risk to regional security and ought to have been identified as such many years ago. Consultants sent up to disburse aid money were far more interested in having a jolly time on out-of kilter salaries and attendant benefits. Even within Law & Order institutions? Were they really so unaware of the impropriety and the inappropriateness of their remuneration? It posed a risk in itself. We should now get down to a Ministry of Happiness in each and every Pacific nation with the assistance of the Kingdom of Bhutan: where they believe that Happiness should be assessed as a relevant contributor to GDP. Who is to gainsay them?

  20. Mahendra Patel found guilty, and this was the guy that this regime approved being 'their' approved publisher. Should this surprise anyone?

  21. Dear Croz,

    I have just read the "Commanders Intent 2011" on the RFMF website. You may recall last years attempt made absolutely no sense and was the butt of many a anti-dictactor joke. Well it seems they have employed a outside scribe and although long this years effort is much better.

    One of the first things I noticed is how four years later the reason for the coup has been revised.

    "We rose in December 2006 to change the political and governance landscape of our government and nation." Is how it is now put.

    Other interstesting bits are the PM's description of the charter as a "master doctrine".

    Clearly someone forgot to tell the writer we don't have a constitution anymore (or that the RFMF choose to ignore it for those who consider it to be still valid). So they should have left out the bit "....enshrined in our constitution".

    "The RFMF is the last bastion of law and order" is not surprising but a more truthful comment might have been 'The RFMF considers itself the law'.

    I will do a fuller review if reader are interested. Not living in Fiji at the momenet so nothing to fear and bro how nice it feels.

  22. Croz,

    Me again - the RFMF have also changed their Strategic Plan. It was also a joke and this attempt is much better.

    Nothing about running government or ensuring personel are placed in all key givernment positions but good to hear they are planning a "audit". I'm sure the outcomes will be made public !

    They are going to "seek interim government guidence" in implementing their plan which seems a little strange to me. I thought they effectively where government and I though we didn't interim government anymore (we did away with those titles long ago).

    I guess what they mean is they are going to advise themselves, just like they monitor themeselves and approved themselves.

  23. Dear Croz,

    I'm now onto the Nation Building tab. Another great read. It's the first time i have heard government (oops sorry military) admit 45% of population are below poverty line.

    They mention "promising' economic out look and blame world events for poor economy to date (no mention of the impact of the coup !).

  24. Croz,

    Just a suggestion - it might be better to have each days news as a seperate box otherwise the comments become hard to follow.

    keep up the good work.

  25. "Foreign Investment Up" - well that claim is so crazy you may as well post it on C4.5

    The FTIB are well known for spinning a positive message. The RBF data suggests otherwise. Investment has been on the decline for 4 years.

  26. You are about as exciting as the Fiji Sun

  27. @ sara'ssista......

    Your views would have more credibility if you had sung from a Song Sheet of Public Money versus Private Money and why accountability and corporate governance matters. They matter so much that even the powerful and the mighty may be brought down by them. Only now do you have something to say? You mention nothing about lying either: never allow anyone to lie to you twice! Lying in court is Perjury. Had that occurred to you either? The penalty is severe. Many of us in Fiji do not even recognise a lie when it is staring us in the face.

  28. @ One of the Anons ... I do wish people would use a unique name. Yes, it would be better to have separate postings of news so that we could see which comments belonged to which news. But there's a teachnical problem. I need to keep NEWS at the top of the blog. I'll see if I can work something out.

  29. Permanent Emergency Regulation (PER)

    Croz – how can you continue your undivided love of all things Frank and his long term (interim?) government when they treat everybody like idiots. I think the only emergency in Fiji today is that Frank and his team might actually have to answer to their critics and be accountable for previous promises if the PER was removed.

  30. @ PER said
    couldn;t agree more, the slavish commitment to this regime by Croz and his apologists given their previous promises would suggest a breathtaking arrogance given the insecurities of this regime that keeps leaping at shadows and blaming everyone for the continuation of PER given that there are no threats to this regime save from a persistent and apparently annoying but effective blog campaigns. Is it any wonder given PER and military rule after five years of that there are serious doubts they have any intention of actually leaving powerand whom that actually will hand over too? Or is it going to be like 'burma's new democracy'.

  31. @ Sara'ssista & the 'slavish comments' ?

    Hang on a moment! Slavishness was the attitude of mind when corruption was allowed, quite habitually and easily, to turn into a Fiji Flood. You were here then, were you not? In mind if not in person. Now, as you will have observed, those same people and their lawyers who habitually and despotically leveraged Public Money for their own use and ends are being brought to account. Who will bring you to account, Sara'ssista?

  32. What about the audit reports on the military. What about all the audit reports relating to this government - why are they not being made public.

    I commend the efforts to stand our corruption but it does feel like they are only after people from the past and those on the outer. The RFMF and current government are assumed perfect. We know they are not !

  33. Great work seen by FICAC over the past few weeks. Now lets see if they really are independent - will they investigate the Col who was on the FHL board ? Will they investigate the PM's back pay and will they investigate the former police commissioner ?

  34. Time to establish diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Bhutan (a constitutional kingdom!). For Bhutan is now a democracy. Its Ministry of Happiness is now being emulated through GBP 2m in the UK being devoted to research on 'Well-being & what constitutes happiness? Is it measurable through increased GDP?". Professor Martin Seligman, we are told, is the person most versed in such things in the US. Even the US military are now undergoing training in "Well-being and resilience". UK PM David Cameron believes that this injection of taxpayers' money will be well used. "It might change the whole outlook of government". However, it is also thought that we achieve happiness as the result of the things we DO. It has been said that "The Happiness of Pursuit" is the way to put it. Rather than the other way around.

  35. Hi Croz,

    Is it just me or have you noticed the number of frustrated, concerned and just plain negative comments on your blog lately. Given this blog is largely known as being pro-miliary and pro-coup this suprises me. Are some of the current governments biggest supporters getting conerned or is it the few reasoned bloggers from over C4.5 paying a visit to your site.

    Anyway great to see you publishng comments even thought i suspect the growing negaitivity frustrates you. keep up the good work and lets all hope and pray the PM and military take on a few positive suggestions made by you and (some) of your bloggers....soon !

    regular visitor

  36. Like other reader I really don't understand the links between Christ and Franks takeover of governemnt with guns ? Perhaps you could explain please Croz ?

  37. A Fidelity Guarantee Cover?Monday, 25 April 2011 at 17:30:00 GMT+12

    The Muslim League may need closely looking at. How do they proposed to acquire adequate and necessary insurance cover for this at first glance over eager gesture? Public Liability? Workmens Compensation? Fidelity Guarantee. Someone needs to test this?

  38. Croz,

    Fiji times has the answer - he is still at work. This is likely to be the truh but how would we ever know. People are still being taken to QEB for questioning quite regulary - by the military not the police. I know this for a fact.

    Also in the push and shove of the public service and business many people are labeling others anti-government ina effort to get ahead themselves. FICAC and military are jumping at a lot of shadows and are worried about anyone who might say anything negative about this government.

  39. Fiji Postal Stamp for the Royal Wedding:

    Of course there is a stamp for this Royal Wedding of the 21st century. We are inextricably linked to the British Royal Family and always will be. Princess Diana's tragic death brought forth many messages of grief from Fijians. Her eldest son, HRH the Duke of Cambridge will have a special place in our hearts together with HRH the Duchess, his wife.

  40. Croz
    As Coup 4.5 has repeatedly and reliably informed us (in the absence of any reliable news under the heavility censored Fiji media) Driti and Mara have woken up to the regime failures. There is now a rumour that Driti and Mara are in court? Can you check with your contact Sharon (if you can find her)? If this 'rumour' is fact, then if it is not a sign of the military regime unravelling I don't know what is?

  41. Croz, Michael Field has done it again with his story for Fairfax Media on the court appearances of Driti and Mara. How's this for appalling ignorance:

    "The involvement of Mara is significant; he is the son of Fiji’s founding prime minister and president, the late Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara.

    His actions suggest that Fiji’s powerful Polynesian grouping – based on the Lau Islands – maybe moving against the largely Melanesian leadership of Bau, near Suva."

    What a joke! We all know that Bau has nothing to do with the current power structure in Fiji, with the Cakobaus and their allies almost totally marginalised. Why would Lau be moving against Bau? And in any event, some of Mara's family are still very much a part of the establishment, not least his brother-in-law, the President.

    It's this kind of sloppy logic that makes Michael Field not just a menace because of his constant bias but because he poses as an expert on Fiji and is nothing of the sort. A total fraud.

  42. Once again I take this opportunity to congratulate Commissioner Connors for doing a great job in rounding up these men who should never be allowed to practice as lawyers. It is a pity that Raza & Mishra were not disbarred as well. I am waiting for the same treatment to apply to the women who have been found guilty of professional misconduct e.g. Renee Lal & Co.

  43. @ Delusion de Grandeur....

    Have you noticed the striking similarity of expression between various Pakistani Ministers now caught off-guard and the facial give-away moues d'expression of the lawyers dealt with last week by the Fiji ILSC? Such revealing faces! All along they have known that they were 'beyond the pale'. Now they are found out. So many more just like them! Enough to fill the cavernous Bin Laden Abbotabad compound.

  44. Mara and Driti are charged with "uttering seditious comments". But what are seditious comments? According to Wikipedia sedition is an act, something you do, not mere words. But the Aiyaz Crimes Decree attacks words and thoughts.

    The section under which the pair have been charged is Section 67, which criminalises 'uttering seditious words'.

    It doesn't confine this to uttering words before an angry crowd to force a violent overthrow of the government.

    "Seditious words could almost be words uttered to no-one, except that it is assisted by Section 66 which defines "seditious intention". This is "an intention to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against the Government of Fiji as by law established". Simply to excite "disaffection" is enough.

    If the court is to convict them, however, it will have to consider in detail what is meant "by law established'. Does it mean no more than whatever is in Decrees Aiyaz has had rubber-stamped by the so-called cabinet? If that's the case any court's decision could be over-ruled by another decree the following day.

    This looks extremely draconian, and it is, but the decree provides what is supposed to be a defence of free speech.

    It says "'an act, speech or publication is not seditious by reason only that it intends-
    (a) to show that the Government of Fiji has been misled or mistaken in any of its measures; or
    (b) to point out errors or defects in the government or Constitution of Fiji as by law established or in legislation or in the administration of justice with a view to the remedying of such errors or defects; or
    (c) to persuade the inhabitants of Fiji to attempt to procure by lawful means the alteration of any matter in Fiji as by law established; or
    (d) to point out, with a view to their removal, any matters which are producing or having a tendency to produce feelings of ill-will and enmity between different classes of the population of Fiji."

    It will be entertaining to see lawyers argue over the meaning of these words. Perhaps Mara and Driti were just pointing out "errors or defects in the government or Constitution of Fiji as by law established or in legislation or in the administration of justice with a view to the remedying of such errors or defects".

    Who will the regime pick to handle this trial? It could be tried in the Magistrate's Court but it looks like another job for Mr Reliable, Daniel Goundar, who has somehow found himself sitting in judgement on all the big cases - the Qaranivalu (CJ Gates was for some reason unavailable) or Patel and Mau, to name just a couple of examples.

    Another wonder of Aiyaz's decree is that we overseas don't have too miss out. Section 8 of his masterpiece extends its reach beyond Fiji to "any citizen of Fiji in any place outside of Fiji" or even "any resident of Fiji in any place outside of Fiji".

    Be careful what you say about the regime that calls itself "the Government of Fiji as by law established". If you excite disaffection about them, even by uttering your words in another country, you have broken a law created by "the Government of Fiji as by law established'.

  45. A suggestion:


    The new comments are getting long (44) and old with two months worth now. Perhaps they could be deleted or archived so only the last weeks are shown up front. Not sure this can be done but...

    Regular reader

  46. On Driti and Mara can you or someone confirm they have actually been charged. I have only seen this on C4.5 - nothing on this blog which I consider more reliable.

    If true what does this say about the RFMF ? We had been told they where the only ones capable of running the country and led to beleive they where pure/perfect and above everyone else ? it sounds like the RFMF needs a clean up of its own ranks - then it can get back to the clean up of the nation promised but largely not done yet.

  47. Getting excited about RBF forecasts of positive GDP growth is a bit like the expectations on Fiji's various rugby teams - you want them to win but you know it is not going to be easier.

    If these new growth forecasts are right Fiji is getting close to back to where it was is 2006. So in his first five years Frank has recovered the economy from the downfall he cause. Thats like punching you wife in the face and then asking for praise for your efforts to nurse he slowing back to health over the next five years.

  48. If Driti and Mara where planning to overthrow government how is this different from Frank overthrowing the SDL/Labour multi party government ? I don't support any coup but the double standards of Frank are beyong belief - surely what is OK for him to do is OK for someone else ?

  49. Yes Driti and Mara have been charged, no they are not in custody.

    This is pretty serious stuff and I'm not sure why Croz has not reported on it.

    Anyone remember we where all assured last year they where just taking leave ? Yea right. The turth, honesty and openess are not part of this governments roadmap.

  50. On Driti and Mara they must have seriously upset the PM to have been charged. Normally military men are above the law - think kean or Teleni who have avoided the full force of the law and been rewarded with new/extra roles despite their mistakes. I can only guess this time Frank wants to send the rest of his military team a very strong message:

    Something like this...

    "I am the law, the boss and the only way forward. Don't mess with me. Follow my orders and i will look after you but utter a single word against me and I will crush you."

  51. When I read the CMAG comments I have to say I tend to agree - there is no obvious progress towards democracy that i have seen of late. In fact we seem to be moving the other way with less freedoms, more draconian degrees and a PER that is likely to stay with us forever.

    Once again Fiji and media are confusing progress to democracy and general government reform. Yes government have made some progress is some areas....a little movement in the public service (they could and should do more), some updated laws, FICAC (although sometimes used for revenge against opponents), accounting systems, tax reform, education etc etc

    ...But they have done nothing to prepare for democracy, no consultation, no draft constitution and not even a roadmap (which we are told to have faith in).

    “Regretted the lack of progress … towards restoring civilian constitutional democracy in Fiji”
    Expressed concern about the “continued imposition of the Public Emergency Regulation (PER), and noted in particular the significant number of reported incidents of arbitrary arrest, torture and ill-treatment ….”
    Urged the Fiji government to “engage, in good faith and without delay, in efforts toward an inclusive, independent and unrestricted national dialogue on Fiji’s political future. “
    “Welcomed the Commonwealth’s on-going efforts to engage with the Government of Fiji and other stakeholders … and reaffirmed the Commonwealth’s readiness to provide assistance to Fiji in appropriate ways on its path back to civilian constitutional democracy, as well as respect for human rights and the rule of law.”
    “CMAG noted the discussions held between the Government of Fiji and the Pacific Islands Forum Ministerial Contact Group in Port Vila, Vanuatu, on 14 February 2011, and welcomed the invitation extended to that Group by the Government of Fiji to visit the country in the near future. CMAG further noted the meeting of leaders of the Melanesian Spearhead Group held on 31 March 2011, and that Group’s support for on-going Commonwealth engagement with Fiji. CMAG reaffirmed the Commonwealth’s continued commitment to working in close co-operation and consultation with bilateral, regional and international partners in relation to the Fiji situation.

  52. @ Confirmed ... I did report the Driti Mara detentions on 4/5/11 in the NEWS. Click on Read more to see it/

  53. Croz,

    You will note the PER has been extended again.

    While no great surprise there is does I think warrant some comment. A very clear promise was made that the PER would be lifted when the media decree was in place. In fact we where told the only reason for the PER was the big bad foriegn media...who have now left the country. That promise has been broken with no clear explanation.

    We have also been told repeatedly that everything is normal in Fiji, and everyone supports Frank and the charter, so what possible emergency could there be now ?

    Frank has said that the military took over the country because they where the only ones who could make changes. He has repeatedly laughed off suggestions he might have problems within his own team. Charges against Driti and Mara suggest otherwise. So perhaps the only emergency remaining is the frustration of his own ranks who enabled him to make the coup happen ?

  54. Permanent Emergency Regulation (PER)

    Croz – how can you continue your undivided love of all things Frank and his long term (interim?) government when they treat everybody like idiots. I think the only emergency in Fiji today is that Frank and his team might actually have to answer to their critics and be accountable for previous promises if the PER was removed.

  55. Frank finally speaks the truth !

    Sugar money dumped in the ocean, says Fiji PM
    Wednesday, May 11, 2011

    Taken from / By: FBC News
    Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has expressed strong disappointment with the mill upgrade works undertaken by the Sugar Technology Mission of India.

    Commodore Bainimarama expressed his anger at the way the money was used while touring the Fiji Sugar Corporation Labasa mill this afternoon.

    FBC News I-taukei Desk Editor Apisalome Coka is in Labasa and files this report.

    “Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has revealed his disappointment on how the work was carried out by the Sugar Technology Mission from India.

    Bainimarama revealed his disappointment while addressing mill workers at the Labasa Sugar Mill this afternoon.

    He told mill workers – the $86 million paid out to the Indian government was no different from our dumping the money into the ocean.

    Bainimarama told the mill workers that parts brought in by the Mission was of no use to the mill and was a total waste of money.”

    Now will sack the minister in charge ? I think not - that is him and his main method of operationis to blame someone else !

  56. Frank really dosen't need another job and he certianly dosen't need another overseas trip.

    In fact it is fair to say he is struggling to manage his own multiple portfolios. Right now he is having a go at the sugar industry....perhaps forgeting he is the sugar industry and he wants change he should start with himself.

  57. Great statement from our PMThursday, 12 May 2011 at 12:18:00 GMT+12

    Important quote from Fiji PM yesterday:

    "Fiji needs leaders who are committed to genuine consultation, inclusiveness and accountability and have a progressive vision in moving the country forward, Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said yesterday."

    I find mind self COMPLETELY AGREEING with the PM on this. Very wise words.

    However over the last twelve months it feels like the exact opposite is happening. I have seen NO GENUINE CONSULTATION and very little ACCOUNTABILITY.

    Mr PM I like your words - now how about some action. A vision without action is just a dream and we all have dreams at night and have forgotten about them by morning.

  58. Hi Croz,

    Obviously the media in Fiji can not report on the Mara defection claims but why do you not ? Are you waiting for the official propaganda from the PM at 1pm today or do you just not believe it ?

    I must say the only "public" emergency is starting to not look public at all but a "RFMF" emergency. And remember this was the only institution that was supposed to bring about change and one that Frank thinks better than everyone one else in Fiji. Maybe it's just as good as just as rotten as everyone else.

  59. @ Anonymous ... I have made what enquiries I can and am working on an item but will not publish it until I hear what the PM has to say. I try to verify —and assess— stories before publication. This is normal practice on this blog.

  60. We now know it's not the public Frank has been so worried about, it's his own military men who helped him over throw the elected government. Strange thing is why he thinks it is fine for him to over throw government but a crime for anyone else to. Until he is behind bars there will many more who want to follow his path to power.

  61. Dear croz, I hope you come out strong on fijis coverage of the Mara case. Today we have not a word from Mara quoted only the pms statement. Mara made very serious claims against the pm and ag. None of these has been reported. Most likely censored out.

    Free does not have any free media - only mind numbing press releases praising government and frank.

  62. this is a kind of slavish blog; quick to judgment when it favours the regime, slow and ponderous when it doesn't. credibility disappearing with your silence Croz. Big words when it doesn't matter; just remember, when they come for you, the rest will have gone... oh, sorry, forgot, you don't live in Fiji. you can keep silent

  63. Croz
    You have been well and truely scooped by Michael Field and Coup4.5 amongst others. You are only 24 hrs to late.

  64. Croz, you have been quick to critize Michael Field, but his and coup 4.5's scoop on the Mara story shows how far off the pace your blog is--it seems that you need lots of time to find some way to spin this story in the regime's favour?

    Are you Sharon Goebbel's alter ego?

  65. The only yardstick to be applied to current circumstances is this: Who has lied? Never permit them to lie to the public twice. Who has misused Public Money for their own benefit? Ensure that the Public Purse is treated with trust and that funds which belong to the taxpayers of Fiji (and to no one else) are properly accounted. These are the tests and only these. Everything else is pure speculation. All who have stolen and converted public monies are put on notice - no matter their standing.

  66. Amidst the hysteria, we need to pay quiet attention to Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna. His leadership was unrivalled and his focus on the people and not on his own direct benefit was and remains without rival. Ratu Sukuna died impecunious. He had never taken advantage of any public office for himself nor for any member of his own family. Of whom else may this be said? Of whom may we assert now "This was a man who placed the public interest above all"? We have been and to some extent still are surrounded by racists, robbers and intimidators. No change of lasting benefit may be achieved through coercion. And those who live and rely on public money must account for every dollar and for each and every cent to those who provide their benefit. "And in the course of the next fifty years 'Quo Vadis'?". Surely,it is above all the abiding, gentle humility, insight and vision that marks out this great man? His signal achievement: an ability to avoid the insistence that only he knew best.

  67. So it seems the "Public Emergency" was in fact a "Military Emergency". So with Driti charged and Mara now too far away to count can we have the PER lifted and the whole incident reported sensibly in the media please. I'm reading it today and the censorship (self or imposed) is right in your face.

    Oh, can i have a copy of that great Roadmap at the same time. mr Fugitive - you didn't happen to have one in your pocket did you ? We would all love to have a read given the MSG have approved it.

  68. FNPF Board

    So was the $800k board bill the old old board (pre coup) or was that the old board (installed by Military government and now also removed).

    Does anyone have the details on this $800k and what does the current board cost us please ?

  69. FNPF, Meanwhile, Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says the previous law does not allow government to carry out any criminal proceedings against those involved in the funny and here is me thinking this regime just made decrees to suit themselves whenever they liked. They clearly don't want to deal with the fallout and this under their watch!!

  70. presumably Mara will avail himself of the Tongan system and take every opportunity and avenue to appeal. This should frustrate the military regime no end. I am confdeint he can wait them out until after 2014. Just like this regime I am sure the Tongans can lose documents, create new laws, thumb their noses. We will see how far this much heralded pacific brotherhood takes them.

  71. Croz
    You been around the Pacific and you know what will happen. Tevita Mara is related to the King of Tonga through his late father, Ratu Sir KKT Mara, Fiji's founding father. Tevita Mara's sister, Adi Koila is married to the President of Fiji. The President of Fiji's nephew is the King of Tonga. "Blood is thicker than Extradition Treaty."

  72. Dear Croz,

    How do you imagine Fiji will transition from current PER to open, free, inclusive political dialogue in just over 7 months time ? I believe for that to be possible things need to start now unless the 'political dialgue' is not going to be inclusive, not going to be fair and more of a controlled lecture.

  73. I did notice no one really picked up the promise of dialogue starting next year. Perhaps because so many other promises have failed to happen. It would be stronger if the PM made a statement on this together with some detail - eg dates, format etc.
    I hope the events of the last few days are not used as a excuse to delay further. I also hope this is a genuine promise.

  74. I found this link in the comments of FijiToday. Some great insights by reading quoted from the PM from 2000 to now.

    To things are very clear.

    1. He has been very consistent on the need for multi racial fiji and agaisnt fiji ethno extremism

    2. He wanted the law applied and people locked up

    3. He has been a politician hmself for a long time


    4. If his own PER and degrees where in place back then he would have been arrested 100's of times for his seditious comments

  75. Well thanks for that Mr Pryde. I have several judgements. What do you make of the one that declared your bosses government illegal ? Sorry the courts may have some leeway on small issues but on the big ones the PM overules by way of decree. No one can challange government and if they do successfully they will find a new decree to deal with.

    “If the courts were being interfered with, the Government, and its related agencies, would win every case, it does not.

    “I would urge these people to read the judgments of the courts which are public documents.” He added.

  76. Mr McCulley’s slip of the tongue was probably no different to your slip of the pen when you referred to Adi Litea’s husband Harry Dugdale as ‘Henry’ in your earlier article.

    In mentioning Mr Dugdale as someone who ‘may’ have been influential in Ratu Tevita’s decision you’ve unnecessarily dragged in someone against whom you evidently have no proof of being of any influence.

    You’re well aware of the measures that this government will take against people who they perceive to be working against them and so your cavalier attitude in this regard is disappointing to say the least.

  77. Great interview Croz, you certainly know your subject well, it was very informative and factual. Congrats.

  78. @gutter press or should we call you 'Harry Dugdale' the facts shall remain and you shall be judged with your brother in law and held accountable before a court and before god. Harry Dugdale is as spineless as Ratu Tevita and you are guilty of helping him escape. Do not blame Mr Walsh for you wrong doings.

  79. lol, so "Breaking News" in your mind is you being interviewed by a student radio station?

  80. Dear Croz,
    I listened to your interview and found that it was full of supposition and innuendo. there was scarcely a fact other than to mention that the Indians arrived in Fiji in the late 19th Century.

    If someone had posted a comment like that on this blog you would have rebuked them sternly in your school masterly way.

    Poor Show Croz

  81. Apply the basic tests and then 'unconfuse' yourselves! What conflicting interests do you suppose are in play? What lies have been offered with backs turned towards the taxpayers and the civilian population of Fiji? Nothing more is required. Nothing at all. Like those who have gone before, who fulfilled all the necessary and sufficient tests, liars and those who conflict their interests will be ultimately found out. Look at Mubarak; look at Gaddafi; look long at them all. Flawed and foolish men who believed themselves above and beyond accountability. A mere March of Folly.

  82. Is the Fiji Times online ever to return or is this something more sinister ?

  83. HOW MANY TIMES DOES IT NEED TO BE SAID? Race free and but no actual change in the make up of the most powerfull organisation in fiji the military, more do as we say but not as we do??

  84. Croz,

    Peter Firkin (not his real name for the obvious reason he lives in Fiji) makes some good points in rebuff less than perfect blogs.

    I have copied & pasted them here. I couln't agree more with his last point....

    "While I agree that blogs make poor decisions when compared to mainstream media I offer the following in mitigation.

    1.Living in Fiji I would end up in jail or worse if I tried to confirm information sent to me. Freedom of the press in Fiji is non existent. If I quote sources they also go to jail.

    2. The Government Information Department refuses to confirm or deny anything unless FijiToday becomes a registered news provider in Fiji. This would require giving my name and address. See number one above.

    3. I use an unregistered satellite phone to publish my blog and this alone could put me in jail for ten years under the current Decree.

    4. I have received a lot of flack about allowing unrestricted comments that often become abusive and offensive but I believe it balances out as both the pro and anti groups are equally to blame. The option of censoring comments I find equally abhorrent.

    5. It is hard to explain to anyone not living here in Fiji, that expressing a negative opinion to a friend or neighbour can result in a beating, losing your job if you work for the Government, having your family punished all without any recourse to the courts.

    6. All of the above make for poor and often inaccurate reporting but I am doing my best under difficult circumstance.

    7.Give us back a free press and most blogs will disappear."

  85. Croz
    Roko Ului's "flight to freedom" will have a "domino effect" and escalate internal events that will affect dramatic changes in Fiji. Most comments are based on what is being fed to the media but one needs to have ears on the ground like us here to really know what is going down. Hold onto this email Croz and refer to it when it happens, sooner rather than later. I'm no fan of Roko Ului, FB and AG but Fiji's political landscape will be very different come December 2011.

  86. Bula Croz, it is unjust to print a person's real name(i.e. H. Dugdale) and use gossip to malign that person, is there anyway that these comments can be removed? I am saddened by the current turn of events, especially as The President & First Lady have very close kinship ties with Tonga. The saying "Youth is wasted on the young" comes to mind in this unfolding scenario. What concerns me most is the role Australia & NZ will play in this situation - instead of helping they will continue with dividing. God bless my beautiful Fiji and all it's people.

  87. Morelle W makes a complete hash of its detective work and incorrectly assumes ‘Gutter Press’ is actually Harry Dugdale writing anonymously. It then disgracefully goes on to further malign Mr Dugdale and Gutter Press, laughably referring to ‘the facts remain’ when not one fact is apparent in its own posting.

    ‘Gutter Press’ holds no candle for either the ‘pro’ or the ‘anti’ government camps. The point made is that Mr Walsh’s article not only gets its facts wrong but, when the error is pointed out, does not correct the name. More importantly, the offensive (since it is unproven) insinuation that Harry Dugdale had anything to do with Tevita Mara’s flight is not removed.

    That is truly gutter press, and for all Mr Walsh’s undoubted academic talents and valuable analysis in his many other articles the fact remains that, when it suits him, he is just as prone to the innuendo and supposition he rightly castigates on other blogs.

  88. I agree with Mara...there should have been robust methods against this regime, an embargo the day of the coup that strangled the Fijian military of any support or money. If this had been done we would not be dealing with it five years later. The bleating about not wanting 'the fijian people to suffer' is spineless garbage and rather typical of Aus, NZ UN etc where they would rather take a spineless ineffective but annoying measure that draw out this saga for years rather than a strategy that is very quick and painful but effective.

  89. Call yesterday from the father of coups in Fiji Rakuka that Mara should return to Fiji and face the music. Does any one else see the irony in that. Rabuka has never 'faced the music' for leading the first coup. He started and Speight and later Bani

    I agree Mara should face the music. So should Rabuka and so should Bani so everyone in Fiji that the coup culture is not OK.

    "Former Primer Minister Sitiveni Rabuka believes that fugitive, Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara must return to Fiji and ‘face the music’(Fiji Live)

  90. I have just listed to all 20+ mins of this interview. Ratu Mara's biggest gripe seems to be that the PM stopped listening to him and the miliary council. That the council should be above cabinet and the PM was playing by those rule.

    Blah, blah, blah - personal interest.'s-defection.asx

    By the way i'm no fan of the PM or this coup but this guy is a joke and anti-coup supporters are fools to get behind him.

  91. Good post. My friends referred me your blog. Looks like everyone knows about it, just not me, until now. Going to read your other posts. Thank you for sharing with us. Take care.

  92. Croz - Thank you. Your articles are indeed worth reading - as compared to the childish rants of some experts.

  93. There are grave inconsistencies in any argument which might be mounted proposing the establishment of democracy through an abuse of public money. Those who might assist in the alienation of public funds from their proper end - development and the provision of services to the population - would be equally culpable in this abuse. So, logically it would be untenable to argue that a restoration of democracy might be achieved through an abusive use of taxpayers' money. Is this not one of the most fundamentally flawed and fallacious arguments in use at this time? When the argument is put into practice and a purported criminal act ensues, then we are logically lost.

  94. After a reading of Coup 4.5 (the first for at least five months), we might consider this: "We are the mockers too..".

    An article by Michael Prodger on Hieronymus Bosch, the medieval Low Countries painter, in the Easter Weekend Spectator magazine has this to say about a painting of Christ's Passion. Bosch lived circa 1450 - 1516 in the late Middle Ages.

    "There was no unconscious then - there was The Bible".

    Carl Jung described the Painter as "The master of the monstrous..the discoverer of the unconscious".

    "His was a deeply pessimistic view of human nature and his paintings -of which there are only 25 certified examples known - all deal in one form or another with the triumph of sin and the pervasiveness of evil".

    After a visit to Coup 4.5 and a close consideration of all its content, we must come to the conclusion that Hieronymous Bosch had something. For in his "worldview at least, the Devil was in the ascendant".

    Another of the artist's favoured themes was 'The Mocking of Christ'. Often Jesus Christ is not the only one being abused. The two thieves also come in for their fair share. "This is what faithlessness does to people... it removes their humanity to reveal the beast beneath".

    "The darkness of Bosch's painting is that of the light of reason
    extinguished, and his universe is anything but rational."

    "The evidence of the painting suggests a more orthodox viewpoint. It can be read as an allegory of ignorance".

    Does this strike a chord? Visit Coup 4.5 - read on!

  95. I think what you mean Croz is that the NFP, SDL and FLP will not be ALLOWED to run in the election because it is unlikely to br free or fair. Plus we know the pm wants home him or his chosen person to be the only candidate.

  96. @ Gutter Press

    I believe Henry is the formal version of the casual, Harry and the nickname - Hal of Shakespeare's Prince Hal fame.Well another identity has surfaced in the latest news to replace Dugdale. What I would like to know is in the budget prepared for the Great Escape, who was to foot the bill for the Tongan navy ? If it is the Tongan government, then it should be held accountable. If it is the relatives of the escapee the Tongan government is still acoountable. A problem to be considered is that the mentality of both the escapee and the Tongan government are set in the
    19th Century and creating confusion for the digital age media.

  97. Croz
    What 'stand off' would Yabaki be alluding to? A fisherman got into trouble and was rescued by the Tongan navy? Hardly what one would call a stand off? However even if there was, Fiji is not a member of the forum. Perhaps Yabaki has forgotten this?

  98. Is it maybe time for any form of drug-dealing in the South Pacific Region which is linked to serious organised crime to be legally termed 'Acts of Terrorism'? Then it would fall into the realm of address accorded to the Cocaine Cartels of Colombia and their neighbouring countries. Drug dealers are now 'persona non grata' - they will be run out of town and this requires appropriate responses. The XIXth century applied its own level of response: send a warship.

  99. The Muppet (Khaiyum) and Puppet (Bainarama) are real comedian clowns if they are trying to use the Law to arrest and extradite people when they have taken over Government illegally in Fiji. Talk about two-faced hypocrites. If Muppet and the Puppet do not abide by the Law why should anyone else in Fiji.

  100. more on the New Yorker story...

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  105. He says he'll stand in the elections: "This decree has been design to keep ...


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